17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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Presenting person
We60 Izabela I. Kruk Single crystal growth and structural characterization of iron telluride doped with transition metals
We61 Wolfgang Löser Bulk single crystal growth of ErPd2Si2 inter­me­tal­lic compound by a floating zone method
We62 Wolfgang Löser Floating Zone Crystal Growth of Lu2PdSi3 Silicide
We63 Matúš Mihalik Preparation of NdMn1-xFexO3+δ single crystals – effect of preparation atmosphere and iron doping
We64 Deepa S. Narang Optical Absorption in  MoxW1-XSe2 (x=0, 0.25, 1) Single Crystals
We65 Monika Oboz Comparison of magnetic properties of the monocrystalline and microcrystalline Gd7Pd3 compound
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