E-MRS Fall Meeting 2007

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Presenting person
G1 Jouni Tiilikainen Fitting of X-ray reflectivity from periodic thin film structures: Improved convergence properties in genetic algorithm by rotation of coordinates
G2 Wojciech Paszkowicz Optimisation of parameters of a dynamic penalty function for a test example of powder pattern indexing
G3 Tatyana A. Ryumshyna Influence of temperature, pressure, magnetic field on the solid's structure by means of internal stresses
G4 Madhu Bhaskaran Analytical and finite element modelling of an ohmic contact test structure for low specific contact resistivity
G5 Jayshree Ramkumar Effect of modifiers on the ion exchange properties of borosilicate glasses
G6 Pawel Sobczak Genetic algorithm applications in calculation of the classical ground state configurations and management of the ab-initio LMTO package
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