E-MRS Fall Meeting 2003

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B-1 Adam Łaszcz Transmission Electron Microscopy of Iridium Silicide Contacts for Advanced MOSFET Structures with Schottky Source and Drain
B-2 Julian Auleytner Nanostructure of laser annealed Ge-implanted near-surface Si layers
B-3 Jadwiga Bak-Misiuk Structural and optical properties of high temperature and high pressure treated Si:H,D
B-4 Ewa Benko CBN-Ti/TiN composites: hardness and chemical equilibrium as function of temperature
B-5 Mikhail F. Bobrov Quantum Chemistry Analysis of Electron Density in Cyclophosphazenes and in their Supramolecular Complexes
B-6 Oleksandr Y. Bonchyk X-Ray diffraction studies of radiation defects in CdTe single crystals and epitaxial layers
B-7 Marta Borowiec XANES and X-MCD study of Nd_{2}TM_{17}A_{x} (TM=Fe, Co; A=N,H) compounds
B-8 Kwun-Bum Chung Characteristics of the interface dependent silicide formation for Gd on Si substrate
B-9 Iraida N. Demchenko Investigation of Ge quantum dots buried in silicon matrix by x-ray absorption
B-10 Jaroslaw Domagala Lattice parameters changes of GaMnAs layers induced by annealing
B-11 Elzbieta Dynowska High-pressure phase transition and compressibility of zinc-blende HgZnSe mixed crystals
B-12 Alexander K. Fedotov A set of equations of stress-mediated evolution of the nonequilibrium dopant-defect system in semiconductor crystals
B-13 Alexander K. Fedotov Simulation of oxygen-contained complexes in silicon-silicon interface in cluster approximation
B-14 Pavlo V. Galiy Studies of Interface Carbon Layer Formation on the Cleavage Surfaces of In_4Se_3 Layered Crystals by X-ray Photoelectron and Auger Electron Spectroscopy
B-15 Krzysztof Godwod X-ray study of quartz single crystals implanted with fast Ar ions
B-16 Joanna N. Gorecka Transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction study of \alpha'-Al_2 CO crystals
B-17 Sebastien Saude Sub-surface Investigation of Open-volume Defects induced by Ion Implantation in Zirconia Single Crystals
B-18 Ewa Grzanka Examination of the atomic Pair Distribution Function (PDF) of SiC nanocrystals by in-situ high pressure diffraction
B-19 Adrianna W. Jabłońska Separation of vibrational and static disorder in amorphous In-Se films by EXAFS
B-20 Katarzyna Jach Polymeric flocculation of ceramic slurry obtained by the Direct Coagulation Casting
B-21 Dariusz Jach Processing of the ceramic materials by the gelcasting method
B-22 SeongJun Kang Characteristics of the optimized pentacene thin film transistor via OTS treatment of gate insulator and thermal treatment of pentacene layer
B-24 Grzegorz P. Karwasz Positron-annihilation monitoring of reduction processes in conducting glasses
B-25 Barbara Klimesz Pr^{+3} and Tm^{+3} containing transparent glass ceramic in the GeO_{2}-PbO-PbF_{2}-LnF_{3} system
B-26 Dorota Klinger Defect structure of Sn-implanted Si crystal annealed by nanosecond laser pulse
B-27 Mirosław Kozłowski Microstructure of Fe_3O_4 film grown on Si(100) substrate, investigated by TEM and X-ray methods
B-28 Krystyna Lawniczak-Jablonska Use of element selective methods for characterization of thin films
B-29 Maria Lefeld-Sosnowska Conventional and SR reflection topography of GdCa_4O(BO_3)_3 crystals
B-30 Beata Leszczyńska-Madej Structure and Properties of dynamically compressed Al99,5 and AlCuZr alloy.
B-31 Bozena Losiewicz The electrodeposition of amorphous Ni-P coatings containing TiO_2 and Ti powders
B-32 Sigitas Mickevicius Determination of vanadium valence in hydrated compounds
B-33 Sigitas Mickevicius Photoemission study of the LT-GaAs
B-34 Robert Mroczka Geometrical description of the X-ray capillary and total reflection mirror surfaces with assumed reflection features
B-35 Iwona Napłoszek-Bilnik Electrolytic production and heat-treatment of Ni-based composite layers containing intermetallic phases
B-36 Waldemar Nowicki Phase transitions in the spinel Li_xMn_{3-x}O_4 intercalation compounds. Synchrotron X-ray diffraction studies.
B-37 Bronislaw A. Orlowski Mn doped ZnTe (110) (1x1) surface in Resonant Photoemission study
B-38 Bronislaw A. Orlowski Differential Reflectivity and Photoemission study of ZnTe and CdTe(110) surface
B-39 Sergey V. Ovsyannikov Thermo- and galvanomagnetic characterisation of heterophase structures with variable configuration of inclusions
B-40 Sergey V. Ovsyannikov Investigation of PbSe single crystals under the neutron irradiation
B-41 Wojciech Paszkowicz X-Ray Study of Lattice Parameters of GaN in a Broad Temperature Range
B-42 Bożena Pietrzyk Electron backscatter diffraction as a useful method for alloys microstructure characterization
B-43 Paweł Piszora X-ray powder diffraction investigation of lithium manganese spinel oxides with cubic, tetragonal and orthorhombic structure.
B-44 Branko Pivac GISAXS study of hydrogen implanted silicon
B-45 Dmytro I. Savytskii Twin structure of LSGMO crystals studied by Laue method
B-46 Anatoliy Senyshyn Thermal expansion of NdGaO_3 perovskite
B-47 Artem Shalimov Influence of substrate miscut angle on dislocation density in GaAs/Si heterostructures obtained by HRXRD
B-48 Czesław Ślusarczyk Time-resolved SAXS data analysis of a lamellar two-phase polymer system by means of the correlation function
B-49 Feliks Stobiecki Moessbauer spectroscopy, interlayer coupling and magnetoresistance of irradiated Fe/Cr multilayers
B-50 Ewa Talik XPS investigations of NdGaO3 wafers
B-51 Zinoviya F. Tsybriy-Ivasiv The Hg_{1-x}Cd_xTe Epilayers Investigation and Characterization
B-52 Leonid Vasylechko Crystal structure and thermal expansion of PrGaO_3 in the temperature range 10-1253 K
B-53 Marius Volmer Characterisation of Permalloy based thin films and magnetic multilayers using the magnetoresistance and Hall effect measurements
B-54 Wojciech Wierzchowski Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction studies of silicon implanted with high energy Ar ions after thermal annealing
B-55 Paweł Wiśniewski New water thinnable acrylic - allyl dispersions in die pressing of alumina
B-56 HANNA WRZESIŃSKA Surface morphology, nanomechanical and tribological behaviours of ultrathin nitride superlattice films.
B-57 Danuta Zymierska X-ray diffractometric study of micro-precipitates created by fast nitrogen ions in GaAs single crystal
B-58 Tim G. Zagurenko New Technique for Magnetic Phase Transitions Diagnostics
B-59 Oleksandr Zakharyash Metastable state in Hg_{1-x}Cd_xTe crystals
B-60 Merabet abdelali The segregation of Arsenic and Boron in the interface of a polysilicon on silicon during rapid thermal annealing
B-61 Valentina V. Arbenina Auger Electron Spectroscopy studies of the microstructure and diffusion processes at interfaces of multilayer platings used in laser diode technology
B-62 Artur Jaśkiewicz Breakdown of passivity in Al-Ta and Al-Nb amorphous alloys
B-63 Patrick Hoffmann Photoemission studies of very thin (<10nm) silicon oxynitride (SiO_xN_y) layers formed by PECVD
B-64 Jacek M. Grochowski Tautomeric perferences in solution and crystaline state of new ylidenemalonodinitrile, fungicidal species precursor.
B-65 Vedran Vonk Towards In-Situ Pulsed Laser Deposition
B-66 Jerzy B. Pełka Structure modifications in materials irradiated by ultra-short pulses of VUV free electron laser
B-67 Jaroslaw Janicki SAXS and WAXD real time studies on nanostructures of selected polymer materials
B-68 Marcin Pisarek Effect of cathodic hydrogen charging on catalytic activity of Cu-Hf amorphous alloys
B-69 Svitlana Stelmakh X-ray diffraction studies of thermal properties of bulk- and surface-atoms of nanocrystalline SiC
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