E-MRS Fall Meeting 2007

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Presenting person
F1 Mustafa B. Muradov Nanocomposites on base of CdSXSe1-X nanoparticles and polymer matrix, formed by combination of SILAR and ion-exchange methods
F2 Jayshree Ramkumar Effect of composition on ion exchange property of glasses
F3 Francesco Gonella Solid state field-assisted ion exchange for light waveguide application
F4 Jérôme Grelin Study ion of Ag+/Na+ ion-exchange diffusion on germanate glasses : Realization of single-mode waveguides at the wavelength of 1.55 µm.
F5 Chiara Maurizio Solid state silver ion exchange in Er:glass sol-gel films: an EXAFS study of the Er environment
F6 Rune E. Johnsen In-situ XRPD studies of anion exchange in layered double hydroxides
F7 Vanessa Prevot Multitools approach for improved understanding of the structures and dynamics in LDH system: comparison of molecular dynamic simulations with X-ray diffraction refinements and micro calorimetric titrations.
F8 Anca Duta Advanced Wastewater Treatment for Heavy Metals Immobilisation Using Modified Fly Ash
F9 Md Jelas Haron Sorption removal of arsenic by cerium-exchanged zeolite
F10 Silvano Mignardi Removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions by sorption on hydroxyapatite
F11 Laurentiu Patularu Ionic Conduction Behaviour Study for small Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
F12 Daniela Stoenescu Design and Characterization of Ion Exchange Membranes for PEM Fuel Cells
F13 Dmitry A. Zakharyevich New process for the treatment of radioactive waste using polyantimonic acid and its derivatives
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