17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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Presenting person
Mo100 Emel Akyol The Effects of Turkish Cranberry Bush Fruit on the Growth Mechanism of the Calcium Oxalate Crystals
Mo101 Suraiya Begum Crystallization in  Chitosan Membrane due to Lithium – A Potential Topic in Solid State Polymer Electrolytes for Batteries  
Mo102 Guoliang Dai The attachment/detachment process of lysozyme molecules on a monoclinic lysozyme crystal surface studied by single-molecule visualization
Mo103 Masaru Tachibana Characterization of local rocking curves of protein crystals by X-ray digital topography with CCD camera
Mo104 Kazushige Nagashima Effects of cyclic temperature change on camphor crystals in Storm glass solution, camphor-ethanol-water solution, and camphor-ethanol solution
Mo105 Marcin Olszynski In vitro studies on disodium EDTA effect on mineralization of struvite and carbonate apatite
Mo106 Jolanta Prywer Comparative in vitro studies on disodium EDTA effect with and without Proteus mirabilis on the mineralization of struvite and carbonate apatite
Mo107 Rafal R. Sadowski Influence of Proteus mirabilis on the growth process and morphology of struvite crystals
Mo108 Alexander E. Van Driessche Rocky protein crystals grown in silica gel
Mo109 Alexander E. Van Driessche Unexpected growth behaviour: a first step to understand crystalline growth of non-model proteins?
Mo110 Gan Zhang Crystallization of biomorphic aragonite in silica gel
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