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August 12th, Monday

11:00 MoO1 - Izabella Grzegory (Poland) - G02: Bulk crystal growth - Room A, Auditorium Maximum
11:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Deren Yang Germanium-doped Crystalline Silicon
11:45 00:15:00 Oral Takashi Sekiguchi Crystal growth of 50 cm square single crystal Si by directional solidification and its characterization
12:00 00:15:00 Oral Bing Gao Relationship between cooling flux direction and activation of slip systems of single -crystal silicon grown in [001] and [111] directions
12:15 00:15:00 Oral Satoshi Nakano Evaluation of numerical analysis of residual strain and dislocation density  in a multicrystalline silicon for solar cells
12:30 00:15:00 Oral François Dupret Numerical Simulation of Bulk Crystal Growth for Industrial Applications
12:45 00:15:00 Oral Evgeniy Galenin Czochralski growth of 2" BaBrI crystals
13:00 Lunch (JCG Editors meeting)
15:00 MoO2 - Thierry Duffar (France) - G02: Bulk crystal growth - Room A, Auditorium Maximum
15:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Hitoshi Sumiya High-pressure synthesis of large high-quality single crystal diamonds
15:30 00:15:00 Oral Toru Ujihara Ultra-high quality SiC crystal grown by solution method utilizing the conversion from threading dislocations to basal plane defects
15:45 00:15:00 Oral Vladimir S. Balitskiy Growth of Cr-containing topaz single crystals on a seed and their characterization
16:00 00:15:00 Oral Michal Bockowski Role and influence of impurities on GaN crystal grown from liquid solution under high nitrogen pressure in multi-feed-seed configuration
16:15 00:15:00 Oral Xiaoniu Tu 4 inches langasite crystals growth along SAW-cut orientations
16:30 00:15:00 Oral Shiv Halasyamani Top-seeded solution crystal growth of polar materials: design strategies and functional properties
16:45 00:15:00 Oral Shangke Pan Growth of Ce:Li6Lu(BO3)3 Single Crystals for Neutron Detection
17:00 Break
17:00 MoP-G02 - Rooms 105, 106, 107, Old Library
17:00 #Mo39 Poster Mikołaj Amilusik Homoepitaxial HVPE-GaN growth on non-polar and semi-polar seeds
17:00 #Mo40 Poster Alicia E. Ares Study of Interphase Movement During Solidification of Zn-1wt.%Al and Zn-5wt.%Al Alloys 
17:00 #Mo41 Poster Alicia E. Ares Parameters of Solidification of Metal Matrix Composites
17:00 #Mo42 Poster Morteza Asadian Effective distribution coefficient of Nd+3 ion in YAG single crystal grown by Czochralski method
17:00 #Mo43 Poster Girts Barinovs Numerical study of silicon crystal ridge growth
17:00 #Mo44 Poster Rekik Brahim Yb-doped LiGd1-xLux(WO4)2 single crystals fibers grown from the melt and optical characterization 
17:00 #Mo45 Poster Manuela Catalano Flux growth and characterization of Mn- doped enstatite single crystals
17:00 #Mo46 Poster Jerome S. Das Growth and Optical studies on Glycine Sodium Nitrate by Unidirectional Growth method
17:00 #Mo47 Poster Jerome S. Das Unidirectional growth of potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) single crystals by modified Sankaranarayanan–Ramasamy (mSR) method
17:00 #Mo48 Poster Alexey Fadeev Growth of 4H-SiC single crystals on the prismatic seeds
17:00 #Mo49 Poster Wojciech Gurdziel Precipitations of tungsten in quasicrystalline Al-Cu-Fe-W alloys
17:00 #Mo50 Poster Keigo Hoshikawa Vertical Bridgman Growth of Sapphire Crystals with Thin Neck Formation Process
17:00 #Mo51 Poster Keigo Hoshikawa Vertical Bridgman Growth of Sapphire - Seed crystal shapes and seeding processes-
17:00 #Mo52 Poster Weidong Huang Sapphire for High Volume Cover and Touch Screen Applications
17:00 #Mo53 Poster Khaled Ebnalwaled Hufny Dewetting as a powerful tool for thermoelectricity device applications
17:00 #Mo54 Poster Nina V. Ivannikova The influence of the growth rate on the quality of BGO crystals and estimation of facet supercooling
17:00 #Mo55 Poster Ellen M. Jensen Hedegaard Exploiting Inherent Thermodynamic Effects in Crystal Growth to Achieve Functionally Graded Thermoelectrics
17:00 #Mo56 Poster Sudhir J. Joshi Structural, FTIR, thermal and dielectric studies of gel grown manganese-copper mixed levo tartrate crystals
17:00 #Mo57 Poster Ievgenii V. Kryvonosov Analysis of dynamic parameters of sapphire crystallization by the Kyropulos method
17:00 #Mo58 Poster Alexey V. Kulebyakin Partially stabilized zirconia (PSZ): crystal growth and structure
17:00 #Mo59 Poster Xiaojun Lai Structural Role of Sodium Dithionate Impurity in Habit Modification of Sodium Chlorate Crystal
17:00 #Mo60 Poster Judy Lee Effect of high shear mixing and high frequency ultrasound on antisolvent crystallisation of sodium chloride
17:00 #Mo61 Poster Baoan Liu Study of the raw material, growth method on the optical properties of DKDP crystal
17:00 #Mo62 Poster Baoliang Lu Bridgman growth and characterization of Ce:YAG single crystal for white LED applications
17:00 #Mo63 Poster Przemysław P. Michalak Synthesis Of Multi Trace Element Doped Fe0.6Mn0.4Ta2O6 Tantalite Reference Crystals By Czochralski Method
17:00 #Mo64 Poster Hiroyuki Mochizuki Preparation of Thiophen/Phenylene Co-Oligomer Crystals from Dropping of Their Solution into Poor Solvents
17:00 #Mo65 Poster Radion Mogilevsky Method for producing High Purity raw materials for sapphire crystal growth
17:00 #Mo66 Poster Magesh Murugesan NLO LiInS2 single crystal grown by Bridgman technique for Mid IR application
17:00 #Mo67 Poster Natsuki Niekawa Formation processes of stable and metastable phases under Ostwald's step rule: a theoretical study
17:00 #Mo68 Poster Kei Nishimoto Effects of codoping on Scintillation Properties of Eu:SrI2 Single Crystals
17:00 #Mo69 Poster Vijayakumar Palanimuthu Investigations on synthesis, growth and physical characterizations of Lithium selenoindate single crystal
17:00 #Mo70 Poster Rajesh Paulraj Effect of the purity of starting materials on the growth and properties of KDP single crystals - A comparative study
17:00 #Mo71 Poster Ramasamy Perumalsamy Investigation on solubility, growth, structural, optical, thermal, mechanical, dielectric, crystalline perfection and NLO properties of L-tyrosine added Potassium dihydrogen phosphate single crystal
17:00 #Mo72 Poster Suresh kumar Pillai Nucleation of Germanium Disulfide Determined by Image Analysis
17:00 #Mo73 Poster Viacheslav M. Puzikov Invstigation of the growth of LiH2PO4 crystals from phosphate solutions
17:00 #Mo74 Poster Hamid Rezagholipour Dizaji Unidirectional growth of cobalt nickel sulfate twelvehydrate (CNSH) single crystal
17:00 #Mo75 Poster Bright Riscob Crystal Growth, Crystalline Perfection And Optical Property Analyses Of Ru Doped Congruent LiNbO3 Single Crystals At Different Axial Positions
17:00 #Mo76 Poster Elena Rudneva Rubidium-nickel and cesium-nickel sulphates hexahydrates: new crystals for UV band filters
17:00 #Mo77 Poster Roman I. Safronov The study of heat transfer processes in the system shaper-melt-crystal in the process of growing massive sapphire profiles by Stepanov/EFG method
17:00 #Mo78 Poster Yasuhiro Shoji Investigation of congruent composition of (Gd2-x-yLaxCey)Si2O7 (Ce:La-GPS) scintillator and its single crystal growth
17:00 #Mo79 Poster Ekaterina A. Simonova Investigation on the Li, Ba // BO2, F ternary reciprocal system and growth of bulk β–BaB2O4 crystals
17:00 #Mo80 Poster Tomasz Sochacki Preparation of free-standing GaN substrates from thick GaN layers crystallized by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy on ammonothermally grown GaN seeds
17:00 #Mo81 Poster Gokulraj Srinivasan Growth and Optical characterization of Sodium Potassium Phthalate (NaKP) single crystals
17:00 #Mo82 Poster Pawel Strak Bulk GaAs growth by Contactless Liquid Phase Electroepitaxy
17:00 #Mo83 Poster Shotaro Suzuki Control of the segregation coefficient for Eu doped LiSrAlF6 by Co-doping
17:00 #Mo84 Poster Zsuzsanna Szaller Study of flow pattern by the measurement of temperature fluctuations in the solution during the growth of stoichiometric lithium niobate single crystals
17:00 #Mo85 Poster Bing Teng Growth and spectrum of Yb:LuxY1-xPO4 crystal
17:00 #Mo86 Poster Alexandr Vikharev A new kind of zone in sodium chlorate-bromate crystal grown in areas of temperature anomalies of growth rate («kinetic anomalies»)
17:00 #Mo87 Poster Zhufeng Wang Temperature and frequency dependences of the electric properties of CsLiB6O10 (CLBO) crystals
17:00 #Mo88 Poster Juergen Wollweber Influence of different AlN surface preparation methods on the quality of AlN bulk crystals
17:00 #Mo89 Poster Wei Xiong Growth and characterization of birefringent crystal NaNO3
17:00 #Mo90 Poster Ke Xu Characterization of dislocations in bulk GaN grown by HVPE
17:00 #Mo91 Poster Jigang Yin Crystal growth, spectroscopic characterization and laser performance of Yb-doped lead fluoride crystals
17:00 #Mo92 Poster Guodong Zhang Vertical Bridgman Growth and Optical Properties of CdSiP2 Crystals
17:00 #Mo93 Poster Lisong Zhang Study on rapid growth of 98% deuterated potassium dihydrogen phosphate (98%DKDP) crystals
17:00 #Mo94 Poster Peixiong Zhang Growth and optical properties of LiLuF4 crystal co-doped with Ho3+ and Pr3+ at 2.9 μm
17:00 #Mo95 Poster Yan Zhang Spectroscopic properties of Yb3+-doped Bi4Si3O12 single crystal
17:00 #Mo96 Poster Yang Zhang Optical and Laser Properties of Gray Track Resistance KTP Crystals
17:00 #Mo97 Poster Degao Zhong Crystal Growth, Defects and Laser Action of Yb:YxLu1-xVO4 Mixed Crystals
17:00 #Mo98 Poster Can Zhu Effect of solution flow velocity on the step bunching in solution growth of SiC

August 13th, Tuesday

10:20 TuO1 - Michal Bockowski (Poland) - G02: Bulk crystal growth - Room A, Auditorium Maximum
10:20 00:30:00 Invited oral Zlatko Sitar Growth of AlN crystals and AlGaN epitaxy on AlN wafers
10:50 00:15:00 Oral Chunhui Yang Vertical Bridgman Growth of Large ZnGeP2 Single Crystals for High Power Applications
11:05 00:15:00 Oral Suja E. Saji Growth and Studies on Pure and Doped Magnetoelectric GdMnO3 Single Crystals
11:20 00:15:00 Oral Shanpeng Wang Growth and Properties of Mid-infrared Chalcogenide Crystals
11:35 00:15:00 Oral Uthayakumar Sivaperumal Crystal Growth and Neutron Diffraction Studies of LiCoO2 Bulk Single Crystals
11:50 00:15:00 Oral Senthil Arumugam Investigation on the SR method Growth etching, birefringence, laser damage threshold and thermal characterization of Strontium bis (hydrogen L-malate) hexahydrate single crystal
12:05 00:15:00 Oral Dharmalingam Prabhakaran Bulk Single crystal growth and magnetic studies of La2-xSrxCoO4
12:20 Lunch (IOCG Exec. Com. meeting)
14:00 TuO2 - Zlatko Sitar (USA) - G02: Bulk crystal growth - Room A, Auditorium Maximum
14:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Sadik Dost Growth of Bulk Crystals of Semiconductors by Electroepitaxy
14:30 00:15:00 Oral Thierry Duffar Chemical segregation in micro-pulling-down process: analytical model and experiments
14:45 00:15:00 Oral Jun Nozawa Thermodynamic analysis of impurity partitioning in colloidal crystallization
15:00 00:15:00 Oral Sadhasivam Subramani Growth and characterization of 2-hydroxy biphenyl single crystals by top seeded melt growth method
15:15 00:15:00 Oral Florin Stanculescu Organic/inorganic doped aromatic derivatives crystals: growth and properties
15:30 Break

August 14th, Wednesday

10:20 WeO1 - Sadik Dost (Canada) - G02: Bulk crystal growth - Room A, Auditorium Maximum
10:20 00:30:00 Invited oral Zbigniew Galazka Growth and properties of bulk single crystals of selected transparent semiconducting oxides (TSOs): β-Ga2O3, In2O3 and SnO2
10:50 00:15:00 Oral Slawomir M. Kaczmarek Growth and EPR properties of NdVO4, HoVO4 and NdVO4 single crystals
11:05 00:15:00 Oral Ramasamy Perumalsamy Bulk crystals of ammonium acid phthalate single crystals for optical limiting applications grown by Sankaranarayanan- Ramasamy method
11:20 00:15:00 Oral Rajesh Narayana Perumal Crystal Growth of pure and doped Potassium Titanyl Phosphate  single crystal for E-O applications and its characterisation
11:35 00:15:00 Oral Rajesh Paulraj Development of Large Size Direction Controlled α-NiSO4. 6H2O Single Crystals and its Optical Studies for Bandpass Filters
11:50 00:15:00 Oral Jerome S. Das Bulk crystal growth and characterisation of nonlinear optical crystals by unidirectional growth method  
12:05 00:15:00 Oral RamaNand Rai Studies of solubility, metastable zone width, crystal growth morphology, mechanical and optical properties of UNBA NLO materials in different solvents
12:20 Lunch (IOCG Council meeting)
14:00 WeO2 - to be defined - G02: Bulk crystal growth - Room A, Auditorium Maximum
14:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Tsuguo Fukuda CZ growth of large sapphire single crystals up to 8 inch diameter 300 mm length for multiple applications 
14:30 00:15:00 Oral Leonid Gryn Growth of large-size sapphire and Ti:sapphire crystals with high optical and structural characteristics by HDC method
14:45 00:15:00 Oral Chihiro Miyagawa Effect of heat transfer on the crystal-melt interface shape of sapphire crystal grown using the vertical Bridgman method
15:00 00:15:00 Oral Matias Velazquez Growth and spectroscopic properties of 6Li- and 10B-enriched crystals for heat-scintillation cryogenic bolometers used in the rare events searches
15:15 00:15:00 Oral Volodymyr Taranyuk Crystallization rate control and growth parameters management for alkali halide crystal growth by VGF technique with the skull layer
15:30 00:15:00 Oral Vladimir N. Shlegel Growth of giant CdWO4 crystals and properties of (010) cleaved surface
15:45 00:15:00 Oral Jiayue Xu Growth and properties of BGO, BSO and BGSO scintillation crystals
16:00 Break
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