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PRIAM - "Printable functionalities for truly autonomous, intelligent lighting and signalling systems"

Andrzej J. Mościcki ,  Andrzej E. Kinart ,  Anita K. Smolarek 

Amepox Microelectronics, Ltd. (AMEPOX-MC), Jaracza 6, Łódź 90-268, Poland


Project’s objective:

Seventh Framework Programme Theme 3; ICT-2009.3.3 Flexible, organic and large area electronics.

Project’s website:

Project’s start date:


Project’s end date:


The Consortium:

  1. Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A., Italy
  2. Commissariat al Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives, France
  3. Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT, Finland
  4. Microtec Gesellschaft fuer Mikrotechnologie MbH, Germany
  5. Centro Ricerche Plast-Optica Spa, Italy
  6. Amepox Microelektronics Ltd., Poland
  7. Solari di Udine S.p.A., Italy

Project’s description:

The main objective of PRIAM is the development of new autonomous road signals and lighting modules (tail lights) integrating heterogeneous functionalities on plastic foils by high throughput homogenous processes. Specifically the project addresses the development of two prototypes on a flexible substrate: energy harvesting and storage, communication, control, sensor to measure light intensity, intelligence and light emitters.

Project’s objectives:

PRIAM addresses the development of two new product families:

  • light emitting autonomous road signs;
  • autonomous car signals and taillights.

The underlying technology includes a plastic foil containing:

  • a solar cell;
  • a thin film battery;
  • solid state light sources;
  • a sensor of ambient light;
  • a Radio Frequency RF communication element;
  • an energy management processing unit.

The developed systems do not need to be connected to an external source of energy, there is no need of expensive cabling or dedicated infrastructures.

Organization’s profile:

Amepox-Microelectronics Ltd., launched in 1991, is a producer of materials for electronics and microelectronics applications. Company‘s production line includes: the highest purity silver powder and flake, formulations with silver fillers as electrically conductive adhesives, pastes and inks, thermally conductive greases and adhesives and magnetic flux conductive formulations. Amepox has many unique products like “heavy” silver powder, “heavy” copper powder, highly resistant for environment and extremely high temperature formulations or solderable formulations. The newest and the main direction of AXMC development for actual and future activity are multifunctional nanoformulations (polymer binder base formulations with nanosize of fillers) for nanotechnology purpose.

Amepox has significant achievements in this field, especially with electrically and thermally conductive nanoformulations. The organization is working with novel electrically conductive formulations for Jet Printable technology.

The organization aims to become the producer of highest purity and quality electronic materials. Amepox is working very close with several High Technical Institutes and Universities. Some of the work was presented on several international conferences and special workshops for experts for electronic industry. Amepox works very closely together with customers and is very sensitive to their requirements. We see this as a key to success. Amepox developed new technologies for preparing extremely small silver powder and several binders which could be useful for Jet-Printing techniques.

            Amepox is a small sized company but most of its employees are highly educated and with many years of experience in materials for electronic applications filed. The organization performs all types of activities, such as marketing, production, R&D and QC lab, shipment and management. We expect to increase the number of the employees by about 25% after the completion of the project.

Organization’s role in the project:

Amepox is involved in the technological development of proper electrical contacts between electro-photonic devices with inorganic light emitting nanostructures, especially with using Jet-Dispenser techniques. Moreover Amepox is involved in the development of novel packaging solutions for the proposed nanophotonic devices. Special nanoformulation for interconnection of nanostructures is connected with Jet-Printing technique, which is the best for nanosized structures. One of the main problems connected with the newest production technologies is interconnection technique in case of packaging of hi-tech circuits. This is a crucial issue, especially in case of nanosize structures. Amepox is working with this type of problems and has wide experience in this field.


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