17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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Presenting person
We195 Mohsin Aziz Effect of Gamma Irradiation on deep levels detected by DLTS in GaAsxN1-x with different Nitrogen concentration
We196 Włodzimierz Bogdanowicz The growth rate impact on the crystal perfection of single-crystalline CMSX-4 turbine blades
We197 Thierry Duffar Study of the zig-zag grain boundary in multicrystalline silicon
We198 Thierry Duffar Comparison of various methods for large scale dislocation density characterization
We199 Konstantin A. Kokh Real defect structure of GaSe grown by Bridgman method
We200 Konstantin A. Kokh Scattering centers in as grown AgGaS2 crystal
We201 Jacek Krawczyk The role of voids in cracking of single crystal-matrix composites containing quasicrystal phase
We202 Andrey Lebedev Polytypism in SiC: theory and experiments
We203 Pavel A. Lykov Investigations of chemical and phase composition of SBN solid solutions: charge and crystals grown by shaping techniques
We204 Andrei Vorob'ev Computational analysis of precipitates, parasitic deposits and gas-to-particle conversion during Cz and DS Si-crystal growth
We205 Fengrui Wang Effects of 355nm subdamage laser fluence on characteristic of KDP
We206 Motoi Yamashita Defect population in the High pressure rotator phase of n-tridecane, pentadecane and heptadecane observed by FT-IR
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