17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy...

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We84 Madalin O. Bunoiu Effects of Crucible Coating on the Quality of Multi-crystalline Silicon Grown by a Bridgman Technique
We85 Michael A. Gonik Material development for directional solidification of multicrystalline silicon by AHP method
We86 Hironori Itoh Growth of Spherical Si Crystals on Porous Si3N4 Substrate that Repels Si Melt
We87 Chung-Wen Lan Grain Control by Patterned Layers in Multi-crystalline Silicon Growth by Directional Solidification
We88 Chung-Wen Lan Development of grain structures of multi-crystalline silicon in directional solidification
We89 Ryo Matsumura Cooling-Rate-Controlled Rapid-Melting-Growth for Giant-Single-Crystal SiGe on Insulator
We90 Yuta Nagai Crystal growth of MCZ silicon with ultra low carbon concentration
We91 Radu-Andrei Negrila Study of resistivity and lifetime profiles in highly polluted multi-crystalline silicon grown in a graphite crucible by a Bridgman technique
We92 Matīss Plāte Modelling of 3D features of molten zone in FZ silicon crystal growth
We93 Anna Poklad Impurities, precipitates, and dislocations in multicrystalline silicon grown from well-mixed and poorly mixed melts
We94 Noritaka Usami Fabrication of large-area Si-based photonic nanostructures coupled with Ge quantum dots and their application to solar cells
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