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Growth,thermal properties and laser operation of a new disordered Yb:Ca3La2(BO3)4 laser crystal 

Zhongben Pan ,  Huaijin Zhang 

State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials Institute ofCrystal MAterials Shandong University, Jinan 250100, China


A high quality Yb:Ca3La2(BO3)4 disordered laser crystal has been successfully grown by the Czochralski method. The complete set of anisotropic thermal properties were systematically studied for the first time. In addition to, continuous-wave and passively Q-switched laser operation of the disordered Yb:Ca3La2(BO3)4 has been demonstrated under diode pumping. The most efficient cw output power of 1.83W was obtained along the a-cut with an optical-to-optical efficiency of 23.9%. The slope efficiency in the whole range was 27.6%. Passively Q-switched by a Cr4+: YAG saturable absorber, the laser yielded an average output power of 0.47W with a slope efficiency of 7.6%. The generated pulse energy, duration, and peak power were 94 μJ, 33ns, and 2.85KW, respectively. We believe that the reliability and stability of these lasers makes the Yb:Ca3La2(BO3)4 disordered crystal of considerable interest for applications. 


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Presentation: Poster at 17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy - ICCGE-17, Topical Session 6, by Zhongben Pan
See On-line Journal of 17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy - ICCGE-17

Submitted: 2013-03-26 07:56
Revised:   2013-03-26 07:56