E-MRS Fall Meeting 2003

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A-1 Yarub Al-Douri Theoretical study on electronic, positron and structural properties of Ga-_1_-_xAl_xN
A-2 Linas Ardaravicius Self-heating and microwave noise in AlGaN/GaN
A-3 Yevgen O. Bilevych Schottky Barrier and Aging Effect studies in Au(Cu)/p-CdTe Contacts
A-4 Abdeslam Bouloufa Optical properties of CuInTe_2 single crystals by photoacoustic spectroscopy
A-5 Oksana V. Chukova Synthesis and luminescent investigation of KTiOPO_4 and NaTi_2(PO_4)_3 crystals doped with rare earth ions
A-6 Gennaro Conte Deep UV Detection by CVD diamond position sensitive devices
A-7 Korolyuk Y. Deibuk Thermodynamic stability of partially ordered Si_1_-_xC_x
A-8 Sevda Z. Dzhafarova Optical characteristics and structural ordering of quasi - two - dimensional TlGaS_2 crystals doped by rare-earth ions.
A-9 Angelique Favre UV-written channel waveguides in Er-doped Bi_2O_3-based glass
A-10 Marek Godlewski In-depth and in-plane profiling of InGaN-based laser diodes and heterostructures
A-11 Marek Godlewski Cathodoluminescence study of n-type doped GaN epilayers and GaN/InGaN quantum well structures
A-12 Marek Godlewski Compensation mechanisms in magnesium doped GaN
A-13 Krystyna Golaszewska Study of Long-Term Stability of Ohmic Contacts to GaN
A-14 Andriy Goryachko The interaction of Pr_2O_3 with 4H-SiC(0001) surfaces
A-15 Taupin Héloise Fabrication and characterization of SiC/Si heterojunction diode.
A-17 Vitalii Y. Ivanov Optical and magnetic resonance investigations of ZnO crystals doped with transition metal ions
A-18 Vitalii Y. Ivanov Optical and ODMR study of GaN-based HEMT structures
A-19 Saulius Jursenas Impact of post-growt thermal annealing on emission of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells
A-20 P Kervalishivili Nanotechnology methods for wide forbidden zone semiconductors (boron, carbon, their compounds) preparation.
A-21 Halyna Khlyap Investigation of thermo- and photoluminescence in heterostructures PbS/ZnTe
A-22 Victor S. Kijko Advanced transparent beryllium ceramics for ionizing radiation dosimetry
A-23 Hyoun Woo Kim Influence of the substrate on the structural properties of sputter-deposited ZnO films
A-24 Olga L. Kobeleva Electrical properties the five-component chalkogenides of silver
A-25 Dmytro Kolesnikov Diffusion and diffusion induced defects in GaN
A-26 Herbert Willi Kunert Optical characterization of GaN doping superlattices as grown, hydrogen implanted and annealed.
A-27 Ivan Kurilo Morphology and structural perfection of vapor-grown PbI2 crystals
A-28 Dmitry Kuritsyn Energy transfer to Er3+ ions in silicon-rich-silicon-oxide: efficiency lamitations.
A-29 Vadim B. Lebedev Studies on sub-band gap absorption in AlGaN photoconductors and solar-blind photodetectors
A-30 Liudmila V. Makhova Growth and Characterisation of AgIn_5S_8 and CuIn_5S_8 Thin Films
A-31 A. Matkovskii Growth and Radiation Induced Color Centers in Oxide Laser Crystals
A-32 Saulius Miasojedovas Stimulated emission in InGaN/GaN structures with different quantum well width
A-34 Liubomyr S. Monastyrsky Low dimension porous silicon based heterostructures for possible optoelectronic and accessory applications
A-35 Sergiy G. Nedilko Local complex emission centers in the wide band gap materials: theoretical predictions and experimental diagnostic possibilities
A-36 Suzuka Nishimura GaN related LED and LD on Si substrates
A-38 Yasunao Oyama Light scattering topography of excimer grade CaF2 crystal.
A-39 Armen R. Poghosyan Conductivities and waveguide properties of ZnO films and multilayer structures
A-40 Piotr Potera Color centers in YAP:Pr crystals
A-41 Tomasz R. Przesławski Sensitive InGaAs /InP (SI) magnetic field sensors
A-42 Riccardo Rurali Self-passivation mechanisms of N clusters in SiC
A-43 pedro l. saez Electroluminescence of thin films prepared by photopolymerization
A-44 Viktor K. Savchuk Reactive Pulsed Laser Deposition of Doped Zinc Oxide Films as Emitting Layers of Thin Film Electroluminescent Devices
A-45 Nicolais A. Snishonok Electroconductivity and thermo-stimulated conductivity of cubic boron nitride
A-46 Manuel J. Soares Optical, EPR and RBS studies in Tm implanted ZnO samples
A-47 Manuel J. Soares Micro-Raman study of laser damage in CdTe surfaces
A-48 Krzysztof Swiatek Photo-ESR and optical studies of Cr photoionization transition in CdZnSe:Cr crystals
A-49 Iwona Szymańska Cu(I) complexes with perfluorinated carboxylates as potential CVD precursors
A-50 Hilmi Unlu Temperature, pressure, strain and composition effects on band offsets in III-nitride heterostructures
A-51 Arnoldas Užupis Effect of deposition conditions and annealing on residual stress of ITO films magnetron sputtered on silica
A-52 Oleksandr Voznyy Effect of ordering on the optical properties of III-nitrides alloys
A-53 Shigeo Yamaguchi Thermoelectric properties of amorphous AlInN thin films
A-54 Adam J. Zakrzewski Modelling of quantum wells with smooth boundaries
A-55 Adam J. Zakrzewski Kinetics of the donor-acceptor and "pseudo-donor-acceptor" pairs in nitrides
A-56 Dmytro M. Zayachuk High-resistance low-doped GaAs and AlGaAs thin films for high power electronics
A-57 Ya. Zhydachevskii Thermoluminescence of doped YAlO_3 crystals
A-58 Yurij V. Zorenko The luminescent convertors based on single crystalline films
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