17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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Presenting person
We67 Igor C. Avetissov Nonstoichiometry and optical properties of ZnSe crystal grown from melt and vapor
We68 Igor C. Avetissov VGF Growth of CdTe Crystal Assisted by Axial Vibration Control  Technique Under Controlled Cadmium Pressure
We69 Svetlana V. Bykova Investigation of morphological stability of melt/crystal interface at CZT crystal growth by the AHP method under high pressure
We70 Jeffrey J. Derby A Comprehensive Model of the Growth of Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) by the Traveling Heater Method (THM)
We71 Jeffrey J. Derby Modeling the Migration of Tellurium-Rich, Second-Phase Particles in Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) via Temperature Gradient Zone Melting (TGZM)
We72 Manisha D. Deshpande Optical characterization of dilute nitride of InSb bulk crystals grown by vertical directional solidification technique
We73 Yuri Ivanov The effect of charge composition on the microstructure of CdZnTe single crystals grown by sefl-seeding
We74 Izabela J. Jendrzejewska Growth, structure and magnetic properties of ZnCr2Se4 – single crystals doped by dysprosium.
We75 Konstantin A. Kokh Microstructural and vibrational properties of PVT grown Sb2Te3 crystals
We76 Huanyong Li The growth habit, morphologies and vapor free-growth mechanism of ZnSe crystal directely grown from zinc and selenium
We77 Dilip S. Maske Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Properties of InSbBi Bulk Crystal Grown by Vertical Directional Solidification 
We78 Hwa Sub Oh Study of  p-doping profile for high-brightness AlGaInP-based light emitting diodes
We79 Natalia I. Podolska Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of III-V and II-VI Ternary  Semiconductor Compounds
We80 Alexander M. Samoylov The Determination of Different Types of Conductivity Areas within Homogeneity Region of Ga Solid Solutions in PbTe films on Si-substrates 
We81 Niefeng Sun The Impact of Melt Temperature on Rapid in-situ Synthesis of InP
We82 Beijun Zhao Lattice dynamics of CdGeAs2 crystal by Raman spectroscopy
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