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Mo142 Pavel Arhipov Features of YAG crystal obtaining by Czochralski method using Mo crucibles
Mo143 Mukannan Arivanandhan The effect of pure and mixed solvents on solute-solvent interactions, solubility and growth aspects of 4-aminobenzophenone
Mo144 Anatoly M. Balbashov Peculiarities of the crystal growth in the system of hexaferrites Sr3Co2Fe24O41 and SrCoxTixFe12-xO19 by floating zone melting
Mo145 Krishan K. Bamzai Studies on growth, characterization, thermal and dielectric properties of yttrium doped dysprosium phosphate crystal
Mo146 Jiakang Chen Growth and spectroscopic characteristics of 2.7-3 μm Er:GYSGG laser crystal
Mo147 Jianrong Chen Growth and Characterization of RbTiOPO4 Crystals for Electro-Optic Application
Mo148 Renqin Dou Growth and spectral properties of 5at%Yb :GdNbO4 Crystal
Mo149 Jinyun Gao Experimental investigation and crystal-field modeling of Er3+ energy levels in GSGG crystal
Mo150 Akhmedali Gasanov Obtaining of Inorganic Halids for Growing Single Crystals
Mo151 Xiaoling He Phase and Hydrothermal Growth of Bi4Si3O12 Crystals
Mo152 Mikio Higuchi Float zone growth and spectral properties of Cr,Nd:YVO4 single crystals for potential use in solar-pumped solid state lasers
Mo153 Qiangqiang Hu Crystal growth of CaGdAlO4 by Cz method
Mo154 Slawomir M. Kaczmarek EPR and optical properties of PbMoO4:Co single crystals
Mo155 Slawomir M. Kaczmarek Temperature dependence of PL and EPR spectra of Sr0.33Ba0.67Nb2O6:Cr (0.02mol.%) single crystals
Mo156 Alexander E. Kokh Growth and characterization of new nonlinear-optical crystal NdxYyScz(BO3)4 (x+y+z=4)
Mo157 Konstantin A. Kokh Growth, optical and microstructural properties of PbB4O7 plate crystals
Mo158 Ryuichi Komatsu Growth and characterization of KNbO3 plate crystal from liquid with stoichiometric composition by the μ-PD method
Mo159 Myron B. Kosmyna Analysis of dielectric properties of PbMoO4:Nd and PbWO4:Nd single crystals
Mo160 Abdallah Laidoune Segregation study of titanium ions in sapphire single crystal fibers grown by the µ-PD technique
Mo161 Zuotao Lei A High-power Generation in Mid-Infrared Region Based on ZnGeP2 Optical Parametric Oscillation
Mo162 Denis Lis Сrystal growth of scheelite-like double tungstates and molybdates
Mo163 Lijuan Liu Defect comparison and analysis of flux and hydrothermally grown KBe2BO3F2 crystals
Mo164 Barbara Marczewska Thermo- and Optically- Stimulated Luminescence of Crystals Grown by Micro-Pulling-Down Method
Mo165 Srinivasan Padmanabhan Growth of organic Non-linear optical crystal of p-aminoazobenzene (4- aminoazobenzene) by slow evaporation method
Mo166 Zhongben Pan Growth,thermal properties and laser operation of a new disordered Yb:Ca3La2(BO3)4 laser crystal 
Mo167 Anna G. Postupaeva Progress in growth of large CdWO4 and ZnWO4 crystals by the Low-thermal-gradient CZ technique
Mo168 Dharmalingam Prabhakaran Transition-metal monoxide single crystal growth by the floating-zone technique
Mo169 Krisjanis Smits Comparison of RE ion luminescence in zirconia nanocrystals and Single crystals
Mo170 Marius Stef Influence of Na+ and Pb2+ ions on the optical properties of Yb2+ ions in YbF3 doped CaF2 crystals
Mo171 Kirill A. Subbotin Synthesis of the promising laser material Cr4+ doped LiGaSiO4 nano-glass-ceramics
Mo172 Tongqing Sun Growth, morphology, thermal characteristic and spectroscopic properties of Nd3+ doped KGdP4O12 crystal, a new promising laser material
Mo173 Ewa Talik Electronic structure and magnetic properties of nano and single crystals SrLaAlO4: Mn
Mo174 Aki Ueda Float zone growth and spectral properties of Cr,Nd:CaREAlO4 (RE=Y, Gd) single crystals for potential use in solar-pumped solid state lasers
Mo175 Wenjiao Yao Explorations of deep-ultraviolet nonlinear optical borates: approaching to the end
Mo176 Roman P. Yavetskiy Fabrication and characterization of highly-concentrated Nd-doped YAG laser ceramics
Mo177 Tetsuo Kudo Growth of Al doped Ca3TaGa3Si2O14 piezoelectric single crystals with various Al concentrations
Mo178 Akira Yoshikawa Growth of Ce:doped Lu2Gd1Al2Ga3O12 single crystal by the Czhocralski method and their scintillation properties
Mo179 Alexandre I. Zaitsev Optical birefringence of β-SrB4O7 crystals with strontium substitutions
Mo180 Olga N. Zaytseva Influence of the prolonged oxidizing annealing onto the spectroscopic properties of Cr:Mg2SiO4 crystals
Mo181 Guochun Zhang Research Advancement of Nonlinear Optical Crystal CsB3O5
Mo182 Weiguo Zhang Single crystal growth, characterization, and properties of multifunctional materials LiMP2O7 (M = Fe, Cr)
Mo183 Yanqing Zheng Growth and high temperature properties of langasite structure crystal Ca3Ta(Al0.9Ga0.1)3Si2O14
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