E-MRS Fall Meeting 2007

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Presenting person
C-1 Markus Bosund Passivation of GaAs surface by using ALD technology
C-2 Reda Cerapaite-Trusinskiene Investigation of non-monotonous dependencies of the surface roughness on the thin film deposition parameters
C-3 Francis Chalvet Atomic layer deposition of HfO2 thin films on In0.53Ga0.47As/InP substrates prepared using both aqueous and in-situ sulfur surface passivation methods
C-5 Frederique Donsanti Study of CIS based solar cells with a ALCVD ZnO/ZnO:Al as window layers
C-6 Qi Fang SiO2 and Si3N4 Films by Remote Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
C-7 Hyoun Woo Kim Crystaline Bi2O3 nanofibers fabricated on sapphire substrates using a trimethylbismuth and oxygen mixture
C-8 Yong Tae Kim Atomic layer deposition of W-C-N diffusion barrier and its thermal stability for Cu interconnects
C-9 Karina B. Klepper Using carboxylic acids to grow organic-inorganic hybrid materials by ALD
C-10 Myoung-Gyun Ko Characterization of ruthenium titanium nitride thin films deposited by rf-direct plasma atomic layer deposition
C-11 Raija Matero Investigating New Precursors for Silicon Dioxide
C-12 Ville Miikkulainen Molybdenum nitride nanotubes
C-13 Jan Musschoot A comparison of thermal and plasma enhanced ALD of TiO2 and TiN
C-14 Heidi Nielsen Growth of 3D core-shell nanostructures by ALD
C-15 Ahti Niilisk Raman characterization of strain in epitaxial Cr2O3 films on sapphire
C-16 Ola Nilsen In situ heat analysis of ALD growth by usage of thermopile
C-17 Raul Rammula X-ray absorption spectroscopy as a method for structural study of HfO2 and ZrO2 thin films
C-18 Mårten Rooth Atomic Layer deposition of iron oxide nanotubes
C-19 Koki Saito TEM Observation of ZnO Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition
C-20 Paweł Skupiński ZnO homoepitaxial growth by Atomic Layer Epitaxy technique.
C-22 Aivar Tarre ALD of Cr2O3 on sapphire
C-23 Eva Tois Low Temperature Deposition of Tantalum Carbide
C-24 Wenke Weinreich Thermal Stability of thin ALD ZrO2 Layers as Dielectrics in Deep Trench DRAM Devices Annealed in N2 and NH3
C-25 Adam J. Zakrzewski Application of interval analysis for determination of the parameters of the Schottky contacts
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