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Nanoforce project, presentation of goals and achivements

Joanna Sobczyk 

Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of High Pressure Physics (UNIPRESS), Sokolowska 29/37, Warszawa 01-142, Poland


Nanoforce is one of the European projects which deals with the nano-safety problem.

Thanks to OECD initiatieves and funds from European Commission, was possible realization of this project investigations. Comparisions of results and achivements of all similar projects and research which recently are performed in the 7-th Frame Program, give the possibility to have wider overview on nanotechnology responsible use.

The first step in the project it was research on current legal regulations about nanotechnology and finding out what is the situation at the moment in Central Europe countries. After completing all tasks in the project we will work out on the list of recommendations for future development of nanotechnology. Also we will try to draw the future development Road Map in time horizon of next four years.

One of the main part of the project is devoted to detection of unique nanomaterials properties by using state of the art methods of characterization. For three chosen nanomaterials nano-Ag, nano-ZnO and nanoTiO2, were made very detailed characterization with using cross-impact of the methods. To get the answer about toxicity and eco-toxicity of this nanomaterials were made some toxicological tests. Next, the Safety Data Sheets were elaborated as well as Exposure Scenarios. Report from that part of the project should include carefully described list of performed experiments, results and conclusions.

The third part is dedicated to build up financial background for future development of nanotechnological SEMs. That's for in the project was developed Nanodeals Generator to place ideas which could be finansed in the future. Detailed description about Nanotechnology Industry and companies in Central Europe were worked out as well as description of future perspectives for development. New established Technological Parks in Poland could be best place to host new SEMs.

Multidisciplinary skills and multitask work should be involved to fulfill all necesary activities in the project. Moreover, many teams like ours should add thair competencies and knowledge to answer all the open questions concerning nanotechnology.


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Submitted: 2013-07-01 19:22
Revised:   2013-07-01 19:22