17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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August 15th, Thursday

10:20 00:30:00 Invited oral Jeffrey J. Derby Analysis of the Nonlinear Behavior of Detached Bridgman Growth in Microgravity
10:50 00:15:00 Oral Konstanty Mazuruk Stability of Menisci in Detached Bridgman Growth
11:05 00:15:00 Oral Martin Volz Crystal shape evolution in detached Bridgman growth
11:20 00:15:00 Oral Yuki Kimura Nucleation experiment in vapor phase under microgravity using the sounding rocket S-520-28
11:35 00:15:00 Oral Aleksandar G. Ostrogorsky Effective Segregation Coefficient for Segregation in Microgravity
11:50 00:15:00 Oral Yoshihisa Suzuki Crystallization and annealing of colloidal crystals under gravitational fields
12:05 00:15:00 Oral Maral Azizi Interaction of Foreign phase particles with moving solid-liquid interface during directional solidification of silicon for photovoltaics
14:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Satoshi Uda The Effect of an External Electric Field on Phase Equilibria, Nucleation and Growth
14:30 00:15:00 Oral Haruhiko Koizumi Improvement of crystal quality for tetragonal hen egg white lysozyme crystals under application of an external alternating current electric field
14:45 00:15:00 Oral Vadims Geza Study of thermal stratification in EM force driven turbulent flow in square-shaped crucible for directional solidification method
15:00 00:15:00 Oral Qinghua Yu Heat transfer in the whole directional solidification process for multi-crystalline silicon ingots under traveling magnetic fields
15:15 00:15:00 Oral Jeffrey J. Derby Analysis of a Traveling Magnetic Field (TMF) on Bridgman Crystal Growth of Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT)
15:30 00:15:00 Oral Daniel Vizman Model experiment on a special type of electromagnetical stirring in a GaInSn melt
15:45 00:15:00 Oral Gennadiy N. Kozhemyakin Features of semiconductor crystal growth in ultrasonic fields by Czochralski method 
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