17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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Presenting person
Mo202 Krishan K. Bamzai Effect of swift heavy ions induced modifications on some rare earth orthoferrite crystals
Mo203 Jolanta Borysiuk Measurements of strain in AlGaN/GaN HEMT structures grown by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Mo204 Mao-Nan Chang Image contrast reversal of depletion regions in scanning capacitance microscopy
Mo205 Pan Gao Mechanism of band-edge luminescence in cuprous iodide single crystals
Mo206 Ryszard J. Iwanowski Surface charging of crystalline oxides in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy - examples of LiNbO3 , Lu2SiO5 and LuVO4
Mo207 Liang Li Transmission Spectra and First-principles Study of Sulfate substituted Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate
Mo208 Shaohua Ji Thermal properties of a series of partially deuterated ADP crystals
Mo209 Valerii Kononets Comparison of LGSO:Ce scintillator crystals grown by micro-PD and Czochralski methods
Mo210 Jerzy A. Krupka Contactless methods of both conductivity and sheet resistance measurements of semiconductor crystals, wafers and epitaxial films deposited on semi-insulating substrates
Mo211 Aleksandra Wierzbicka Modelling of X-Ray diffraction curves for GaN nanowires on Si(111)
Mo212 Selva Kumar Synthesis, growth, structure, optical and thermal properties of a new organic NLO crystal: 3-nitroanilinium trichloroacetate
Mo213 Roman Minikayev X-ray diffraction studies of (Pb,Cd)Te solid solution – possible new material for thermoelectric applications
Mo214 Alexey Okunev Quantitative Criteria of Image Quality Evaluation, Theory and Experiment
Mo215 Alexey Okunev Computer Diagnostics of Crystal Quality
Mo216 Wojciech Paszkowicz Defect distribution along needle-shaped PrVO4 single crystals grown by the slow-cooling method
Mo217 Robert Paszkowski Precise lattice parameter measurements of the Sr0.72Ba0.25Nb2O5.97 single crystals
Mo218 Rajesh Paulraj Birefringence and UV-Visible transmittance studies on unidirectional ADP single crystals
Mo219 Sangeetha Periasamy Micro-Raman scattering studies on silicon/quartz nanostructure
Mo220 Efstathios K. Polychroniadis Polytypic transitions during the growth on C and Si faces 15R-SiC single crystals
Mo222 Siva Sankari Raghavan Growth and characterization of L- glutamic acid and sodium sulphate doped triglycine sulphate single crystal
Mo223 Saïd Assoumani Saïd Hassani Structural and optical properties of ZnGeP2 single crystals
Mo224 Chuanying Shen The thermal properties and Stimulated Raman scattering of Ba2TiSi2O8 single crystal
Mo225 Gokulraj Srinivasan Synthesis and structural and spectral analysis of new optical Di-Lithium Di-phthalate single crystals
Mo226 Zhengye Xiong Emission spectra and thermoluminescence of rare-earth-doped bismuth silicate crystal grown by modified Bridgman method
Mo227 Yadong Xu Comparison of CdTe and ZnTe crystals grown under Te-rich condition
Mo228 Taiki Yamashita Synthesis  and  physical  properties  of  Li8SiN4  as  a  cathode  material of  lithium  secondary  batteries
Mo229 Yuri D. Zavartsev Structural peculiarities of undoped and Ce-doped solid solutions of rare-earth oxyorthosilicate crystals
Mo230 Yuri D. Zavartsev Characterization of large scintillating Ce:LFS crystals
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