E-MRS Fall Meeting 2003

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Presenting person
D-1 Anna I. Abramovich Eu_{0.55}Sr_{0.45}MnO_3 and Sm_{0.55}Sr_{0.45}MnO_3 manganites. Comparison of properties
D-2 Vitor S. Amaral Structural and magnetic study of self- doped La_{1-x-y}Ca_xVac_yMnO_3
D-5 Armandina L. Lopes Probing local symmetry changes in LaMnO_{3.12} rhombohedric-orthorhombic phase transition
D-6 Maria Mikhaylova Two-dimensional exchange interaction in perovskite-like manganites.
D-8 Valentin P. Pashchenko Mesoscopic inhomogeneity, 55Mn NMR, CMR and magneto-transport properties of La0.6Sr0.2Mn(1.2-x)Fe(x)O3 manganites
D-9 Serguei E. Popov The LaMnO_3 elastic properties in different structural phases
D-10 Henryk Szymczak Ellipsometric studies of NdMnO3 single crystals
D-11 Henryk Szymczak Magnetic properties of La_0.9Ca_0.1CoO_3 single crystals
D-12 Igor Troyanchuk Magnetic and structural phase transitions in the La0.88MnOx system
D-13 NERIJA ZURAUSKIENE Electroresistance of La-Ca-MnO thin films
D-15 Damian D. Rybicki A ^{55}Mn NMR study of La_{0.33}Nd_{0.33}Ca_{0.34}MnO_3 with ^{16}O and ^{18}O
D-17 Mark Baran Transport and magnetic properties of La_{2/3}Pb_{1/3}MnO_3 thin films
D-18 Valentina I. Gatalskaya Anisotropy of magnetic properties of the layered Co-based perovskite single crystals 'RBaCo_2O_{5+x}' (R = Dy, Tb, Eu)
D-19 Ivan Komissarov Magnetism and superconductivity in Nd_{0.81}Sr_{0.19}MnO_3/YBa_2Cu_3O_7 multilayers
D-21 Denis G. Makarov Changes of reflection factor parameters of multilayered bigyrotropic structures
D-22 Vladimir D. Okunev Atomic order and the interaction of electron and magnetic subsystems in epitaxial LaSr(Ca)MnO films
D-23 Vladimir M. SVISTUNOV Self-Energy Effects in Manganite Tunneling
D-24 Natalya V. Shishkova Irreversible Modification of Structure and Low Field Magnetoresistance of La_{0.65}Ca_{0.35} MnO_{3} Films on Ferroelectric Substrates
D-25 Vladimir I. Mikhaylov Pressure and magnetic field effects on transport properties of ceramic and film samples (La_{0.7}Ca_{0.3})_{1-x}Mn_{1+x}O_3
D-26 Mario S. Reis Magnetic nonextensivity on CMR manganites
D-27 Stanislav S. Kucherenko Regularities of elastically anisotropy deformed mechanism of T-H-P influence on the phase transition and properties change in magnetic semiconductors
D-28 Stanislav S. Kucherenko Regularities of elastically anisotropy deformed mechanism of T-H-P influence on the phase transition and properties change in magnetic dielectrics
D-29 Renata G. ƚwirkowicz Non-equilibrium Kondo effect in a single-channel quantum dot asymmetrically coupled to two reservoirs
D-30 Jean-Claude Levy 2D freezing of magnetic nanoparticles in a perpendicular field
D-31 Alexey A. Lachinov Magnetoresistance Observation In Ferromagnet-Electroactive Polymer-Metal Junction
D-32 Anatoly A. Druzhinin Magnetoresesistance of Ge-Si whiskers in the vicinity to metal - insulator transition
D-33 Bohdan Kotlyarchuk (Cd,Hg)Te Defect Structure and its Magnetoresistive Properties, Modified by Pulse Laser Irradiation
D-34 Mehdi M. Mahmudov Magnetoresistance of semimagnetic semiconductors
D-35 Vladimir A. Khomchenko Magnetic properties of low-doped Nd1-xCaxMnO3 manganites
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