Effect of the Heat Treatment on the Pseudoelastic Properties of TiNi Wire for Medical Applications

Svetlana Miliukina 1Vasilii Rubanik Jr 1Vasili V. Rubanik 2Viacheslav Dorodeiko 3

1. Vitebsk State Technological University, Moskovski Av., 72, Vitebsk 210035, Belarus
2. Institute of Technical Acoustics, Ludnikova av., 13, Vitebsk 210023, Belarus
3. Simurg, Ludnikova, 13, Vitebsk 210023, Belarus


The unique properties of shape memory alloys (their ability to remember their shape, superelasticity, biological compatibility with human organism tissues) allow applying them successfully in medicine for a long time as a perspective material for making implants and different medical devices.

In this given work the results of the pseudoelastic properties investigation of TiNi wire using for medical application are presented. The performed study is aimed on the effect of time and aging temperatures on the transformation temperatures, the width of the transformation hysteresis, and also, on the level of the yield stress and the meaning of the permanent strain by bending deformation of the investigated specimens at the body temperature (i.e. in austenite state). The heat treatment of the wire was realized at the temperature range 250÷550ºС with a number of different heat stages lasting between 15 and 120 minutes. The investigation of the effect of deformation wire cycling on its phase yield stress and the width of hysteresis loop stress-strain was carried out. Also the effect of ultrasonic vibrations on pseudoelastic and deformation properties of the material was studied. The results of the performed researches allowed optimizing the operating practices of the medical products manufacture from TiNi alloys.

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Presentation: Poster at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2007, Symposium E, by Svetlana Miliukina
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2007

Submitted: 2007-05-15 00:31
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