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August 12th, Monday

11:00 MoO1 - Hanna Dabkowska (Canada) - T06: Michael Schieber Symposium - Mickiewicz Hall, Auditorium Maximum
11:00 00:40:00 Invited oral Ralph B. James Cadmium Zinc Telluride X- and Gamma-Ray Detectors - Past, Present and Future
11:40 00:40:00 Invited oral Michael L. Roth Composite boron nitride neutron detectors
12:20 00:40:00 Invited oral Andrzej Mycielski (Cd, Mn)Te Crystals for X and Gamma Radiation Detectors - an Alternative Material to CdTe and (Cd,Zn)Te. 
13:00 Lunch (JCG Editors meeting)
15:00 MoO2 - Vyacheslav Puzikov (Ukraine) - T06: Oxides and halides including laser and nonlinear optical applications - Mickiewicz Hall, Auditorium Maximum
15:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Edith Bourret Discovery and Crystal Growth of New Scintillators
15:30 00:15:00 Oral Victor Maltsev Growth, spectroscopic and laser properties of (Er3+,Yb3+):GdAl3(BO3)4 crystals
15:45 00:15:00 Oral Pascal Loiseau A promising nonlinear crystal for third harmonic generation in UV: Ca5(BO3)3F
16:00 00:15:00 Oral Jeffrey J. Derby Analysis of Scintillator Crystal Production via the Edge-Defined Film-Fed Growth Method
16:15 00:15:00 Oral Jan Pejchal Crystal growth and scintillation properties of selected fluoride crystals for VUV scintillators
16:30 00:15:00 Oral Oleg Sidletskiy Light yield behavior in mixed oxide scintillation crystals
16:45 00:15:00 Oral Akira Yoshikawa Crystal growth of Pr:(Lu,Gd,Y)3(Al,Ga)5O12 by micro pulling down method and their scintillation properties
17:00 MoPo-T06 - Rooms 207, 211, Old Library
17:00 #Mo142 Poster Pavel Arhipov Features of YAG crystal obtaining by Czochralski method using Mo crucibles
17:00 #Mo143 Poster Mukannan Arivanandhan The effect of pure and mixed solvents on solute-solvent interactions, solubility and growth aspects of 4-aminobenzophenone
17:00 #Mo144 Poster Anatoly M. Balbashov Peculiarities of the crystal growth in the system of hexaferrites Sr3Co2Fe24O41 and SrCoxTixFe12-xO19 by floating zone melting
17:00 #Mo145 Poster Krishan K. Bamzai Studies on growth, characterization, thermal and dielectric properties of yttrium doped dysprosium phosphate crystal
17:00 #Mo146 Poster Jiakang Chen Growth and spectroscopic characteristics of 2.7-3 μm Er:GYSGG laser crystal
17:00 #Mo147 Poster Jianrong Chen Growth and Characterization of RbTiOPO4 Crystals for Electro-Optic Application
17:00 #Mo148 Poster Renqin Dou Growth and spectral properties of 5at%Yb :GdNbO4 Crystal
17:00 #Mo149 Poster Jinyun Gao Experimental investigation and crystal-field modeling of Er3+ energy levels in GSGG crystal
17:00 #Mo150 Poster Akhmedali Gasanov Obtaining of Inorganic Halids for Growing Single Crystals
17:00 #Mo151 Poster Xiaoling He Phase and Hydrothermal Growth of Bi4Si3O12 Crystals
17:00 #Mo152 Poster Mikio Higuchi Float zone growth and spectral properties of Cr,Nd:YVO4 single crystals for potential use in solar-pumped solid state lasers
17:00 #Mo153 Poster Qiangqiang Hu Crystal growth of CaGdAlO4 by Cz method
17:00 #Mo154 Poster Slawomir M. Kaczmarek EPR and optical properties of PbMoO4:Co single crystals
17:00 #Mo155 Poster Slawomir M. Kaczmarek Temperature dependence of PL and EPR spectra of Sr0.33Ba0.67Nb2O6:Cr (0.02mol.%) single crystals
17:00 #Mo156 Poster Alexander E. Kokh Growth and characterization of new nonlinear-optical crystal NdxYyScz(BO3)4 (x+y+z=4)
17:00 #Mo157 Poster Konstantin A. Kokh Growth, optical and microstructural properties of PbB4O7 plate crystals
17:00 #Mo158 Poster Ryuichi Komatsu Growth and characterization of KNbO3 plate crystal from liquid with stoichiometric composition by the μ-PD method
17:00 #Mo159 Poster Myron B. Kosmyna Analysis of dielectric properties of PbMoO4:Nd and PbWO4:Nd single crystals
17:00 #Mo160 Poster Abdallah Laidoune Segregation study of titanium ions in sapphire single crystal fibers grown by the µ-PD technique
17:00 #Mo161 Poster Zuotao Lei A High-power Generation in Mid-Infrared Region Based on ZnGeP2 Optical Parametric Oscillation
17:00 #Mo162 Poster Denis Lis Сrystal growth of scheelite-like double tungstates and molybdates
17:00 #Mo163 Poster Lijuan Liu Defect comparison and analysis of flux and hydrothermally grown KBe2BO3F2 crystals
17:00 #Mo164 Poster Barbara Marczewska Thermo- and Optically- Stimulated Luminescence of Crystals Grown by Micro-Pulling-Down Method
17:00 #Mo165 Poster Srinivasan Padmanabhan Growth of organic Non-linear optical crystal of p-aminoazobenzene (4- aminoazobenzene) by slow evaporation method
17:00 #Mo166 Poster Zhongben Pan Growth,thermal properties and laser operation of a new disordered Yb:Ca3La2(BO3)4 laser crystal 
17:00 #Mo167 Poster Anna G. Postupaeva Progress in growth of large CdWO4 and ZnWO4 crystals by the Low-thermal-gradient CZ technique
17:00 #Mo168 Poster Dharmalingam Prabhakaran Transition-metal monoxide single crystal growth by the floating-zone technique
17:00 #Mo169 Poster Krisjanis Smits Comparison of RE ion luminescence in zirconia nanocrystals and Single crystals
17:00 #Mo170 Poster Marius Stef Influence of Na+ and Pb2+ ions on the optical properties of Yb2+ ions in YbF3 doped CaF2 crystals
17:00 #Mo171 Poster Kirill A. Subbotin Synthesis of the promising laser material Cr4+ doped LiGaSiO4 nano-glass-ceramics
17:00 #Mo172 Poster Tongqing Sun Growth, morphology, thermal characteristic and spectroscopic properties of Nd3+ doped KGdP4O12 crystal, a new promising laser material
17:00 #Mo173 Poster Ewa Talik Electronic structure and magnetic properties of nano and single crystals SrLaAlO4: Mn
17:00 #Mo174 Poster Aki Ueda Float zone growth and spectral properties of Cr,Nd:CaREAlO4 (RE=Y, Gd) single crystals for potential use in solar-pumped solid state lasers
17:00 #Mo175 Poster Wenjiao Yao Explorations of deep-ultraviolet nonlinear optical borates: approaching to the end
17:00 #Mo176 Poster Roman P. Yavetskiy Fabrication and characterization of highly-concentrated Nd-doped YAG laser ceramics
17:00 #Mo177 Poster Tetsuo Kudo Growth of Al doped Ca3TaGa3Si2O14 piezoelectric single crystals with various Al concentrations
17:00 #Mo178 Poster Akira Yoshikawa Growth of Ce:doped Lu2Gd1Al2Ga3O12 single crystal by the Czhocralski method and their scintillation properties
17:00 #Mo179 Poster Alexandre I. Zaitsev Optical birefringence of β-SrB4O7 crystals with strontium substitutions
17:00 #Mo180 Poster Olga N. Zaytseva Influence of the prolonged oxidizing annealing onto the spectroscopic properties of Cr:Mg2SiO4 crystals
17:00 #Mo181 Poster Guochun Zhang Research Advancement of Nonlinear Optical Crystal CsB3O5
17:00 #Mo182 Poster Weiguo Zhang Single crystal growth, characterization, and properties of multifunctional materials LiMP2O7 (M = Fe, Cr)
17:00 #Mo183 Poster Yanqing Zheng Growth and high temperature properties of langasite structure crystal Ca3Ta(Al0.9Ga0.1)3Si2O14
18:30 Break

August 13th, Tuesday

10:20 TuO1 - Dorota A. Pawlak (Poland) - T06: Oxides and halides including laser and nonlinear optical applications - Mickiewicz Hall, Auditorium Maximum
10:20 00:30:00 Invited oral Kiyoshi Shimamura Crystal growth of novel single crystals for electro-optical applications
10:50 00:15:00 Oral Kazimierz Conder Cuprate spin ladder crystals grown by floating zone method under elevated oxygen pressure
11:05 00:15:00 Oral Kumar Janakiraman Investigation of Ga2-xFexO3 single crystals grown by floating zone method
11:20 00:15:00 Oral Yunfeng Ma Floating-zone growth and physical properties of CaxBa1-xNb2O6 single crystals
11:35 00:15:00 Oral Kunpeng Wang A route to characterize the LiCoPO4 crystals grown by Floating Zone technique
11:50 00:15:00 Oral Xiaoyang Wang Study on Flux Growth of KBBF Crystals in Rotary Temperature Field by Rotating Chamber Furnace
12:20 Lunch (IOCG Exec. Com. meeting)
14:00 TuO2 - Alexandru Horia (Romania) - T06: Oxides and halides including laser and nonlinear optical applications - Mickiewicz Hall, Auditorium Maximum
14:00 00:15:00 Oral Haohai Yu Growth and characterization of garnet laser crystals
14:15 00:15:00 Oral Lucian Gheorghe Development of new nonlinear optical crystals for the design of laser devices emitting in the visible and ultraviolet
14:30 00:15:00 Oral Yinchao Yue Growth and Optical properties studies of UV NLO Crystals: ReAl3(BO3)4(Re=Y,Gd)
14:45 00:15:00 Oral Jigang Yin New type Anti-Stokes laser cooling materials: Yb:LiLuF4 crystal
15:00 00:15:00 Oral Vasif Mamedov Simulation of facet formation during Czochralski growth of YAG and GGG
15:15 00:15:00 Oral Xiaoniu Tu Crystal growth and characterization of 4 inches YCa4O(BO3)3 crystal
15:30 Break

August 14th, Wednesday

10:20 WeO1 - Vincent Fratello (USA) - T06: Oxides and halides including laser and nonlinear optical applications - Mickiewicz Hall, Auditorium Maximum
10:20 00:30:00 Invited oral Haosu Luo Improved performances of relaxor-based single crystals for sensor applications
10:50 00:15:00 Oral Anandha Babu Govindan Growth and characterization of undoped and Mn-doped lead-free piezoelectric single crystals 0.80Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-0.20K0.5Bi0.5TiO3
11:05 00:15:00 Oral Kensaku Maeda Fabrication of quasi-phase-matching structure in lithium tetraborate
11:20 00:15:00 Oral Aravinth Karuppanan Flux Growth and characterization of lead-free Sodium Bismuth Titanate -Barium Titanate (NBBT) at composition near the morphotropic phase boundary
11:35 00:15:00 Oral Shilie Pan Noncentrosymmetric halide borate: K3B6O10Cl
12:20 Lunch (IOCG Council meeting)
14:00 WeO2 - Antoni Dabkowski (Canada) - T06: Oxides and halides including laser and nonlinear optical applications - Mickiewicz Hall, Auditorium Maximum
14:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Lytvynov Leonid Constructional and optical sapphire for application in medicine
14:30 00:15:00 Oral Andrzej L. Bajor Czochralski growth and characterization of MgAl2O4 single crystals
14:45 00:15:00 Oral Jesiel F. Carvalho Crystal growth of Bi2TeO5 by a double crucible Czochralski method
15:00 00:15:00 Oral Slawomir M. Kaczmarek Magnetic and optical properties of  Li0.28Na1.72Ge4O9:Cr, Mn (0.1mol%) single crystals
15:15 00:15:00 Oral Alexey N. Shekhovtsov New Ca10Li(VO4)7 laser host: growth and properties
15:30 00:15:00 Oral Yanqing Zheng Growth and piezoelectric properties of gallium-free langasite structure crystal Ca3NbAl3Si2O14
15:45 00:15:00 Oral Galina A. Verozubova Bulk Growth ZnGeP2 crystals and their Study by X-Ray Topography
16:00 Posters WePo
17:30 Break

August 15th, Thursday

10:20 ThO1 - Kazimierz Conder (Switzerland) - T06: Oxides and halides including laser and nonlinear optical applications - Mickiewicz Hall, Auditorium Maximum
10:20 00:30:00 Invited oral Qiang Li Flux growth and characterization of PLZST relaxor antiferroelectric single crystal with MPB composition
10:50 00:15:00 Oral Matias Velazquez Flux growth of highly Yb3+-doped cubic Gd2O3 laser crystals
11:05 00:15:00 Oral Simon Ilas Growth and characterization of YAl3(BO3)4 single crystal
11:20 00:15:00 Oral Kei Takachiho Impurity control of CsLiB6O10 for improving UV-induced damage tolerance
11:35 00:15:00 Oral Michael Woll Growth and Characterization of  (Bi0.5Na0.5)1-xBaxTiO3 (x ≤ 0.1) single crystals
11:50 00:15:00 Oral Alexandre I. Zaitsev Morphology of a polar twin structure in Czochralski grown α-SrB4O7 crystals
12:05 00:15:00 Oral Igor M. Prytula Impact of incorporation of TiO2 and Al2O3•nH2O metal oxide nanoparticles on bulk properties of KDP crystals
12:20 Lunch (EMCG meeting)
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