17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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Presenting person
We40 Mukannan Arivanandhan The effect of hippuric acid on crystal growth, structural and optical properties of ZTS single crystals
We41 Durairajan Arulmozhi Sol-gel Synthesis and Luminescence studies on Dy3+ Doped NaGd(WO4)2 Yellow Phosphor for Solid State Light Applications
We42 Igor C. Avetissov Czochralski grown large diameter Li2MoO4 single crystals
We43 Maciej J. Chrunik Single crystals growth and Pechini synthesis of δ-BiB3O6:Pr3+
We44 Ishwar Das Non-equilibrium Growth of Nanostructured Electrodeposits and Conducting Polymers
We45 Balaji Devakumar Luminescent properties of Tb 3 + activated CsLa(WO4)2 green phosphors from polymeric sol-gel method
We47 Vahram V. Ghazaryan New chemical analogs of triglycine sulfate
We48 Denis Y. Kosyanov Formation features of stabilized Y2O3 nanopowders with controlled structural and morphological characteristics
We49 Zhipeng Lian Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Characterization and Luminescent Properties of KBaTbB2O6
We50 Jing Li Physical characterizations of Li3PO4 single crystal grown by the flux method
We51 Marcela Mihai Effect of double hydrophilic copolymer presence, pH and supersaturation on the morphology, size, and pH stability of CaCO3 composite microparticles
We52 Aram M. Petrosyan Two crystalline forms of sarcosine sarcosinium hydrogen L-tartrate
We53 Aram M. Petrosyan New mixed salts of L-histidinium(2+) comprising hexafluorosilicate anions
We54 Subramaniyan Raja Ramakrishnan Synthesis, Crystal structure, Crystal growth and Characterization of 2-Amino-4-picolinium-4-chlorobenzoate
We55 Brijesh Rathi Structural Aspects and Second Harmonic Generation Response of Novel Chiral Phthalimides
We56 Jianfeng Sun Synthesis and luminescence properties of Sm3+-doped Sr3B2SiO8 phosphors for near-UV pumped light-emitting diodes
We57 Tomoaki Watanabe Ammonothermal synthesis of LaTaON2 for Photocatalytic Materials
We58 Ya-Hong Zheng Microstructure of Diphase Dendrite in Al-35%La Alloy During Directional Solidification
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