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Single crystal growth and structural characterization of iron telluride doped with transition metals

Izabela I. Kruk ,  Paweł Ł. Zajdel 

University of Silesia, August Chełkowski Institute of Physics, Department of Physics of Crystals, Uniwersytecka 4, Katowice 40-007, Poland

        Tetragonal FeTe is an non-superconducting parent compound of the Fe(Te,Se,S) families of superconductors (SC), which under doping with selenium or with small amounts of sulphur becomes superconducting. So far, it was impossible to grow ideally stoichiometric 1:1 composition due to extra iron ions present in the lattice and the chemical composition of known bulk crystals can be described with general formula Fe1+xTe, where x ranges from about 4% to 17%. The additional iron has been found to negatively correlate with the level of anion site doping and subsequently with hindering the superconductivity.

          In our work, we attempt to create and investigate the situation equivalent to 1:1 stoichiometry by varying the amount of excess electrons present in the system. This is achieved by chemical means by doping Fe1+xTe with zinc (3d0), chromium (3d electron deficient) or nickel (3d electron reach). This report presents our recent results obtained for zinc doped FeTe.

          The single crystals of FeTe doped with zinc were grown using modified Bridgeman method. The characterization was performed using SEM, single crystal diffraction, magnetization measurements and for a powdered specimen - neutron diffraction.

          The samples, several millimeter in size, were easily cleaved along 001 direction revealing terraced surface covered with cavities. The magnetic transition temperature was found to decrease with doping up to 5% Zn. Neutron powder diffraction for the sample with the highest zinc doping revealed well established long range magnetic order and the monoclinic distortion.

          Such behavior, on the contrary to anion site doping, indicates that the removal of additional iron is not sufficient to significantly change the magnetic properties of the system.

This work is supported by the Polish National Science Centre grant No 2011/01/B/ST3/00425

 Corresponding author [email protected]


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Presentation: Poster at 17th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy - ICCGE-17, Topical Session 1, by Izabela I. Kruk
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Submitted: 2013-04-15 21:52
Revised:   2013-07-17 22:55