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Jaroslaw Domagala



Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics

address: al. Lotników 32/46, Warszawa, 02-668, Poland
phone: +48-22-8436601
fax: +48-22-8430926


E-MRS Fall Meeting 2003

began: 2003-09-15
ended: 2003-09-11

E-MRS Fall Meeting 2003

Lattice parameters changes of GaMnAs layers induced by annealing


  1. Bowing of epitaxial structures grown on bulk GaN substrates
  2. Catalytic growth by molecular beam epitaxy and properties of ZnTe-based semiconductor nanowires
  3. Defect distribution along needle-shaped PrVO4 single crystals grown by the slow-cooling method
  4. Defects in GaMnAs - influence of annealing and growth conditions
  5. Determination of stress in composite engineered substrates for GaN-based RF power devices
  6. Dimethylzinc and diethylzinc as precursors for monocrystalline zinc oxide grown by Atomic Layer Deposition
  7. Distribution of strain in laterally overgrown GaAs layers determined by x-ray diffraction
  8. Effect of high pressure annealing on defect structure of GaMnAs
  9. Effect of stress on structural transformations in GaMnAs
  10. GaN substrates with variable surface miscut for laser diode applications
  11. Growth and characterization of thin films of ZnO by Atomic Layer Epitaxy
  12. High-pressure phase transition and compressibility of zinc-blende HgZnSe mixed crystals
  13. Influence of high temperature annealing on the local atomic structure around Mn atoms and magnetic properties of (Ga,Mn)As layers
  14. Investigation of strain and lattice parameters distribution in epitaxial laterally overgrown InGaN/GaN structures 
  15. Lattice parameters changes of GaMnAs layers induced by annealing
  16. Liquid phase growth and characterization of laterally overgrown GaSb epitaxial layers
  17. MBE growth, structural, magnetic, and electric properties of (In,Ga)As-(Ga,Mn)As core-shell nanowires
  18. Monocrystalline character of ZnMgTe shell in the core-shell ZnTe/ZnMgTe nanowires
  19. Photoreflectance study of Ga(Bi,As) and (Ga,Mn)As epitaxial layers grown under tensile and compressive strain
  20. Quaternary (Ga,Mn)BiAs ferromagnetic semiconductor -MBE growth, structural and magnetic properties
  21. Structural inhomogenities in GdCa4O(BO3)3 single crystals
  22. Structure of Si:Mn annealed under enhanced stress conditions
  23. Surface morphology of InGaN layers
  24. X-ray Diffraction as a Tool of InGaN layer Characterization.
  25. X-ray measurements of type II InAs/GaSb superlattice in a wide angular range using the P08 beamline at PETRAIII
  26. Zinc oxide grown by Atomic Layer Deposition - a material for novel 3D electronics

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