E-MRS Fall Meeting 2003

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E-1 Cheol Sang Kim Hard Tissue Compatibility of Titanium Phosphide Layers Obtained by Diffusion in Ti-HA Interface
E-2 Maria Mikhaylova In vitro reaction of human fibroblasts with gold - and L-aspartic acid -functionalized superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles.
E-3 Lyudmila I. Donchenko Model of Regeneration Processes Prognosis at Application of Natural Bioimplants
E-4 Bozena D. Konieczna An in vitro study of polymer based composites
E-5 Natalya V. Shishkova Influence of Bioimplants on Immune Response
E-6 Bożena Pietrzyk The influence of heat treatment temperature on bioactivity of TiO_2 sol-gel coatings
E-7 Dorota Rylska Corrosion resistance investigations of prosthetic dental alloys coated by TiN
E-8 Iwona Przybyszewska Nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) - a new and promising material for medical applications
E-9 Katarzyna Bąkowicz Nanocrystalline Diamond Coatings - antyallergic barrier onto medical implants
E-10 Cheol Sang Kim Effects of Chemical Composition of Titanium Material Surface on SAMs Formation by Functional Groups of Alkanethiol and Alkanesilanes
E-11 Cheol Sang Kim CPC Precipitation Behavior of Titanium Phosphide Surfaces Obtained from Heat Treated Ti6Al4V buried in Hydroxyapatite Paste
E-12 Barbara Jachimska Calcium phosphate structure controlled by organic matrix ( multilayer film )
E-13 Emilia V. Pecheva Extra cellular matrix used in-vitro model system for hydroxyapatite formation
E-14 Emilia V. Pecheva Growth of hydroxyapatite layers on modified by ion beam patterned solid surfaces for studying the biomineralization
E-15 Rinat M. Iskakov Immobilization of analgetic AV-101 into calcium alginate gels
E-16 Maria Juzwa Modification of Acetylsalicylic Acid by Oligomers of 3-Hydroxybutyric Acid
E-17 Kristjan Saal Uniform aminosiloxane films for immobilization of biomolecules: a sol-gel approach
E-18 Mikhail I. Shtilman Polymeric complexes of sorbic acid.
E-19 Mikhail I. Shtilman Porous epoxycontaining hydrogels.
E-20 Mikhail I. Shtilman Water-soluble metal complexes based on derivatives of poly-N-vinylpyrrolidone
E-21 Janusz S. Otfinowski Oxidation and degradation of polyethylene in hip implants
E-22 Jan Chłopek Life time of polimeric composite implants on the basis creep and fatigue tests
E-23 Vasile Cornelia Surface Characterizatiom of the Radiation Processed Polymer Materials for Medical Uses
E-24 Izabella Legocka Type of radicals formed in select siloxanurethane polymers under irradiation method of sterilization.
E-25 Maciej Bero Elaboration and characterization of biodegradable scaffolds from poly(L-lactide-co-glycolide) copolymer synthesized with low-toxic zirconium acetylacetonate.
E-26 Zbigniew Jaegermann Comparison of properties of porous alumina as a potential cell carrier formed by foaming and polymeric sponge methods
E-27 Zbigniew Oksiuta Structural-strength aspects of glass/metallic composite based on Co-Cr-Mo implantation alloy
E-28 Joanna Karaś Glass-ionomeric materials for otologic surgery
E-29 Joanna Siejka-Kulczyk Microstructure of the ceramic - polymer composites for dental applications
E-30 Dorota Rylska The influence of quality of dental alloys used for cast prosthetic completions on their corrosion resistance.
E-31 Jianmin Shi Characterization of nanostructured hydroxyapatite ceramics densified at high-pressure and temperature
E-32 Maria Laczka Bioglasses as fillers of bone defects
E-33 Józef Wójcik Analysis of the mechanical properties in polymeric composite materials with short leather fibers
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