E-MRS Fall Meeting 2003

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September 13th, Saturday

09:10 01:00:00 invited oral Karel Heremans High Pressure Bioscience: From Molecules to Cells
10:10 00:45:00 invited oral Yoshihiro Taniguchi Pressure Effects on Conformational Equilibria of Proteins and Rotational Isomers in Aqueous Solutions
10:55 00:30:00 oral Hannes Hubel Comparative study of solvation pressure and hydrostatic pressure in biological and molecular systems
11:45 00:45:00 invited oral Janusz Jurczak Recent advances in high-pressure synthesis of macrocyclic organic compounds
13:30 00:45:00 invited oral Andrzej Katrusiak Toward understanding compressibility of hydrogen-bonded solids

September 14th, Sunday

10:00 00:45:00 invited oral Roland H. Winter Patterns in the Phase and Structural Behavior of Lyotropic Lipid Mesophases, Model Biomembranes and Proteins at High Pressure
10:45 00:45:00 invited oral Claude Balny High pressure, a new tool to investigate protein structural changes
11:50 00:45:00 invited oral Laszlo Smeller Pressure and protein aggregation.
12:35 00:30:00 oral Wojciech Dzwolak Why does high pressure prevent protein aggregation ? An FTIR/DSC/PPC case study on insulin.
14:05 00:45:00 invited oral Volker Heinz High Pressure for Food Processing
14:50 00:30:00 oral Natalya V. Shishkova Pressure Modulating Effect on ATP-ase Activity
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