17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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Presenting person
Mo185 Amir I. Abidov Study on Ag modified TiO2 thin films grown by sputtering deposition using sintered target
Mo186 Alberta Bonanni On the formation of magnetic nanocomposites and impurity complexes in GaN doped with Fe and Mn
Mo187 Piotr Dziawa Spin texture of topological crystalline insulator surface states in Pb1-xSnxSe 
Mo188 Irina V. Fedorchenko Growth, characterization and study of ferromagnetism of bismuth telluride doped with manganese
Mo189 Karol Gietka Influence of Mn δ-doping on formation of CdTe/ZnTe quantum dots with single magnetic ions
Mo190 Łukasz Gluba Photoreflectance study of Ga(Bi,As) and (Ga,Mn)As epitaxial layers grown under tensile and compressive strain
Mo191 Kumar Janakiraman Effect of codopants (Li, Na and K) on the magnetic properties of  Co doped ZnO thin films
Mo192 Hideo Kimura Multiferroic Bi4Ti3O12-nBiFeO3 (n= 1-5) crystals by pulling down technique
Mo193 Wojciech Knoff Magnetic anisotropy in ferromagnetic (Ge,Mn)Te epitaxial layers with varying Mn content
Mo194 Erika N. Lima Confinement-dependent ferromagnetism in Mn-doped InAs quantum dots embedded in InP nanowires: an ab initio study
Mo195 Michał Papaj Photoluminescence studies of giant Zeeman effect in MBE-grown cobalt-based dilute magnetic semiconductors
Mo196 Gihun Ryu Enhanced superconducting transition temperature Tc by the carrier modulation in a high quality single crystal CuxPdTe2
Mo197 Stepan Svoboda Electronic and diffusion properties of Li in III-V semiconductors
Mo198 Wojciech Szuszkiewicz Hexagonal MnTe with NiAs structure: thermal expansion coefficients and exchange striction
Mo199 Shi-Yi Zhuo Room-temperature ferromagnetism in V doped 6H-SiC single crystal
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