17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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We208 Keita Abe Numerical simulations of heat and mass transfer in traveling liquidus-zone crystal growth process of SiGe under microgravity
We209 Igor C. Avetissov Czochralski growth of NaNO3-LiNO3 solid solution single crystals using axial vibrational control technique
We210 Igor C. Avetissov Optimization of vibrating baffle configuration at AVC-CZ crystal growth
We211 Mircea Cablea Directional solidification of Silicon under the influence of traveling magnetic field
We212 Jyh-Chen Chen Numerical Simulation of Oxygen Transport during the Czochralski Silicon Crystal Growth with a Cusp Magnetic Field
We213 Jyh-Chen Chen Three-dimensional numerical simulation of flow, thermal and oxygen distributions for a Czochralski silicon growth with in a transverse magnetic field
We214 Dattatray Gadkari Detached Growth:  Unfolding the four decades growth mystery in vertical directional solidification technique on Earth
We215 Arnold Gucsik Calcite nucleation in microgravity of a sounding rocket experiment
We216 Thomas Jauß Behaviour of Particle Depots in Molten Silicon Under Terrestrial And Microgravity Conditions
We217 Gennadiy N. Kozhemyakin Simulation of ultrasound influence on melt convection for the growth of striation-free GaxIn1-xSb and Si single crystals by the Czochralski method
We218 Andrey P. Sadovskiy Energy efficiency and adaptability of the AVC technique
We219 Alexey E. Voloshin Revision of one-dimensional analytical models of effective segregation coefficient and their application for recovering the crystal growth conditions of space grown GaSb:Te
We220 Olga Gusakova The influence of melt flow on grain growth during ultrafast quenching from the melt
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