E-MRS Fall Meeting 2003

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September 15th, Monday

14:00 00:30:00 invited oral Luigi Ambrosio Biomimetic hydrogels for tissue reconstruction
14:35 00:30:00 invited oral Toshinori Takagi Ionized Cluster Beam (ICB) technique - towards intelligent materials applicable in various fields
15:10 00:15:00 oral Grzegorz T. Benke Tissue engineering for reconstructive orthopedic surgery - challenges and perspectives
15:50 00:30:00 invited oral Stanislaw Słomkowski Biodegradable polyester nano- and microspheres by dispersion polymerization and macromolecular self-assembly
16:25 00:15:00 oral Teresa M. Basinska Poly(styrene/alpha-tert-butoxy-omega-vinylbenzylpolyglycidol) microspheres for immunodiagnostics. Principle of a novel latex testbased on combined electrophoretic mobility and particle aggregation measurements
16:45 00:15:00 oral Yun-Suk Jo In-vitro test and mathematical modelling on the controlled-release behavior of indomethacin from PLA-PEO nanospheres
17:05 00:15:00 oral Zbigniew Jedliński Novel Biodegradable and Biocompatible Polymers for Anti-cancer Drug Delivery Systems

September 16th, Tuesday

11:00 00:30:00 invited oral Clemens Van Blitterswijk Hybrid technology as a basis for bone- and cartilage tissue engineering
11:30 00:30:00 invited oral Joost D. de Bruijn Synthetic osteoinductive biphasic calcium phosphates as scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
12:05 00:10:00 oral Radosław M. Olkowski Differentiation of cells from adipose tissue into osteoblasts in the presence of biomaterials in vitro (preliminary report)
12:15 00:10:00 oral Pawel Kowalczyk Omentum major as potential source of osteogenic cells for tissue engineering (preliminary report)
14:00 00:25:00 invited oral Mikhail I. Shtilman Amphiphilic polymers of N-vinylpirrolidone. Behavior in water solutions. Liposome modification.
14:30 00:15:00 oral Paweł Parzuchowski Synthesis and Characterization of Polymethacrylate-Based Nitric Oxide Donors
14:50 00:15:00 oral Roberto De Santis Dynamic mechanical behaviour of plain and gentamicin loaded bone cements
15:10 00:15:00 oral Janusz Kozakiewicz Effect of polysiloxaneurethaneurea elastomer structure on free radical formation in sterillisation by E-beam/gamma irradiation
15:50 00:25:00 invited oral Małgorzata Lewandowska-Szumieł Alternative methods bring a new input in biocompatibility testing
16:20 00:15:00 oral Agnieszka Sowinska Biocompatibility study of nitrided titanium alloy for bone implantation by laser flow cytometry, laser scanning cytometry and confocal microscopy
16:40 00:15:00 oral Bozena M. Cukrowska Cytokine secretion during in vitro cellular interaction with titanium alloy and nitrided surface layer produced under glow discharge conditions
17:00 00:15:00 oral Ralf-Peter Franke Influence of surface roughness of flat TiAl6V4 discs on cell differentiation in vitro and on tissue integration in vivo
17:20 00:15:00 oral Katarzyna Bąkowicz Bioactivity of Carbon Particles
17:40 00:15:00 oral Yulia S. Petronyuk Microacoustical NDE of pyrocarbon materials for cardiovascular prosthetic application

September 17th, Wednesday

14:00 00:25:00 invited oral Ralf-Peter Franke Biocompatibility of metallic implants for reconstructive surgery; choice of material, design, processing, clinical application
14:30 00:15:00 oral Danuta Krupa Effect of Ca&P ions implantation on the corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of titanium
14:50 00:15:00 oral Bogusław Major Thin layers of TiN fabricated on metallic titanium and polyurethane by pulsed laser deposition
15:10 00:15:00 oral V. G. Pushin TiNi-based shape memory alloys for medical application
15:50 00:30:00 invited oral Maria Laczka New generation of bioactive, ceramic materials
16:25 00:15:00 oral Zofia B. Luklinska Morphological and structural study of silica based implants in bone
16:45 00:15:00 oral Yuriy M. Podrezov Non-elastic behaviours of high-porosity ceramics and ceramic-polymer composites
17:05 00:15:00 oral Roxana M. Piticescu New hydroxyapatite based nanomaterials for potential use in medical fields
17:25 00:15:00 oral Lukasz Wysienski Porous hydroxyapatite, tricalcium phosphate and polylactide as reconstractive material in treatment of maxillar's hemangioma-case report
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