E-MRS Fall Meeting 2007

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E1 Barbora Bartova Microstructure, martensitic transformation and shape memory effect in Ni3Ta – novel high temperature SMA
E2 Francisco M. Braz Fernandes Evolution of phase transformations after multiple steps of marforming in Ti-rich NiTi SMA
E3 Aleksander V. Lukyanov Nanostructure and properties of the large size Ti49,4Ni50,6 alloy samples, subjected to High Pressure Torsion Deformation with subsequent annealings
E4 Naiara Vidal FEM Simulation Of A Nitinol Wire
E5 Sascha Dilthey Optimised Layout of Shape Memory Actuators by a Numerical Modelling Approach
E6 Kelvin Yeung New Spinal Implant Using Super-Elastic Nickel-Titanium Alloy For Progressive Deformity Correction: In-Vivo Demonstration In Goat Model
E7 Osman Adiguzel Shape memory behaviours of noble metal copper based beta-phase alloys
E8 Eduard Cesari Effect of magnetic field on the TA2 phonon branch softening in Ni2MnGa
E9 Kenneth Cheung Superelastic Porous NiTi with Adjustable Porosities Synthesized by Capsule-Free Hot Isostatic Pressing
E10 Jacinto Cortés-Pérez Design of an intelligent slades with shape memory materials
E11 Corneliu M. Craciunescu Rapidly Solidified Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys
E12 Mathias Doerr Giant Magnetostrain Based on Strong Single Ion Anisotropy of Rare Earth Materials
E13 Stephen Doyle Residual stress in Ni-Mn-Ga thin films deposited on different substrates
E14 Janusz Dubowik Ferromagnetic resonance in Ni—Mn-Ga thin films and thin-film tubes
E15 Jan M. Dutkiewicz Powder metallurgy technology of NiTi shape memory alloy
E16 Tomasz Goryczka Martensitic transformation and shape memory effect in NiTiCu strip covered by nanocrystalline platinum layer
E17 Silvia Ignacova Transformation and twinning processes in CoNiAl alloy single crystals
E18 Kwang K. Jee Effect of oxidation on transformation and deformation behavior in Ni-Ti alloy
E19 Ibrahim Karaman Cyclic Stability in Ultrafine Grained High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys
E20 Mikhail A. Khusainov Generation and relaxation of reactive stress in active elements from shape memory alloys
E21 Kunihiro Koike Effects of Fe and Co addition on the magnetoresistance in Ni-Mn-Ga Films
E22 Larisa E. Kozlova The martensite structure and the characteristics of thermoelastic martensitic transformation in Fe-Co based ferromagnetic alloys
E23 Yuri A. Kuzavko Magnetodeformations influence on spin-electron transport in nanofilms
E24 Patricia Lazpita Magnetic and structural properties of non-stoichiometric Ni-Mn-Ga Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys
E25 Jozef Lelatko Martensitic transformation in melt-spun NiMnGa ribbons
E26 Jian Liu Alternative MSM alloy systems: Ni-Fe-Ga-Co and Ni-Co-Al
E27 Victor Lvov Deformation of Ni–Mn–Ga martensite under the conditions of ultrasonic resonance
E28 Wojciech Maziarz Microstructure changes in two phase β+γ Co-Ni-Al ferromagnetic shape memory alloys in relation to Al/Co ratio
E29 Marek S. Michalec Characterization and properties of a modified NiTi shape memory alloy by N+ ion implantation.
E30 Svetlana Miliukina Effect of the Heat Treatment on the Pseudoelastic Properties of TiNi Wire for Medical Applications
E31 Peter Molnar Magnetic field induced strain and training process in NiMnGa single crystal
E32 Tae-hyun Nam Heating rate dependence of shape recovery stress in a Ti-49.7Ni alloy
E34 Krystian Prusik The effect of γ-phase particles on microstructure and properties of Co-Ni-Ga alloys
E35 Vicente Recarte Reversible and irreversible martensitic transformations in Fe-Pd and Fe-Pd-Co alloys
E36 Katharina Rolfs Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys: Route to commercial applications
E37 Mykola S. Kyselov Theory of multidomain states in magnetic shape memory alloys
E38 Vasilii Rubanik Jr Receiving of Bimetallic Joints of TiNi-steel, TiNi-TiNi Using High-Speed Strain
E39 Stefan Seelecke A Free Energy model for Magneto-Mechanically Coupled NiMnGa Single Crystals
E40 Mikhail D. Starostenkov Diffusion Mechanisms near Tilt Grain Boundaries in Ni3Al Intermetallide
E41 Nele Van Caenegem Determination of the recovery stress under constraint in Fe29Mn7Si5Cr SMA.
E42 Rafał Wróblewski Structure of Ni49Mn29Ga21 shape memory alloy processed by Bridgman method
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