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Thermoluminescence of doped YAlO3 crystals

Ya. Zhydachevskii 1,3A. Durygin 3A. Suchocki 3A. Matkovskii 1,5D. Sugak 1Z. Frukacz 2G. B. Loutts 4M. A. Noginov 4

1. Lviv Polytechnic National University, 12 Bandera, Lviv 79013, Ukraine
2. Institute of Electronic Materials Technology (ITME), Wólczyńska 133, Warszawa 01-919, Poland
3. Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics, al. Lotników 32/46, Warszawa 02-668, Poland
4. Norfolk State University, Center for Materials Research, Norfolk, VA 23504, United States
5. University of Rzeszow, Institute of Physics, Rejtana 16, Rzeszów 35-310, Poland


The work presents results of the thermally stimulated luminescence (TSL) studies of nominally pure YAlO3 (YAP) crystals as well as the crystals doped with various dopants (among them Ho3+, Tm3+, Mn).
Measuring of thermal glow curves in the 10-600 K temperature range after preliminary exposition with Ar+-laser light (351 nm) of Xe-lamp (UV part of spectrum) shows the presence of similar glow peaks in all the crystals studied. Namely, the glow peaks near T=175 K (E=0.48+/-0.06 eV, lns=27.8+/-4.1 s-1), T=195 K (E=0.55+/-0.03 eV, lns=28.6+/-1.9 s-1), T=205 K (E=0.68+/-0.03 eV, lns=34.5+/-1.8 s-1), T=255 K (E=0.80+/-0.05 eV, lns=32.2+/-2.4 s-1), T=360 K (E=1.35+/-0.05 eV, lns=39.1+/-1.7 s-1) and T=400 K (E=1.7+/-0.1 eV, lns=44.9+/-3.0 s-1) were observed. Besides, two (or maybe more) feebly pronounced glow peaks at T<100 K as well as the peak near T=320 K were observed in some crystals.
It was shown that the transient optical absorption of YAP crystals near 15000 cm-1 described in [1] correlates by activation energy with the low-temperature thermal glow peak at 255 K.
TSL spectra of YAP:Mn crystals correspond to intra-center luminescence of Mn4+ ions. TSL spectra of nominally pure YAP and YAP:Ho crystals also correspond to Mn4+ ions, which are present in the crystals as uncontrolled impurity and obviously act as recombination centers. Whereas TSL spectra of YAP:Tm crystals in visible region correspond to intra-center luminescence of Tm3+ ions that testifies energy transfer processes between point defects and Tm3+ ions.
The effect of preliminary annealing (T>1000 K) in reducing or oxidizing atmosphere on the TSL properties of the crystals has been studied.
On the basis of the obtained results a nature of trap centers and mechanisms of recombination are discussed.
[1] A. Matkovski, A. Durygin, A. Suchocki, et al. Optical Mater. 12 (1999) 75.


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Presentation: poster at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2003, Symposium A, by Ya. Zhydachevskii
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2003

Submitted: 2003-05-08 15:01
Revised:   2009-06-08 12:55