17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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Mo39 Mikołaj Amilusik Homoepitaxial HVPE-GaN growth on non-polar and semi-polar seeds
Mo40 Alicia E. Ares Study of Interphase Movement During Solidification of Zn-1wt.%Al and Zn-5wt.%Al Alloys 
Mo41 Alicia E. Ares Parameters of Solidification of Metal Matrix Composites
Mo42 Morteza Asadian Effective distribution coefficient of Nd+3 ion in YAG single crystal grown by Czochralski method
Mo43 Girts Barinovs Numerical study of silicon crystal ridge growth
Mo44 Rekik Brahim Yb-doped LiGd1-xLux(WO4)2 single crystals fibers grown from the melt and optical characterization 
Mo45 Manuela Catalano Flux growth and characterization of Mn- doped enstatite single crystals
Mo46 Jerome S. Das Growth and Optical studies on Glycine Sodium Nitrate by Unidirectional Growth method
Mo47 Jerome S. Das Unidirectional growth of potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) single crystals by modified Sankaranarayanan–Ramasamy (mSR) method
Mo48 Alexey Fadeev Growth of 4H-SiC single crystals on the prismatic seeds
Mo49 Wojciech Gurdziel Precipitations of tungsten in quasicrystalline Al-Cu-Fe-W alloys
Mo50 Keigo Hoshikawa Vertical Bridgman Growth of Sapphire Crystals with Thin Neck Formation Process
Mo51 Keigo Hoshikawa Vertical Bridgman Growth of Sapphire - Seed crystal shapes and seeding processes-
Mo52 Weidong Huang Sapphire for High Volume Cover and Touch Screen Applications
Mo53 Khaled Ebnalwaled Hufny Dewetting as a powerful tool for thermoelectricity device applications
Mo54 Nina V. Ivannikova The influence of the growth rate on the quality of BGO crystals and estimation of facet supercooling
Mo55 Ellen M. Jensen Hedegaard Exploiting Inherent Thermodynamic Effects in Crystal Growth to Achieve Functionally Graded Thermoelectrics
Mo56 Sudhir J. Joshi Structural, FTIR, thermal and dielectric studies of gel grown manganese-copper mixed levo tartrate crystals
Mo57 Ievgenii V. Kryvonosov Analysis of dynamic parameters of sapphire crystallization by the Kyropulos method
Mo58 Alexey V. Kulebyakin Partially stabilized zirconia (PSZ): crystal growth and structure
Mo59 Xiaojun Lai Structural Role of Sodium Dithionate Impurity in Habit Modification of Sodium Chlorate Crystal
Mo60 Judy Lee Effect of high shear mixing and high frequency ultrasound on antisolvent crystallisation of sodium chloride
Mo61 Baoan Liu Study of the raw material, growth method on the optical properties of DKDP crystal
Mo62 Baoliang Lu Bridgman growth and characterization of Ce:YAG single crystal for white LED applications
Mo63 Przemysław P. Michalak Synthesis Of Multi Trace Element Doped Fe0.6Mn0.4Ta2O6 Tantalite Reference Crystals By Czochralski Method
Mo64 Hiroyuki Mochizuki Preparation of Thiophen/Phenylene Co-Oligomer Crystals from Dropping of Their Solution into Poor Solvents
Mo65 Radion Mogilevsky Method for producing High Purity raw materials for sapphire crystal growth
Mo66 Magesh Murugesan NLO LiInS2 single crystal grown by Bridgman technique for Mid IR application
Mo67 Natsuki Niekawa Formation processes of stable and metastable phases under Ostwald's step rule: a theoretical study
Mo68 Kei Nishimoto Effects of codoping on Scintillation Properties of Eu:SrI2 Single Crystals
Mo69 Vijayakumar Palanimuthu Investigations on synthesis, growth and physical characterizations of Lithium selenoindate single crystal
Mo70 Rajesh Paulraj Effect of the purity of starting materials on the growth and properties of KDP single crystals - A comparative study
Mo71 Ramasamy Perumalsamy Investigation on solubility, growth, structural, optical, thermal, mechanical, dielectric, crystalline perfection and NLO properties of L-tyrosine added Potassium dihydrogen phosphate single crystal
Mo72 Suresh kumar Pillai Nucleation of Germanium Disulfide Determined by Image Analysis
Mo73 Viacheslav M. Puzikov Invstigation of the growth of LiH2PO4 crystals from phosphate solutions
Mo74 Hamid Rezagholipour Dizaji Unidirectional growth of cobalt nickel sulfate twelvehydrate (CNSH) single crystal
Mo75 Bright Riscob Crystal Growth, Crystalline Perfection And Optical Property Analyses Of Ru Doped Congruent LiNbO3 Single Crystals At Different Axial Positions
Mo76 Elena Rudneva Rubidium-nickel and cesium-nickel sulphates hexahydrates: new crystals for UV band filters
Mo77 Roman I. Safronov The study of heat transfer processes in the system shaper-melt-crystal in the process of growing massive sapphire profiles by Stepanov/EFG method
Mo78 Yasuhiro Shoji Investigation of congruent composition of (Gd2-x-yLaxCey)Si2O7 (Ce:La-GPS) scintillator and its single crystal growth
Mo79 Ekaterina A. Simonova Investigation on the Li, Ba // BO2, F ternary reciprocal system and growth of bulk β–BaB2O4 crystals
Mo80 Tomasz Sochacki Preparation of free-standing GaN substrates from thick GaN layers crystallized by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy on ammonothermally grown GaN seeds
Mo81 Gokulraj Srinivasan Growth and Optical characterization of Sodium Potassium Phthalate (NaKP) single crystals
Mo82 Pawel Strak Bulk GaAs growth by Contactless Liquid Phase Electroepitaxy
Mo83 Shotaro Suzuki Control of the segregation coefficient for Eu doped LiSrAlF6 by Co-doping
Mo84 Zsuzsanna Szaller Study of flow pattern by the measurement of temperature fluctuations in the solution during the growth of stoichiometric lithium niobate single crystals
Mo85 Bing Teng Growth and spectrum of Yb:LuxY1-xPO4 crystal
Mo86 Alexandr Vikharev A new kind of zone in sodium chlorate-bromate crystal grown in areas of temperature anomalies of growth rate («kinetic anomalies»)
Mo87 Zhufeng Wang Temperature and frequency dependences of the electric properties of CsLiB6O10 (CLBO) crystals
Mo88 Juergen Wollweber Influence of different AlN surface preparation methods on the quality of AlN bulk crystals
Mo89 Wei Xiong Growth and characterization of birefringent crystal NaNO3
Mo90 Ke Xu Characterization of dislocations in bulk GaN grown by HVPE
Mo91 Jigang Yin Crystal growth, spectroscopic characterization and laser performance of Yb-doped lead fluoride crystals
Mo92 Guodong Zhang Vertical Bridgman Growth and Optical Properties of CdSiP2 Crystals
Mo93 Lisong Zhang Study on rapid growth of 98% deuterated potassium dihydrogen phosphate (98%DKDP) crystals
Mo94 Peixiong Zhang Growth and optical properties of LiLuF4 crystal co-doped with Ho3+ and Pr3+ at 2.9 μm
Mo95 Yan Zhang Spectroscopic properties of Yb3+-doped Bi4Si3O12 single crystal
Mo96 Yang Zhang Optical and Laser Properties of Gray Track Resistance KTP Crystals
Mo97 Degao Zhong Crystal Growth, Defects and Laser Action of Yb:YxLu1-xVO4 Mixed Crystals
Mo98 Can Zhu Effect of solution flow velocity on the step bunching in solution growth of SiC
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