Nano and Advanced Materials Workshop and Fair

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Oral Anna Swiderska - Sroda   Optical oxygen sensor for safe operation  in hazardous areas

September 16th, Monday

10:00 Registration - Warsaw University of Technology: Building of Mathematics
11:00 NANOFORCE INFO DAY: Nano-particles characterisation at CePT - Witold Lojkowski
11:00 00:15:00 Oral Witold Łojkowski Nanometrology as a tool for nanotechnology problems solving
11:15 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Iwona E. Malka Iinvestigation of nanoparticles by DSC-TG methods accompanied by chemical analysis of emitted gas
11:30 00:15:00 Oral Victoria V. Tymoshenko Method of Stability Evaluation for Nanodiamond Suspension
11:45 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Anna Swiderska - Sroda Characterization of nanomaterials according to EU recommendations, on the example of ZnO nanoparticles
12:00 00:20:00 Invited oral Stanisław Gierlotka Crystallite size determination from diffraction data: a do-it-yourself tutorial.  
12:20 00:20:00 Invited oral Roman Pielaszek Reliable XRD characterization in production or high-throughput laboratory regime
12:40 LUNCH
13:40 NANOFORCE Info Day: nano-regulations, law, toxicity, nanometrology - Anna Swiderska-Sroda
13:40 Oral Joanna Sobczyk Nanoforce project, presentation of goals and achivements
13:50 00:20:00 Invited oral Paulina Porębska-Sęktas Nanomaterials' EU legislative activities - situation at 16 September 2013
14:10 00:30:00 Invited oral Krzysztof Maruszewski Regulatory Aspects of Nanomaterials
14:40 00:30:00 Invited oral Jacek Wojtal International, European and national standardization activity, review of publications and developed projects in nanotechnologies
15:10 00:30:00 Invited oral Luis Rino Nanomaterials characterization as a tool to high value-added products
16:10 NANO-FORCE info day: nano-regulations, law, toxicity - Joanna Sobczyk
16:30 00:20:00 Oral Marcin R. Jurewicz Legal aspects of nanotechnology
16:50 00:20:00 Invited oral Elżbieta J. Jankowska Potential exposure to nano-objects in the work environment
17:10 00:20:00 Invited oral Maciej M. Stępnik Toxicity testing of nanomaterials
17:30 00:20:00 Polish Research Projects Tomasz Puzyn NanoPUZZLES Project: Modelling properties, toxicity and environmental behaviour of engineered nanoparticles
18:00 NANOFORCE Info Day Poster session - Posters presented during breaks
18:00 #NF1 Poster Agnieszka Baran Legal aspects of nanotechnology in environmental protection
18:00 #NF2 Poster Elżbieta J. Jankowska Methods for testing dustiness of nanomaterials
18:00 #NF3 Poster Witold Łojkowski Polish Nanotechnology Platform - a discussion group at Linked-In
18:00 #NF5 Poster Elżbieta Krawczyk-Dembicka Nanotechnologie w gospodarce województwa podlaskiego
18:00 #NF6 Poster Elżbieta Krawczyk-Dembicka Działalność naukowo-badawcza w zakresie nanotechnologii zidentyfikowana w projekcie "Foresight technologiczny <<NT FOR Podlaskie 2020>> Regionalna strategia rozwoju nanotechnologii"
18:00 #NF7 Poster Urszula A. Mikołajczyk Release of nanometer-sized particles during abrasion of construction material
18:00 #NF8 Poster Marta Prasek Comparison of in vitro cytotoxicity of platinum nanoparticles and cisplatin against humans glioma cells line
19:00 CEPT Poster session - Posters presented during breaks
19:00 #CePT1 Poster Aleksandra E. Kędzierska [CEPT] Studies of nanoparticles size distribution
19:00 #CePT2 Poster Sylwia Kuśnieruk [CEPT] MSS synthesis of highly biocompatible nano-HAP with properties depending on the synthesis time.
19:00 #CePT4 Poster Elżbieta Pietrzykowska [CEPT] Nanohydroxyapatite-polylactide composites  for regenerative implants
19:00 #CePT5 Poster Jacek Wojnarowicz [CEPT] Studies of solubility of nanoparticles and stability of their suspension
19:00 #CePT6 Poster Jacek Wojnarowicz [CEPT] Solvothermal synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials in the Laboratory of Nanostructures for Photonics and Nanomedicine, Center of Bio-Nanomaterials
19:00 #CePT7 Poster Jacek Wojnarowicz [CEPT] Solvothermal synthesis nano zinc oxide in  microwave reactor MSS2

September 17th, Tuesday

09:00 NANOFORCE INFO DAY: Funding and future of nanotechnology - Helmut Schmid
09:00 00:20:00 Invited oral Dariusz Smoleń NanoVelos - biotechnological start-up founded by GIZA Polish Ventures. How VC fund may turn your idea into the company with a global perspective
09:20 00:20:00 Invited oral Paolo Manes NANOFORCE - promoting the successful exploitation of Nanotechnologies across Central Europe
09:40 00:20:00 Invited oral Grażyna Omarska Horizon 2020 - new programme, new approach?
10:00 00:20:00 Invited oral Mariusz Wielec Prezentacja CEZAMAT
10:20 00:20:00 Oral Joanna Ejdys Nanotechnology development strategy for Podlasie region
10:40 00:20:00 Invited oral Krzysztof J. Kurzydłowski New Research Initiatives in Poland
11:20 NANOFORCE INFO DAY: Advanced Nanotechnolgies 1 - Joanna Ejdys
11:20 00:20:00 Polish Research Projects Malgorzata Lewandowska Industrial perspectives of nanometals
11:40 00:15:00 Oral Grigory Dyakonov Nano-Titanium for medical applications
11:55 00:20:00 Invited oral Helmut Schmid Nano-Silver as Interesting Material for Various Applications
12:15 00:15:00 Oral Vitaliy V. Sadokhin Green Technology and Pilot Unit for Manufacturing of Ultra Clean Concentrated Colloids of Nano Metals
12:30 LUNCH
13:30 NANOFORCE INFO DAY: Advanced Nanotechnologies 2 - Ludmila Lipinska
13:30 00:20:00 Invited oral Aharon Gedanken Coating anti-bacterial nanoparticles on flat and curved surfaces, and fighting resistant bacteria by employing the sonochemical method
13:50 00:20:00 Invited oral Andrzej J. Mościcki Nano-inks for printing of electric circuits for microelectronic technology
14:10 00:20:00 Invited oral Eugen Rabkin Superhard metal nanoparticles: a pathway to applications?
14:30 00:20:00 Invited oral Sławomir Dudziński Application of the Ultra-Plus Zeiis FE-SEM in the study of nano and bio-nano structures
14:50 00:20:00 Polish Research Projects Adam M. Presz Scanning Electron Microscopy Investigations and Analysis of Nanostructures
15:10 00:30:00 Invited oral Bernhard Goetze Applications of Helium and Neon Ion Microscopy; from Imaging Shale Rock to Machining Graphene
16:00 NANOFORCE NANO-Deals: Advanced nanotechnologies 3 - Ludmila Kistersky
16:00 00:15:00 Oral Aneta Popławska Textile with silver nanoparticles.
16:15 00:15:00 Oral Dmytro A. Sergach Rules of creating of the double layered structure (bedding) in deformation strengthening layer in the process of titanium alloys spherical products machining
16:30 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Wiesław A. Świątnicki Production of nanocrystalline structure in steels by heat treatment process
16:45 00:20:00 Invited oral Gabriela Carja Au/anionic clays nanoarchitectonics as novel photocatalysts for hydrogen generation from water, under solar irradiation  
17:05 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Ludwika Lipińska Safe nanomaterials of spinel structure for lithium-ion secondary batteries 
17:20 00:15:00 Oral Piotr Lesiak New photonic composite materials for aircraft applications
18:00 NANO-INFO DAY POSTER SESSION - Posters presented during breaks
18:00 #P1 Poster Justyna Ciejka Studies on the inhibition mechanism of the human coronavirus NL63 replication by polycations
18:00 #P2 Poster Joanna Karaś Study of newly developed materials for use in endodontics regarding to its biocompatibility and biofunctionality
18:00 #P3 Poster Zbigniew Leżański Introduction of nanocosmetics into assortment of PPH Kosmed Zbigniew Leżański
18:00 #P4 Poster Janis Locs Control of hydroxyapatite/β-tricalcium phosphate ratio of Mg-substituted biphasic calcium phosphate
18:00 #P5 Poster Daria C. Zelasko-Leon Biofunctionalized Gold Nanorods for Enhanced Stability and Mucin-1 Targeted Cancer Theragnosis
18:00 #P6 Poster Grzegorz Szparaga Nanocomposite alginate fibres as components of composite materials for medicine
18:00 #P7 Poster Bartłomiej J. Jankiewicz Plasmonic nanostructures for applications in SERS of bacteria
18:00 #P8 Poster Adrian Mróz Intervertebral disc endoprosthesis – structure, tests, production technology and preparation for clinical applications
18:00 #P9 Poster Mateusz G. Olszyna Label free diagnostic tool based on Whispering Gallery Modes
18:00 #P10 Poster Beata D. Grobelna Synthesis and luminescence properties of Ln(III) doped Gd2(WO4)
18:00 #P11 Poster Justyna Kęczkowska Investigations of Raman Spectroscopy of C-Pd films for hydrogen sensor applications
18:00 #P12 Poster Dominik Jamioła Application of silica-metal core-shell nanostructures for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy 
18:00 #P13 Poster Dominik Jamioła Development of spherical carbon structures for carbon dioxide capture
18:00 #P14 Poster Elżbieta Megiel Polystyrene coated gold nanoparticles developed for use as an optical sensors 
18:00 #P15 Poster Tomasz Koźlecki Improved Stöber synthesis of nanosized silica in O/W microemulsion
18:00 #P16 Poster Dmitry G. Kvashnin Theoretical explanation of unzipping process of WS2 nanotubes
18:00 #P17 Poster Monika Michalska Structural and electrochemical studies on LiMn2O4 cathode material for LIBs coated with ceramic oxides
18:00 #P18 Poster Monika Michalska Synthesis of nano-Li4Ti5O12 decorated by silver nanoparticles as an anode material for lithium ion batteries
18:00 #P20 Poster Denys O. Savchenko Synthesis of graphene-like structures in hybrid organic-inorganic polymers
18:00 #P21 Poster Kamil Sobczak Studies the size of palladium nanoparticles in Pd-C films annealing at different temperatures.
18:00 #P22 Poster Karol Szczodrowski Synthesis and luminescent properties of Sr2SiO4:Eu2+ co-doped with Ti4+ ions.
18:00 #P23 Poster Maciej Wawrzyniak Current-voltage measurement system for investigation of nanocontacts
18:00 #P24 Poster Marek K. Kościelski Obtained results of selective soldering using the developed fluxes.
18:00 #P25 Poster Liliia Molotovska Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline silicon onto graphite-based materials from molten fluoride mixtures
18:00 #P27 Poster Tetiana A. Garbuz Structure and properties of superhard cBN composites with a nanostructured binding
18:00 #P28 Poster Adrian Mróz Examination of parameters of friction and wear for different mutual position of endoprosthesis elements 
18:00 #P29 Poster Sergii Nazarchuk Diamond-tungsten carbide nanocomposite
18:00 #P30 Poster Dmitry Turkevich Preparation and thermal stability of MAX-phases Ti-Al-(C,N)
18:00 #P31 Poster Mykhailo Tykhonovskyi High-pure nanostructured titanium obtained by cryogenic quasi-hydrostatic extrusion
18:00 #P32 Poster Agnieszka K. Gajewicz Nano-QSAR modelling - efficient way of predicting the toxicity of metal oxide nanoparticles to human keratinocyte cell line
18:00 #P33 Poster Zdzisław Polański Application of polymeric material as a carton surface barrier for water-vapour, water and fat
18:00 #P34 Poster Zdzisław Polański The contents of selected heavy metals in the food package’s ink and packages cellulose materials

September 18th, Wednesday

09:00 Nano-Bio, Nano-Med. - Andrei Sommer
09:00 00:10:00 Oral Witold Łojkowski Creating a Polish Nano-Bio-Technology and  Nano-Medicine Platform?
09:10 00:15:00 Invited oral Janis Locs Porous Calcium Phosphate Ceramics for Bone Tissue Replacement.
09:25 00:15:00 Oral Ilze Salma Evaluation of bioceramic bone substitutes - hydroxyapatite (HAP), tricalcium phosphate (TCP) and biphasic ceramic (HAP/TCP) in vivo
09:40 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Witold Łojkowski MSS synthesis of highly biocompatible nano-HAP and coating of 3D poymer scaffolds
09:55 00:15:00 Oral Radka Bačovská Creation organic nanofibres with the phosphazene additives
10:10 00:15:00 Oral Marek Godlewski Quantum semiconductor nanostructures for applications in biology and medicine -development and commercialisation of new generation devices for molecular diagnostics on the basis of new Polish semiconductor devices
10:25 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Anna Swiderska - Sroda Novel optical oxygen sensor for life and health protection made of nano-zirconia
11:00 Polish Research Projects: Nano-Bio technology - Radka Bacovska
11:00 00:20:00 Invited oral Andrei P. Sommer Petri Dish Generation III
11:20 00:20:00 Polish Research Projects Tomasz Ciach Biomimetic coatings for implants
11:40 00:15:00 Oral Paweł Nakielski Nanofibrous mats as a protective materials in neurosurgery
11:55 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Piotr Smektała Novel antimicrobial and biocidal filtration media
12:10 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Katarzyna Kowal BioElectricSurface Project
12:25 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Stefan Jurga Nanomaterials for drug delivery and imaging
12:40 LUNCH
13:30 NANO-FORCE NANO-DEALS. Polish Research Projects: Nano-Bio technology - Stefan Jurga
13:30 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Sabina Urbańska-Gołąb Development of resorbable sealing patch for the prevention of anastomotic leakage after colorectal cancer surgical treatment
13:45 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Anetta B. Walawska New generation barrier materials protecting man against harmful impacts of the environment - POIG 01.03.01-00-006/08 ENVIROTEX
14:00 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Katarzyna A. Wysocka-Król Synthesis of doped sol-gel nanoparticles and examination of their photophysical and biological properties
14:15 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Maria Zielecka Polymers Nanocomposites with Increased Resistance Against Microorganisms
16:00 E-MRS Plenary session

September 19th, Thursday

09:00 Opening - Jarosław Piekarski
09:10 00:20:00 Polish Research Projects Jarosław M. Piekarski Highlights on Polish participation in FP7 NMP calls
09:30 00:30:00 Invited oral Thomas Grafe The new SEM analysis reality from Bruker
10:00 Polish Research Projects: ICT applications of nanotechnologies - Łukasz Nieradko
10:00 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Anna Piotrowska InTechFun: Innovative technologies of multifunctional materials and structures for nanoelectronics, photonics, spintronics and sensor techniques
10:15 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Anna Piotrowska Pol-HEMT: AlGaN/GaN microwave HEMT transistors on monocrystalline GaN substrates
10:30 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Jacek Szade Functional materials for resistive switching memories
10:45 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Andrzej E. Kinart PRIAM - "Printable functionalities for truly autonomous, intelligent lighting and signalling systems"
11:20 Polish Research Projects: Nanomaterials in transport, construction and energy applications - Małgorzata Sopicka-Lizer
11:20 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Kazimierz Kowalski Supersonic deposition of nano-structured surfaces
11:35 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Ryszard Sitek Technology of diffusion (ZrO2+Y2O3)+Ni-Al-type composite layers deposited on the blades of aircraft engine turbines
11:50 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Kinga Jurczuk NanCore: Microcellular nanocomposite for substitution of Balsa wood and PVC core material
12:05 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Piotr Kula Graphene nanocomposite for the reversible hydrogen storage
12:20 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Katarzyna Z. Pietrzak Micro- and nanocrystalline ceramic - metal functionally graded materials for transport applications
12:35 LUNCH
13:35 Polish Research Projects: Nanotechnology-based modern materials - Katarzyna Pietrzak
13:35 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Hanna Wiśniewska Weinert NANOMINING-Development of new nanocomposites using materials from mining industry.
13:50 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Lukasz Nieradko NanoMat: The Application of Nanotechnology in Modern Materials
14:05 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Malgorzata M. Sopicka-Lizer ERA-NET project: Manufacturing and characterization of Al-based composites with ultra-fine dispersion of Si3N4 particles
14:20 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Andrzej H. Chmielarz Nano-particle products from new mineral resources in Europe
14:35 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Barbara A. Juszczyk Development of characteristic of the process for production of environmentally friendly copper alloys of controlled and high level of mechanical properties
15:10 Polish Research Projects: Nanostructures, nanomaterials and nanosensors - Ewa Jędryka
15:10 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Katarzyna Sadecka FP7 NMP Ensemble: Plasmonic materials and metamaterials by bottom-up approach – manufacturing and properties
15:25 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Marek Strzelec Laser decoration an marking of ceramic and glass products
15:40 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Arkadiusz S. Bloda  Utilization of biomass for preparation of environment-friendly materials
15:55 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Marcin Opallo BIOPHOSENS: Carbon nanomaterials based electrochemical biosensor for detection of highly toxic organophosphate pesticides
16:10 00:15:00 Polish Research Projects Dariusz Szmigiel Impact of the structural funds (POIG) initiative on microsystem technology development in Poland (MINTE and MNS-DIAG projects)
16:30 Transfer to IWC PAN, Laboratory of Nanostructures CEPT, Prymasa Tysiąclecia 98
17:15 Opening of NL 4 Laboratory of Nanostructures for Photonics and Nanomedicine CEPT: Visit to laboratory and round table discussion on perspecives of participation in research projects
17:30 Discussion on integration of Regional Research and Horison 2020 programs
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