17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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Presenting person
Mo1 Takao Abe Creations of interstitial inside crystal during silicon melt growth by heating melt
Mo2 Derradji Bahloul Numerical simulation of the crystal growth process of titanium doped sapphire fibers by the micro-pulling down technique
Mo3 Floricica Barvinschi Transport and Interfacial Phenomena Modeling In Transient Vertical Bridgman Solidification of InSb
Mo4 Pavlo Bieliaiev The influence of the heat exchange on the shape of sapphire profiles grown by the Stepanov method inside the zone of crystallization
Mo5 Sergey N. Bocharov Kinetic anomalies of mixed crystals growth
Mo6 Simon Brandon Combined interface attachment kinetics and transport phenomena in large scale solution growth systems
Mo8 Jeffrey J. Derby Modeling of Particle Engulfment during the Growth of Multicrystalline Silicon for Solar Cells
Mo9 Reza Faiez Thermocapillary Effect on the Pattern Transition of Czochralski Natural Convection of Oxide Melt
Mo10 Pavel Fedorov Forming of metal structures in dielectric CaF2 crystals
Mo11 Evgeniy Galenin Optimization of bottom heater parameters at growth of large BGO crystals by conventional Czochralski method
Mo12 Vladimir D. Golyshev Evaluation of kinetic coefficient for 111 facet of Ge 
Mo13 Yubin Hu The effect of pH on calcium carbonate polymorphs precipitated from aqueous solutions at 0oC
Mo14 Jun Kawano Incorporation of divalent cations into surface sites and clusters of calcium carbonate
Mo15 Pawel Kempisty Density Functional Theory (DFT) study of hydrogen on GaN (0001) surface
Mo16 Pawel Kempisty Adsorption of gallium on GaN(0001) surface in ammonia rich conditions - Density Functional Theory (DFT) study
Mo17 Liubov A. Khazikova Quantitative analysis of morphology of polycrystalline precipitate received in temperature ranges of growth rate anomalies
Mo18 Seong Gyoon Kim Phase-field simulation of abnormal grain growth
Mo19 Sergey I. Kovalyov The study of temperature equilibrium of KDP, ADP crystals and solutions from their magnetic treatment
Mo20 Hans Erik Lundager Madsen Kinetics of crystal growth of vivianite, Fe3(PO4)2,8H2O, from solution at 25, 35 and 45ºC
Mo21 Kenyu Osada Domain competition in deposition growth
Mo22 Anatoly I. Prostomolotov Simplified numerical approach for estimation of effective segregation coefficient at the melt/crystal interface
Mo23 Vasuki Ramachandran Applications of synthonic Engineering Tools in Predicting Crystal Morphology as a function of Growth Environments
Mo24 Ian Rosbottom Conformational Analysis of Para Aminobenzoic-Acid Using Gas-Phase and Solvent Continuum Calculations of Single Molecules and Clusters
Mo25 Kirils Surovovs Hydrodynamical aspects of floating zone silicon crystal growth process
Mo26 Hiromoto Susawa Time Dependency of Segregation in Numerical Simulation of Solution Growth
Mo27 Hiromoto Susawa Theorems for Numerical Simulation of Solution Growth with Segregation and Fluid Flow
Mo28 Taras Tsir The morphology features of salol crystal growth at the presence of nanoparticles I2O3
Mo29 Nataliya A. Verezub The phenomenon of thermal unstability in Czochralski hydrodynamic model: physical and numerical simulation
Mo30 Dmitry Vorontsov Effects of carboxylated ε-poly-L-lysine on crystallization of ice
Mo31 Przemyslaw Witczak First-principles calculations of structural and electronic properties of GaN(0001)/Ga interface
Mo32 Jian-Jun Xu The global theory of deep cellular growth in direcional solidification
Mo33 Jian-Jun Xu Global stabilities and selection of lamellar eutectic growth in directional solidifation
Mo34 Motoi Yamashita Form I/II binary crystal phase morphology of melt grown isotactic polybutene-1
Mo35 Motoi Yamashita Formation and melting of high pressure rotator phase of n-tridecane, pentadecane and heptadecane studied by FT-IR
Mo36 Motoi Yamashita Regime transition of isotactic polybutene-1 form II crystal growth
Mo37 Gan Zhang Growth behavior of monohydrocalcite crystals in silica rich alkaline solution
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