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Comparison of in vitro cytotoxicity of platinum nanoparticles and cisplatin against humans glioma cells line

Marta Prasek 1Ewa Sawosz Chwalibóg 1Sławomir Jaworski 1Mateusz Wierzbicki 1Marta Grodzik 2

1. Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego (SGGW), Nowoursynowska 166, Warszawa 02-787, Poland
2. Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Nowoursynowska 159C, Warsaw 02-787, Poland


Background. Gliomas are the most aggressive and common primary tumors of central nervous system (CNS). Platinum based drugs are wildly use in medicine as a chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of tumors. However, the poor penetration of CNS is characteristic for drugs containing platinum and the chemotherapy based on platinum salt can be ineffective against brain tumors. Recently the new biologically active platinum nanoparticles (NP-Pt) can be useful as a therapeutics in gliomas cancer therapy.

The aim of the study was to investigate and compare the toxicity of NP-Pt and cisplatin and their proapoptotic or necrotic properties in  examination with glioma cells line (U87).

Materials & methods. NP-Pt were characterized by electron transmission microscopy (TEM). The NP-PT and cisplatin were incubated with glioma cells. The comparison the biological properties of NP-Pt  and cispatin  were evaluated through morphology, metabolic activity, viability, mortality and the type of cell death of U87 glioma cell line.

Results. NP-Pt and cisplatin are toxic to glioma cells and activated apoptosis in the U87 cell line. NP-Pt treatment activated programmed cell death without activating necrosis. The effectiveness of cisplatin and NP-Pt treatment against glioma cells were mostly at the same level.

Conclusions. The results suggest not only genotoxic and cytotoxic effect caused by NP-Pt but also the cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in NP-Pt treated cells. The comparison between effectiveness of treatment cancer cells by NP-Pt and cisplatin showed promising results for future studies. The results indicate that properties of NP-Pt might be utilized for brain cancer therapy

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Submitted: 2013-07-22 11:14
Revised:   2013-07-22 11:14