17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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Mo112 Bunyod Allabergenov Microstructural analysis and optical characteristics of Cu-doped ZnO thin films prepared by DC magnetron sputtering  
Mo113 Štefan Chromik Structural properties of epitaxial La0.66Sr0.33MnO3 films with increased temperature of metal-insulator transition
Mo114 Jan Grym Epitaxial growth on porous substrates of III-V semiconductors
Mo115 Yujirou Hirota Selective growth of (001) GaAs using patterned graphene mask
Mo116 Xiuguang Jin Nano-scale characterization of GaAsP/GaAs strained superlattice structures by nano-beam electron diffraction
Mo118 BongKyun Kang Optical properties and crystallinity of the GaN film grown on the SiO2 based nanocomposites by MOCVD
Mo119 Byongju Kim Selective epitaxial growth of compressively strained Ge layers on Si in 40-nm trench arrays
Mo120 Aleksandra Wierzbicka Mechanism of in-plane orientation of GaN self-induced nanowires grown on Si(111) substrates 
Mo121 Takeshi Kusumori Epitaxial growth of SmFe7 films on Ta-buffered sapphire substrate using the RF magnetron sputtering method
Mo122 Aleksandra Lazarenko Structural and optical properties of GaPN(As) and InGaPN layers grown by MBE
Mo123 Oleksiy Lebedynskiy ZnWO4 films obtained by ion–beam sputtering and hydrothermal method
Mo124 Hsin-Yi Lee Fabrication of BiFeO3/LaNiO3 epitaxial superlattice structures by RF sputtering
Mo125 Arsen Muslimov Supphire Substrates With The Regular Relief Surface
Mo126 Marco Negri 3C-SiC growth and characterization using methyltrichlorosilane
Mo127 Marco Negri Influence of the growth conditions on the properties of Germanium epilayers grown by MOVPE on Si
Mo128 Takeshi Ohgaki Growth condition dependence of electric properties of ScN films on (100) MgO substrates prepared by molecular beam epitaxy
Mo129 Igor V. Osinnykh Self-compensation effect of the silicon impurity in heavily doped AlGaN layers
Mo130 Rafał M. Rapacz Spectroscopic characterization of high-quality polycrystalline Bi-Te films grown by thermal evaporation
Mo131 Hamid Rezagholipour Dizaji An Investigation on Optical and Structural Properties of Nanocrystalline CdTe Thin Films Growth by Employing a New Vapor Flow Controlling System
Mo132 Alexander M. Samoylov The Improved Procedure of Ga-doped PbTe Films One Stage Synthesis by Modified HWE Technique
Mo133 Alexander M. Samoylov Surface morphology and structure of CaF2/BaF2–on-Si epitaxial layers and the electronic properties of the interface with the substrate
Mo134 Alexander M. Samoylov Heterostructures PbTe:Ga/BaF2/CaF2/Si for IR photodetectors
Mo135 Yong Gon Seo Anisotropic characteristics of a-plane GaN grown on r-plane sapphire by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Mo136 Tatiana V. Setkova Epitaxial growth of Ga-rich tourmaline on natural elbaite seed in boric hydrothermal solutions
Mo137 Jakub Skibinski Modeling of heat and mass transfer in GaN MOVPE reactor
Mo138 Chia-Lung Tsai InGaN light-emitting diodes with an asymmetric multiple quantum well
Mo139 Mateusz Wośko u-GaN buffer resistivity control for AlGaN/GaN HEMT's
Mo140 Yuriy V. Zorenko Growth and luminescent properties of Ce and Ce-Tb doped (Y,Lu,Gd)2SiO5:Ce single crystalline films
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