E-MRS Fall Meeting 2007

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September 17th, Monday

10:00 Opening & Plenary Session - Czochralski Award Ceremony & Acta Gold Medal Ceremony - Small Hall (237)
12:30 Lunch break - Inner Courtyards
14:00 Parallel Session - J.-M. Martin - OPENING SESSION J + Nanotribology - room 315
14:15 00:30:00 Invited Ernst Meyer Mechanisms of atomic friction studied by friction force microscopy
14:45 00:30:00 Invited Dirk Dietzel Nanoparticle manipulation using Scanning Probe Techniques:A new approach to Nanotribology
15:30 Coffee break - Main Hall
15:50 Joint Poster Session (Part I) - Monday & Wednesday - Main Hall
15:50 #J1 Poster Lucian Baia TiO2-noble metal particles based porous nanocomposites for pollutants sensitive detection via surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
15:50 #J3 Poster Luis F. Fonseca Growth and characterization of branched carbon nanostructures arrays in nano-patterned surfaces from porous silicon substrates
15:50 #J4 Poster Raphaël Foschia New applications for interference microscopy
15:50 #J5 Poster Jacques Ghijsen Functionalization of MWCNTs Using Atomic Nitrogen: Effects on Electronic Structure
15:50 #J6 Poster Chikara Ichihara Characterization of Al-Ni / a-Si interface by high resolution Rutherford backscattering spectrometry
15:50 #J7 Poster Czesław Kapusta A study of surface oxidised Fe particles with Mössbauer spectroscopy
15:50 #J8 Poster Hyoun Woo Kim SnO2/SiOx core-shell nanoneedles
15:50 #J9 Poster Victoria N. Leonova Tunneling charge transfer in manganise oxides.
15:50 #J10 Poster Saulius Miasojedovas Carrier recombination under one-photon and two-photon excitation in GaN epilayers
15:50 #J11 Poster Sigitas Mickevicius The metals chemical states in hydrated vanadium oxides
15:50 #J12 Poster Krzysztof Ryczko The nature of carrier confinement in quantum dashesof various cross-section shapes
15:50 #J13 Poster Blanca Salas-Adame New solid solution: (Li1-xNax)CoO2±z (0.0 < x < 0.8, z ± 0.3) system
15:50 #J14 Poster Rostyslav V. Shalayev Substructure of the metal nanomaterials after the intensive external influence
15:50 #J15 Poster Oleg Sobolev Sm3+ AND Eu3+ in Clay Interlayer: Neutron Diffraction with Isotopic Substitution
15:50 #J16 Poster Natalia K. Tovstyuk Microscopic Description Of Layer Crystals Intercalated By 3d-metals
15:50 #J17 Poster Ondřej Vlašín Specific aspects of total internal reflection spectroscopic ellipsometry
15:50 #J18 Poster Hirofumi Kakemoto Dielectric permittivity mappings obtained by GHz region Microwave Microscopy using non-contact probe and their noise reduction of Fourier transform refinements
15:50 #J19 Poster Hassan Shirazi Statistics of misorientation across grain boundaries in nanostructured Fe-Ni-Mn steel prepared by cold rolling and annealing of lath martensite
15:50 #J20 Poster Leonid I. Skatkov Surface fractal dimensions of sintered porous niobium
15:50 #J21 Poster Nele Van Caenegem The identification and quantification of e martensite in a FeMnSiCrNi shape memory alloy by means of EBSD
15:50 #J22 Poster Oleg Yeshchenko Melting of copper nanoparticles revealed by absorption spectroscopy
15:50 #J23 Poster Jolanta Baranowska AFM/MFM studies of low temperature nitrided layers on austenitic steel
15:50 #J24 Poster Pavlo V. Galiy Cleavage surfaces atomic and electronic structure of the layered In4Se3 crystals as natural 2D-materials
15:50 #J25 Poster Volodymyr L. Karbivskyy Investigation of the Virus of the Tobacco Mosaic on the Si(111) Surface by atomic-force microscopy
15:50 #J26 Poster Seokcheol Ko Comparison of current-voltage characteristics between AFM modification and ICP etching in fabrication method of a single-channel superconducting flux flow transistor
15:50 #J27 Poster Margus Marandi In-situ investigation of ultrathin polypyrrole film formation using AFM
15:50 #J28 Poster Valentinas Snitka Tip lenght influence on the shear force imaging in liquids
15:50 #J29 Poster Ireneusz Piwoński Application of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) in imaging of sol-gel derived mesoscopic objects and thin structured layers
15:50 #J30 Poster Jr-Hau He The Study of Electrical Characteristics of Heterojunction Based on ZnO Nanowires using Ultra-High-Vacuum Conducting Atomic Force Microscopy
15:50 #J31 Poster Kerstin Blech A New Tool for in-situ Electrical Measurements on Metal Nanowires within a Scanning Electron Microscope
15:50 #J33 Poster Gabriela Ciobanu SEM and EDX studies of bioactive hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium implants
15:50 #J34 Poster Mariusz Płuska Measurement of distorting magnetic field inside the scanning electron microscope with the use of microscope itself
15:50 #J35 Poster Jolanta B. Romanowska Intermetallic phase identification in the cast AlSi5Cu2Mg aluminium alloy in the T6 state
15:50 #J36 Poster Gabriela Carja New hybrid nanostructures based on oxacillin – hydrotalcite like anionic clays loaded with nanoparticles of iron oxides: a TEM study of their textural properties
15:50 #J37 Poster Jr-Hau He Transmission Electron Microscopy Observations on Self-Assembled Si-Ge Nanorings
15:50 #J38 Poster Zuzana Kucerova Mechanical and microwave absorbing properties of carbon-filled polyurethane composite
15:50 #J39 Poster Krystyna Lublińska Hydrogen induced changes in 316L stainless steel microstructure
15:50 #J40 Poster Marcin Pisarek Characterization of the effects of hydrostatic extrusion on structure and surface properties of 303 austenitic stainless steel
15:50 #J41 Poster Tomasz Płociński Electron microscopy studies of magnesium hydride
15:50 #J42 Poster Efstathios K. Polychroniadis On the structured imperfections of bulk GaSb using High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
15:50 #J43 Poster Danuta Stróż Structural characterization of plasma nitrided austenitic stainless steel
15:50 #J44 Poster Shohei Terada Analysis for Phase States of Nickel Silicides Using Plasmon Energy Mapping
15:50 #J45 Poster Chanchana Thanachayanont An investigation of Pt Island Formation on p-GaN (0001)
15:50 #J46 Poster Marek Wzorek Determination of densities of various dislocation types in GaN – comparison of TEM and improved hot acid etching method
15:50 #J47 Poster Madhu Bhaskaran In situ micro-Raman analysis and X-ray diffraction of nickel silicide thin films on silicon
15:50 #J48 Poster Madhu Bhaskaran Investigation of nickel silicide to silicon interface using transmission electron microscopy
15:50 #J49 Poster Madhu Bhaskaran Characterisation of nickel silicide thin films by spectroscopy and microscopy techniques
15:50 #J50 Poster Sharath Sriram Influence of oxygen partial pressure on the composition and orientation of stronium-doped lead zirconate titanate thin films
15:50 #J51 Poster Sharath Sriram Investigation of composition irregularities and inter-diffusion in strontium-doped lead zirconate titanate thin films on gold-coated silicon substrates
15:50 #J52 Poster Sharath Sriram In situ investigation of thermally influenced phase transformations in (Pb0.92Sr0.08)(Zr0.65Ti0.35)O3 thin films using micro-Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction
15:50 #J53 Poster Davor Gracin Analysis of amorphous-nanocrystalline multilayer structures by optical, photo-deflection and photocurrent spectroscopy
15:50 #J54 Poster Marcel Himmerlich Correlation between surface and electrical properties of ITO and ITON thin films
15:50 #J55 Poster Chih-Ming Hsu Thermal Diffusivity in InN and GaN Thin Films
15:50 #J56 Poster Marcin Jedyński Characterization of calcium phosphate coatings doped with Mg, deposited by pulsed laser deposition technique using ArF excimer laser
15:50 #J57 Poster Marcin Jedyński Comparative study of superthin TiNx layer by XPS and low energy SIMS
15:50 #J58 Poster Michal Kaminski Microscopy and spectroscopy techniques in characterization of thick GaN and Ga1-xMnxN layers grown by Sublimation Sandwich Method
15:50 #J59 Poster Yong Tae Kim Structural evolution of germanium-bismuth-telluride phase change materials for PRAM application with modulated RF-sputtering power on bismuth target
15:50 #J60 Poster Paweł Kochmański Investigation of mechanical properties of thin nitrided layers produced on stainless steel 
15:50 #J61 Poster Stergios Logothetidis Investigation of the effect of surface properties and stoichiometry on haemocompatibility of titanium nitride thin films
15:50 #J62 Poster Sigitas Mickevicius Water absorption by epitaxial LaNiO3-x thin films
15:50 #J63 Poster Anastasia Moskvinova EBSD and EDX characterisation of copper films
15:50 #J64 Poster Floris Reurings Pulsed positron beam for atomic and nanoscale characterization of thin films
15:50 #J65 Poster Mahmood Sabooni The effect of magnetic field in Cu and Al thin film production of DC magnetron sputtering
15:50 #J66 Poster Vasil Yanev Verification of Grain Boundaries in Annealed Thin ZrO2 Films by Electrical AFM Technique
15:50 #J67 Poster Marcin Żak Influence of the thin Si cap layer on SiGe quantum dots morphology
15:50 #J68 Poster Łukasz Zięba Optical investigation of surface morphology of the WC tool-plate subjected to nitriding preprosessing
15:50 #J69 Poster Ciceron A. Berbecaru SBF studies of Bioglass Nanostructured Thin Films obtained by pulsed laser deposition or magnetron sputtering: a comparative study
15:50 #J70 Poster Thomas Geneves Elaboration and characterization of barium silicate thin layers
15:50 #J71 Poster Iuliana M. Oancea Charaterization of Co-Cu thin films obtained by vapor deposition
15:50 #J72 Poster Hyung-Ho Park Epitaxial Growth and Band Alignment of (GdxLa1-x)2O3 Films on n-GaAs (001)
15:50 #J73 Poster Antonietta Buosciolo Morphological and optical near field characterization of tin dioxide thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis method

September 18th, Tuesday

09:00 Parallel Session - A. Rossi - Spectroscopy - room 315
09:00 00:30:00 Invited Othmar Marti Optical fields at micro and nanostructures
09:30 00:20:00 Oral Silvia Larcheri A new tool for nano-scale x-ray absorption spectroscopy and element-specific SNOM microscopy
09:50 00:20:00 Oral Pawel Podemski Optical characterization of quantum dash based tunnel injection laser structures for 1.55 μm emission
10:10 00:20:00 Oral Przemysław Poloczek Effect of the hydrostatic pressure on quantum dot - quantum well tunnel injection structures
10:30 Coffee break - Main Hall
11:00 Parrallel Session - O. Marti - Spectroscopy - room 315
11:00 00:30:00 Invited Rozaliya I. Barabash 3D Characterization of Defect Gradients in the Near Surface Microstructures and BulkAlloys Via Polychromatic Microdiffraction
11:30 00:20:00 Oral Anna Zimina Photon-in photon-out soft X-ray spectroscopy for the study of electronic properties in nanostructured materials: advantages and problems.
11:50 00:20:00 Oral Marcin Motyka Contactless electroreflectance spectroscopy in UV region
12:10 00:20:00 Oral Matthew R. Phillips Nanoscale Characterisation of Exciton and Carrier Diffusion in Wide Band Gap Semiconductors using Low Voltage Cathodoluminescence Microscopy and Spectroscopy
12:30 Lunch break - Inner Courtyards
14:00 Parallel Session - J. Dutkiewicz - Spectroscopy - room 315
14:00 00:30:00 Invited Antonella Rossi X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for surface and thin film chemical analysis.
14:30 00:20:00 Oral Elena M. Shishonok Luminescence and EPR analysis in investigations of cubic boron nitride
14:50 00:20:00 Oral Štefan Lányi Nanoscale analysis of defects in semiconductors by means of capacitance- and charge-transient spectroscopy
15:10 00:20:00 Oral Mahmood Sabooni Comprehensive theoretical and experimental evaluation of the impact of the internal polarization fields on the optical emission energy of Si- doped GaN/AlGaN MQWs and superlattices
15:30 Coffee break - Main Hall
15:50 Parallel Session - K. Leifer - SEM - room 315
15:50 00:30:00 Invited Krzysztof Sztwiertnia Application of orientation mapping in TEM and SEM for the study of inhomogeneous microstructural evolution during annealing of aluminum alloy with bimodal particle distribution
16:20 00:20:00 Oral Takeshi Ogashiwa Estimation of the Low Voltage BF/DF STEM Image in an UHR FE-SEM
16:40 00:20:00 Oral Lyudmila S. Kokhanchik The use of charging technique for lithium niobate and lithium tantalate crystal investigation by SEM.
17:00 00:20:00 Oral Augustus K. Chee Quantitative Dopant Profiling in the SEM including surface states.
17:20 00:20:00 Oral Makoto Suzuki Structural Characterization of Carbon Nanofibers using Scanning Electron Microscopy

September 19th, Wednesday

09:30 Plenary Session - Small Hall (237)
10:30 Coffee break - Main Hall
11:00 Parallel Session - V. Tsukruk - Special Session Thin Films - room 315
11:00 00:30:00 Invited Aleksandra Czyrska-Filemonowicz Characterisation of phases in nanostructured, multilayered titanium alloys by analytical and high resolution electron microscopy
11:30 00:20:00 Oral Sharath Sriram Piezoelectric response characterization using atomic force microscopy with standard contact-mode imaging
11:50 00:20:00 Oral Karolina A. Rzepiejewska-Malyska In – situ mechanical characterization of the TiN/NbN, NbN/CrN and TiN/CrN multilayer thin films
12:10 00:20:00 Oral Yu Lung Chiu Nanomechanical properties of Fe-W alloy composite coatings
12:30 00:20:00 Oral Marcel Himmerlich Surface properties and ozone interaction of indium oxide prepared by metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy
12:50 00:20:00 Oral Yau Yau Tse Microstructural studies of La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 (LCOM) films on different (011) substrates deposited by pulsed laser deposition
13:10 Lunch break - Inner Courtyards
14:00 Parallel Session - V. Tsukruk - Special Session Thin Films - room 315
14:00 00:20:00 Oral Davor Gracin Structural ordering of thin amorphous- nano-crystalline films studied by HRTEM, GISAXS and Raman spectroscopy
14:20 00:20:00 Oral Asta Richter Nanoindentation of heterogeneous n-carbon films containing Ni nanocrystals
14:40 00:20:00 Oral Christos Koidis Growth, Optical and Nanostructural properties of ZnO thin films deposited on high-barrier inorganic/polymeric and hybrid/polymeric flexible substrates
15:00 00:20:00 Oral Alessandro Cremonesi Surfactant-based synthesis and characterization of nanostructured V2O5 thin films
15:20 00:20:00 Oral Yong Tae Kim Single phase formation mechanism of SexTe100-x binary alloy confirmed by XRD and TEM method
15:30 Coffee break - Main Hall
15:50 Joint Poster Session (Part II) - Poster Award Ceremony - Main Hall

September 20th, Thursday

09:00 Parallel Session - H.-J. Hug - Surface Probe Microscopy - room 315
09:00 00:30:00 Invited Vladimir V. Tsukruk Surface force spectroscopy of polymeric and biological materials under extreme conditions: touching spider legs and fish skin
09:30 00:20:00 Oral Krzysztof Grzelakowski DEEM: a novel electron spectromicroscope
09:50 00:20:00 Oral Hamad A. Albrithen Estimating the Surface Diffusion Barrier Difference and the Indirect Gap of ScN(001) by Nano-probing: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/Spectroscopy
10:10 00:20:00 Oral Fernando L. Stavale Vanadium nano-needles growth on silicon 7x7 surface investigated by scanning tunneling microscopy
10:30 Coffee break - Main Hall
11:00 Parallel Session - E. Meyer - Surface Probe Microscopy - room 315
11:00 00:30:00 Invited Hans J. Hug Scanning Force Microscopy – Applications in Magnetism and Surface Science
11:30 00:20:00 Oral Raphaël Foschia Local Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
11:50 00:30:00 Invited Ernesto Coronel Quantitative transmission electron microscopy for the analysis of interfaces and quantum nano-structures
12:30 Lunch break - Inner Courtyards
14:00 Parallel Session - M. Lehmann - EFTEM - room 315
14:00 00:30:00 Invited Jean M. Martin Study of Tribochemical Processes by Energy-Filtering TEM
14:30 00:20:00 Oral Armin Feldhoff Analytical TEM study of the formation of perovskite-type oxides by the EDTA/citrate complexing method
15:30 Coffee break - Main Hall
15:50 Parallel Session - A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz - TEM Holography - room 315
15:50 00:30:00 Invited Michael Lehmann Off-axis electron holography: beyond atomic structure determination
16:20 00:20:00 Oral Hyun Jung Lee Quantitative analysis of two-dimensional dopant profile in Mg doped GaN
16:40 00:20:00 Oral Pierre Bleuet High sensitivity and high resolution reconstruction of sample structure, chemical composition and crystalline phase by combining of transmission, fluorescence and diffraction synchrotron microtomography
17:00 00:20:00 Oral Takahiro Akiya Small angle neutron scattering study of interface nanostructure in sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets processed under high magnetic fields

September 21st, Friday

09:00 Parallel Session - G. Van Tendeloo - TEM - room 315
09:00 00:30:00 Invited Jan M. Dutkiewicz HRTEM and TEM studies of amorphous structures in ZrNiTiCu base alloys obtained by rapid solidification or ball milling
09:30 00:20:00 Oral Beata Dubiel TEM microstructural analysis of a single crystal CMSX-4 superalloy creep deformed at high temperature
09:50 00:20:00 Oral Yuriy Khalavka Enhanced thermal stability of gold and silver nanorods through thin surface layers
10:10 00:20:00 Oral Tamara Radetic TEM observations of capillarity-driven migration of a thin wedge in the Au/Ge system.
10:30 Coffee break - Main Hall
11:00 Parallel Session - G. Van Tendeloo - TEM + Closing - room 315
11:00 00:20:00 Oral Jacques Ghijsen Electronic Structure of Pd Nanoparticles on Carbon Nanotubes
11:20 00:20:00 Oral Paulina Unifantowicz Evaluation of crystal structure and polytypism of SiC in microwave sintered diamond-SiC composite by TEM and HR-TEM
11:40 SESSION J CLOSING - M. Parlinska-Wojtan - room 315
12:30 Lunch break - Inner Courtyards
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