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Nanotechnology development strategy for Podlasie region

Joanna Ejdys ,  Joannicjusz Nazarko 

Politechnika Białostocka, Wydział Zarządzania (WZPB), O. St. Tarasiuka 2, Białystok 16-001, Poland


This paper presents the results of research relating to the Podlaskie Province and concerning the key nanotechnology and research directions that will contribute to sustainable socio-economic development of the region to the highest degree, and the potential usage of nanotechnology to the benefit of the existing and new industries. This survey was carried out within the framework of the Technology Foresight "NT FOR Podlaskie 2020» Regional strategy for the development of nanotechnology project. The project was financed by the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Priority I. Research and development of new technologies, Activity 1.1. Support of scientific research for the development of knowledge-based economy, Activity 1.1.1. Research projects using foresight methods. The beneficiary of the project is the Bialystok University of Technology, and the Implementing Authority - Information Processing Centre (OPI). In line with the general methodology of the research project, the execution of the main objectives of the research was based on a panel of experts, whose task was to create, analyze and synthesize the knowledge relevant to the matter. The results of the individual panels were presented in the following monographs: · Conditions for the development of nanotechnology in the Podlaskie Province. Results of the STEEPVL and SWOT analyses, · Key nanotechnologies in the economy of the Podlaskie Province · Nano-science for the development of the Podlaskie Province · Directions of development of nanotechnology in the Podlaskie Province. Maps. Routes. Trends, · The Podlasie nanotechnology development strategy up to the year 2020, According to the authors of the «NT FOR Podlaskie 2020» project, nano-innovation may be the key to the competitiveness of the Podlasie companies and the main driver of productivity growth of the region, while at the same time protecting the unique environmental values​​. Innovative nanotechnology is an opportunity to modernize the existing endogenous potential of the region through the application of these technologies to the existing industries in the region (with high potential for its use). Implementation of the nanotechnology solutions can also influence the process of diversification of the regional specialization and build a new one. The results of the project are available at the project website


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Submitted: 2013-03-29 17:01
Revised:   2013-07-14 00:31