17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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Presenting person
We168 Emel Akyol The Effect of Ultrasonication on Calcium Carbonate Crystallization in the Presence of Biopolymer
We169 Fanny George Does Chirality Influence the Tendency of Co-crystal Formation ?
We170 Anna Jawor-Baczynska Populations and size distributions of solute-rich mesoscale structures in aqueous amino acid solutions and their role in crystal nucleation
We171 Ryuichi Komatsu Growth of scorodite crystals from an aqueous solution bearing arsenic by photo catalysis method
We172 Iven Kupka Influencing the crystallization behaviour of multi crystalline silicon in a R&D furnace
We173 Lijun Liu Quantitative analysis of the cover effects on crystal growth in the industrial directional solidification process for silicon ingots
We174 Yunzhao Li Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate with Different Morphologies in the Resourcization of Distiller Waste
We175 Ewa Mielniczek-Brzóska Study on the metastable zone width of potassium nitrate aqueous solutions by polythermal method
We176 Andrey Smirnov Evolution of Sapphire Melt Convection at the Transition to Large Scale Ky Technology
We177 Natalia Tumanova Amino acids as zwitterionic co-formers for cocrystallization
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