VIII Multidyscyplinarna Konferencja Nauki o Leku

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May 29th, Tuesday

19:00 Kolacja

May 30th, Wednesday

07:00 Śniadanie
09:00 Sesja wykładowa I - A. Kutner, R. Ostaszewski
09:00 00:45:00 Invited oral Janusz Obukowicz Pharmaceutical  technologies  – why do they have to be innovative
09:45 00:45:00 Invited oral Jerzy Boryski Pyrimidine nucleoside analogues with appended heterocylic ring and their antiviral properties
10:30 Przerwa na kawę
10:50 Sesja wykładowa II - Ł. Kaczmarek, T. Brodniewicz
10:50 00:45:00 Invited oral Aleksander P. Mazurek Nanotechnolgy in pharmacy and medicine – contemporary status and future perspectives
11:35 00:20:00 Oral Ewa B. Bębenek Synthesis and anticancer activity of acetylenic derivatives of betulin
11:55 00:20:00 Oral Ewelina M. Błońska-Sikora The influence of crenotherapy on glutathione level in human body.
12:15 00:20:00 Oral Teresa M. Brodniewicz Plant phenolics as new drug leads. What’s missing?  
12:35 00:20:00 Oral Tomasz Rzymski SEL-120-small molecule CDK8/9 kinase inhibitors as potential targeted therapy in colorectal cancer treatment.
12:55 Przerwa obiadowa
14:30 Sesja wykładowa III - S. Chłopicki, M. Fedoryński
14:30 00:45:00 Invited oral Jerzy Ostrowski Molecular medicine - Facts and myths
15:15 00:20:00 Oral Marcin Gawryś Impurity profiling using 2D-HPLC-IT-TOF
15:35 00:20:00 Oral Katarzyna E. Filip Genotoxic impurities in pharmaceuticals
15:55 00:20:00 Oral Marek Wasek The analysis of plant-based raw materials of the unknown origin
16:15 00:20:00 Oral Maciej Serda Iron chelators- the novel perspective in cancer treatment
16:35 Przerwa na Kawę
17:00 Sesja Posterowa I
17:00 #1 Poster Marek Bajda Novel dual target ligands derivatives of isoindoline-1,3-dione as potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
17:00 #2 Poster Krzysztof Bańkowski Physicochemical characterization of sunitinib and its impurities
17:00 #3 Poster Krzysztof Bańkowski New cyclic dermorphin analogues containing a carbonyl bridge
17:00 #4 Poster Lilianna Becan New 4,8-dihydroxy-1-oxo-6-phenyl-1,2-dihydro-2,7-naphthyridine-3-carboxylate derivatives with potential anticancer activity
17:00 #5 Poster Lilianna Becan Synthesis and in vitro anticancer evaluation of the new thiazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidines.
17:00 #6 Poster Kamil Brożewicz 1-(2-Mercaptobenzenesulfonyl)-3-hydroxyguanidines – synthesis of novel potent in vitro antiproliferatives
17:00 #7 Poster Anita Bułakowska Anitiviral activity of chalcones
17:00 #8 Poster Katarzyna Buś-Kwaśnik Comparison of bisoprolol pharmacokinetics after 10 mg oral administration of Bisocard and reference formulation to healthy subjects
17:00 #9 Poster Ewa Chodurek Effect of valproic acid and cisplatin on the proliferation of tumor cell lines A375 and C32
17:00 #10 Poster Ewa Chodurek Examination of free radicals in melanins isolated from A-375 cells exposed on valproic acid and cisplatin by EPR spectroscopy
17:00 #11 Poster Elwira Chrobak Crystal structures of betulin and its derivatives
17:00 #12 Poster Jarosław Ciekot Methods for methotrexate determination in macromolecular conjugates drug-carrier
17:00 #13 Poster Marcin Cybulski Efficient preparation of a key intermediate in the exemestane synthesis
17:00 #14 Poster Katarzyna E. Filip Investigation of unknown impurities in cyclic dermorphin analogue by HPLC-MS
17:00 #15 Poster Beata Filip-Psurska Vitamin D analogs enhance the activity of imatinib mesylate in human non-small cell lung cancer model
17:00 #16 Poster Edyta Gilant Validated HPLC method for the determination of temozolomide in human plasma
17:00 #18 Poster Tomasz Giller Synthesis of potential impurities of loteprednol etabonate and methods for chemical purity determination
17:00 #19 Poster Katarzyna Gobis Synthesis and tuberculostatic activity of novel 2-(2-cyclohexylethyl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazoles
17:00 #20 Poster Katarzyna Komor The role of a sugar moiety in new genitein derivatives affecting proliferation and apoptosis of cancer cells
17:00 #21 Poster Waldemar Goldeman Synthesis and anti-proliferative activity of selected aromatic bis(aminomethylidenebisphosphonic) acids
17:00 #22 Poster Tomasz M. Goszczyński Anticancer activity of the conjugates:  modified fibrinogen – methotrexate.
17:00 #23 Poster Marta Grec The immunochemical studies of the glycinated glycoconjugates based on synthetic thioglycosides as mimic factors of bacterial endotoxins using in the polysaccharide vaccines preparation
17:00 #24 Poster Marta Grec Synthesis of galactothiophosphoesters of uridine and preliminary tests to evaluate their activity against selected glycosyltransferases
17:00 #25 Poster Arkadiusz R. Gruchlik Polyunsaturated fatty acids inhibit melanoma cell growth in vitro
17:00 #26 Poster Arkadiusz R. Gruchlik Effect of Gly-Gly-His, Gly-His-Lys and their copper complexes on the TNF-α – dependent IL-6 secretion in normal human dermal fibroblasts
17:00 #27 Poster Monika K. Grudzień Molecular properties of antifungal agents – Impact on bioavailability – The Biopharmaceutics Classification System
17:00 #28 Poster Mariusz M. Gruza Preparation of protoaescigenin from escin.
17:00 #29 Poster Krystyna Gryz Experience of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products in assessment of quality of medicinal products
17:00 #30 Poster Przemysław Hahn Enzymatic synthesis of beta-2-deoxy-D-galactopyrano- sides from glycals
17:00 #31 Poster Grzegorz Huszcza Manufacturing of modified release tablets
17:00 #32 Poster Michał Jadwiński Glycosyl thiocarbamates in orthogonal synthesis of oligosaccharides
17:00 #33 Poster Małgorzata Jarończyk On tautomerism of the pyridodiazepines. A DFT study.
17:00 #34 Poster Magdalena Jezierska-Zięba An improved preparation of 3,5-bis(2-cyanoisopro- pyl)toluene - key intermediate in Anastrozole synthesis
17:00 #35 Poster Anna Jończyk Application of silica-bonded ovomucoin protein chiral stationary phase for the determination of paroxetine, clinically used psychotropic drug
17:00 #36 Poster Kamil K. Kamiński Preliminary studies on a new way of nucleic acids extraction using hydrogel microsphere
17:00 #37 Poster Krzysztof Kamiński Design, synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of new N-Mannich bases derived from 3-phenylpyrrolidine-  2,5-diones
17:00 #38 Poster Małgorzata Kapral The effect of inositol hexaphosphate on the transcriptional activity of genes encoding metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors in colon cancer cellsstimulated with phorbol-12-myristate 13-acetate
17:00 #39 Poster Małgorzata Kapral Modulation of the expression of genes encoding TGF-β isoforms and their receptors by inositol hexaphosphate in human colon cancer cells
17:00 #40 Poster Michał Kaza Bioequivalence study of 500 mg cefuroxime film-coated tablets in healthy volunteers
17:00 #41 Poster Katarzyna Kempińska Interaction of endotoxin and polymyxin B in B16 mouse melanoma model of metatstasis
17:00 #42 Poster Gabriela Kłaczkow Search for Huntington's disease biomarkers - amino acid profile analysis using HPLC method
17:00 #43 Poster Szymon Kłossowski Synthesis of marker compounds for detailed explanation the mechanism of anticancer activity of peptidomimetics with β-acyloxymethacrylic fragment
17:00 #44 Poster Roman Komor Application of different α-1-thioglycosides preparation methods in synthesis of 5-nitro-pyridyl 1-thioglycosides - substrates in construction of conjugates with uridine moiety
17:00 #45 Poster Roman Komor The biological activity of sugar derivatives based on quinoline scaffold
17:00 #46 Poster Marek T. Konieczny Synthesis of new class of cytotoxic chalcone derivatives
17:00 #47 Poster Mirosława Koronkiewicz Proapoptotic effects of new pentabromobenzylisothioureas and CK2 inhibitor in prostate adenocarcinoma cell line
17:00 #48 Poster Monika Kosińska HPLC method for determination of the enantiomeric purity of a new ω chain aldehyde synthon used in the synthesis of travoprost
17:00 #49 Poster Konrad Kowalski ESI-MS/MS techniques for structural analysis of boron clusters
17:00 #50 Poster Wojciech Cybulski Vaccines for swine authorized on Polish market in 2008 and 2009-change of trends after harmonization according to EU pharmaceutical codex
17:00 #51 Poster Wojciech Cybulski Karl Fisher determination of a residual moisture in veterinary vaccines - practical implementation in market monitoring
17:00 #52 Poster Hanna Kruszewska Examination of antimicrobial activity of selected non-antibiotic products
17:00 #53 Poster Elżbieta S. Kublin Examination of optical isomerism - compounds of antihypertensive effects.
17:00 #54 Poster Ewa Leciejewicz-Ziemecka Actualities of the European Pharmacopoeia in the Polish Pharmacopoeia
17:00 #55 Poster Grzegorz Lipner An application of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) in pediatric clinical studies. Paracetamol, midazolam and spironolactone radiosynthesis and certification.
17:00 #56 Poster Grzegorz Lipner An improved process for the preparation of 2-amino-N-tert-butyl-2-cyanoamide hydrochlorie.
17:00 #57 Poster Małgorzata Lisowska Kuźmicz Application of amylose tris(3,5dimethylphenyl- carbamate) chiral stationary phase for the determination of paroxetine, clinically used psychotropic drug
17:00 #58 Poster Wojciech Łuniewski Assessment of selected synthesis of bosentan towards elimination of known impurities.
17:00 #59 Poster Marcin Mączyński Searchıng for new ısoxazole derıvatıves wıth potentıal ımmunorestorıng actıvıty
17:00 #60 Poster Marta Majewska Application of HPLC for studying purity, content and release profile of temozolomide capsules
17:00 #61 Poster Jadwiga Maniewska The influence of fluphenazine and its newly synthesized derivatives on the properties of liposomal membranes
17:00 #62 Poster Aleksander P. Mazurek On Substituent Effect in the on the Benzodiazepinone System
17:00 #63 Poster Magdalena Milczarek Colon cancer treatment with the use of vitamin D analogs and irinotecan 
17:00 #64 Poster Małgorzata Milczarek Sulforaphane modulates MRP expression and activity in Caco-2 cells
17:00 #65 Poster Małgorzata Milczarek The combined effect of 5-fluorouracil and sulforaphane in prostate cancer cell line
17:00 #66 Poster Bożena Modzelewska-Banachiewicz Biological activities of new amidrazone derivative and its copper (II) complex
17:00 #125 Poster Jolanta Dyniewicz Development of new multitarget GPCRs ligands (opioid agonist- tachykinin antagonist).
17:00 #126 Poster Renata Jachowicz Methods of pharmaceutical availability enhancement
17:00 #127 Poster Edyta Kuśmierz  Structure-activity relationship studies of 1-diphenylacetyl-4-aryl/alkyl thiosemicarbazides.
17:00 #128 Poster Joanna Matalińska Anticancer properties of hair proteins digestive peptides
18:30 BREAK
19:30 Kolacja konferencyjna - Oprawa muzyczna Kwartet smyczkowy AQuartet Gwiazda wieczoru Michał Czachowski - gitara flamenko z Zespołem Viva Flamenco - Restauracja Starówka

May 31st, Thursday

07:00 Śniadanie
09:00 Sesja wykładowa IV - Z. Leśnikowski, R. Jachowicz
09:00 00:45:00 Invited oral Matthias Bochtler The link between CpG methylation and depletion and a new CpG specific methyltransferase
09:45 LECTURE - Z. Leśnikowski, R. Jachowicz - Sesja wykładowa IV
10:30 Przerwa na kawę
10:50 Sesja wykładowa V - Z. Kamiński, Z. Lipkowska
10:50 00:45:00 Invited oral Zbigniew J. Leśnikowski New trends in search for bioactive compounds: EU-OPENSCREEN and boron clusters.
11:35 00:20:00 Oral Maria Puchalska Development and validation of HPLC method. Review of selected cases.
11:55 00:20:00 Oral Monika Lamparska-Przybysz CPL-200-075, a novel potent renal sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor
12:15 00:20:00 Oral Kamil K. Kamiński Dextran-based materials reducing anticoagulant activity of heparin in animal models in vitro and in vivo
12:35 00:20:00 Oral Robert Musiol Quinoline based antifungals
12:55 Przerwa obiadowa
14:30 Sesja wykładowa VI - W. Szeja, W. Szczepek
14:30 00:45:00 Invited oral Stefan Chłopicki Experimental pharmacology of endothelium: MNA/COX-2/PGI2 pathway
15:15 00:20:00 Oral Zofia Lipkowska Supramolecular assembly and properties of dendrimeric peptide mimics
15:35 00:20:00 Oral Dorota Maciejewska The molecularly imprinted polymers as selective  sorbents to pharmaceutical analyses
15:55 00:20:00 Oral Katarzyna Sidoryk Synthesis and biological evaluation of new amino acid and dipeptide derivatives of neocryptolepine as anticancer agents. 
16:15 00:20:00 Oral Filip Stefaniak Design and development of CPL-407-22 – novel, potent and selective JAK2 protein kinase inhibitor.
16:35 Przerwa na kawę
17:00 Sesja posterowa II
17:00 #67 Poster Barbara Kąkol Application of Corona detector for analysis of 4-cyclohexyl-(S)-proline – key intermediate in Fosinopril synthesis
17:00 #68 Poster Ewelina Czerniec-Michalik HPLC methods for in–process control and chemical purity determination of olopatadine
17:00 #69 Poster Bożena Modzelewska-Banachiewicz Anti-inflammatory activity of novel hydrazide derivatives
17:00 #70 Poster Jacek Musijowski Development and validation of a liquid chromatography / single quadrupole mass spectrometry method for the determination of aripiprazole in human plasma
17:00 #71 Poster Anna Nasulewicz-Goldeman Biological activity of naphthyl-1,5-diamino-bis (methylidenebisphosphonic) acid – a new bisphosphonate
17:00 #72 Poster Beata Naumczuk Molecular complexes of topo I and topo II inhibitors from camptothecin and flavonoid families with model DNA oligomers. Search from sequence specific binding. Verification of biological assay on atomic coordinates level.
17:00 #73 Poster Anna Nowicka Synthesis of new 2-aminobenzimidazole derivatives. Reaction of 2-arylideneaminobenzimidazole with selected nitriles containing active methylene group.
17:00 #74 Poster Jolanta Obniska Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of new 5-(cyclo)alkyl-5-phenyl-imidazolidine-2,4-diones derivatives with arylpiperazinylpropyl moiety
17:00 #75 Poster Jolanta Obniska Synthesis, anticonvulsant activity and 5-HT1A/5-HT7 receptors affinity of new 1-[(4-substituted-  piperazin-1-yl)-alkyl]- 3-methyl- 3-(2-methylpropyl)-pyrrolidine- 2,5-diones
17:00 #76 Poster Kinga Ostrowska Microwave-assisted synthesis and antimicrobial activity of O-alkylamino derivatives of benzofurancarboxylic acids
17:00 #77 Poster Katarzyna Papaj Comparison of biological activity and stability of selected C-glycosidic and O-glycosidic genistein derivatives
17:00 #78 Poster Beata Parfiniewicz Impact of celecoxib on soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (sICAM-1) and soluble E-cadherin (sE-cadherin) concentrations in human colon cancer cell line cultures exposed to phytic acid (IP6) and TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor-alpha)
17:00 #79 Poster Beata Parfiniewicz The influence of TNF-α (tumor necrosis factor - alpha) on concentration of soluble adhesion molecules in cultures of HT-29 cells exposed to inositol hexaphosphate (IP6)
17:00 #80 Poster Jadwiga Paszkowska Synthesis and evaluation of inhibitory activity of novel C-5 substituted uridine derivatives
17:00 #81 Poster Edyta B. Pesta-Dynda Comparative permeation studies of tacalcitol through the human skin from brand product versus generic product
17:00 #82 Poster Edyta Piórkowska Determination of Sunitinib in human plasma using LC/MS
17:00 #83 Poster Anita Płazińska Y308 is a key residue of the β2-adrenoceptor to distinguish the Gs selective derivatives of fenoterol
17:00 #84 Poster Mateusz Psurski Naturally occurring hydroxyalkyl isothiocyanates and isothiocyanatoalkyl benzoates - structure-activity and structure-mechanism of action relationship studies.
17:00 #85 Poster Mateusz Psurski Novel bifunctional synthetic isothiocyanates with high antiproliferative activity
17:00 #86 Poster Agata Ptaszek-Budniok Tiocarbamates derivatives of p-nitrobenzyl alcohol as donors in the synthesis of glycoconjugates
17:00 #87 Poster Andrzej Regiec Synthesis and cytotoxic activity of new Pt (II) complexes with nitropyrazoles in aerobic and hypoxic conditions
17:00 #88 Poster Andrzej Regiec New method of obtaining of 2-cyano- 3-alkoxy- 2-butenoates
17:00 #89 Poster Anna Rosa Development and validation of the HPLC-UV method for impurities determination in duloxetine hydrochloride
17:00 #90 Poster Ewa Sawicka Role of estradiol in chromium-induced oxidative stress
17:00 #91 Poster Ewa Sawicka New form of coenzyme Q10 (PureSorb-QTM40) inhibits free radicals processes caused by cisplatin.
17:00 #92 Poster Katarzyna Sidoryk 5H-indolo-[2,3-b]quinolines loaded polymeric micelles
17:00 #93 Poster Agata Siwek Fungal N-myristoyltransferase as potential target for thiosemicarbazide-based compounds
17:00 #94 Poster Jarosław J. Sławiński Synthesis and antitumor activity of novel 2 alkylthio-N-(4-R-quinazolin-2-yl)benzenesulfonamides
17:00 #95 Poster Jarosław J. Sławiński Synthesis of novel 4-substituted pyridine-3-sulfonamide derivatives with potential anticancer activity
17:00 #96 Poster Urszula Śliwińska-Hill Interaction of an potential copper(I) radiopharmaceuticals with human serum albumin
17:00 #97 Poster Marta K. Sowińska Novel amphiphilic dendrimers as antibacterial and antitumoral agents.
17:00 #98 Poster Elżbieta U. Stolarczyk Development and validation of GCMS method for the control of ethyl and izopropyl methanesulphonates in pharmaceutical substance in a form of mesilate
17:00 #99 Poster Piotr Świątek New isothiazolopyridines and their in vitro antibacterial activity
17:00 #100 Poster Piotr Świątek The interaction of new fluphenazine analogues with lipid membrane
17:00 #101 Poster Piotr Świerk Synthesis and in vitro screening of antiproliferative activity of C-glycosides, the derivatives of genistein and daidzein in selected cancer cell lines
17:00 #102 Poster Elżbieta Szacoń New 1-aryl-6-benzyl imidazo[1,2-a][1,3,5]triazines with potential pharmacological activity.
17:00 #103 Poster Elżbieta Szacoń Synthesis of new 1-(1-arylimidazolin-2-ylo)-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)urea derivatives.
17:00 #104 Poster Wojciech J. Szczepek Distinguishing between polymorphic forms of linezolid by solid-phase electronic and vibrational circular dichroism
17:00 #105 Poster Berenika Szczęśniak-Sięga Synthesis of N-substituted benzo-1,2-thiazine 1,1-dioxide derivatives with potential anti-inflammatory activity
17:00 #106 Poster Berenika Szczęśniak-Sięga New Mannich bases of N-substituted 1H-pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyridine-1,3(2H)-diones and their biological properties
17:00 #107 Poster Bożena Szermer-Olearnik Preparation of endotoxin-free bacteriophages from bacterial lysate
17:00 #108 Poster Marek Wasek Exposure to ionizing radiation of workers in Poland
17:00 #109 Poster Joanna M. Wawszczyk Phytic acid down-regulates IL-8 secretion from IL-1β stimulated colonic epithelial cells by influencing mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway.
17:00 #110 Poster Joanna M. Wawszczyk Effect of phytic acid on the expression of IL-6, IL-8 and NFkB in human colonic epithelial cells treated with IL-1β  
17:00 #111 Poster Katarzyna Wiglusz The transport of active antineoplastic complexes of Pt(II) by human serum albumin.
17:00 #112 Poster Katarzyna Wiktorska Formation of Caco-2 monolayer - model for the prediction of intestinal drug absorption; method validation.
17:00 #113 Poster Daniel Wolny Comparison of dissolution profiles of theophylline extended-release dosage forms
17:00 #114 Poster Daniel Wolny The effects of 300 mT static magnetic field on IL-6 secretion in normal human colon myofibroblasts
17:00 #115 Poster Piotr Wroczyński Contribution of ALDH1A1 isozyme to detoxification of aldehydes present in food products.
17:00 #116 Poster Piotr Wroczyński Inactivation of salivary aldehyde dehydrogenase-influence of antioxidant status in saliva collected in the morning and in the afternoon from smokers and no-smokers.
17:00 #117 Poster Monika Wujec Microbiologically active Mannich bases derived from 1,2,4-triazoles. The effect of C-5 substituent on antibacterial activity.
17:00 #118 Poster Paweł Zajdel The multiobjective based design, synthesis and evaluation of the arylsulfonamide/amide derivatives of arylxyethyl- and arylthioethyl- piperidines and pyrrolidines as a novel class of potent 5-HT7 receptor antagonists
17:00 #119 Poster Paweł Zajdel The highly versatile handle for synthesis of secondary amine derivatives with potential CNS activity: The Pipecolic Linker
17:00 #120 Poster Lucjusz Zaprutko 3-(egzo)-ene-Derivatives of oleanolic acid as perspective compounds with valuable pharmacological activities
17:00 #121 Poster Lucjusz Zaprutko The new azole connections as potential biologically active agents
17:00 #122 Poster Aleksandra A. Zdeb  "Eye Drops - requirements for the product and specifics of production"
17:00 #123 Poster Paulina Zielińska Effects D-tryptophan substitutions on the activity and toxicity of antimicrobial dendrimers
17:00 #124 Poster Beata Żołnowska Synthesis of a new series of heteroaryl 4-chloro- 2-mercaptophenylsulfonylisothiourea derivatives with potential antitumor activity
17:00 #129 Poster Katarzyna Koprek Practical advantages of Microflow-UHPLC
18:30 Czas wolny
19:30 Piknik

June 1st, Friday

07:00 Śniadanie
08:40 Sesja wykładowa VII - A. Mazurek, D. Maciejewska
08:40 00:20:00 Oral Ryszard Ostaszewski Studies toward Novel Peptidomimetc Inhibitors of Thioredoxin-Thiredoxin Reductase System
09:00 00:45:00 Invited oral Wiesław Szeja Sugars in new drug design. Sugar moiety structure as a principal determinant of antitumor glycoconjugates biological activity.
09:45 00:45:00 Invited oral Mariusz Kondrat Legal protection of borderline products in reference to food supplements and pharmaceuticals.
10:30 Przerwa na kawę
10:50 Sesja wykładowa VIII - P. Zajdel, K. Sidoryk
10:50 00:45:00 Invited oral Lech Kozerski Molecular complexes of topo I and II inhibitors from camptothecin and flavonoid families with model DNA oligomers. Search for sequence specific binding. Verification of biological assays on atomic coordinates level. 
11:35 00:45:00 Invited oral Bartłomiej Furman Diastereoselective Synthesis of β-Lactams via Kinugasa Reaction
12:20 00:20:00 Oral Michał Fedoryński Synthesis of trans-4-cyclohexyl-(S)-proline - an intermediate in Fosinopril process
12:40 00:20:00 Oral Anita Płazińska Differential aspects of molecular interactions fenoterol stereoisomers and derivatives with the β2-adrenergic receptor
13:00 Przerwa obiadowa
14:30 Sesja wykładowa IX - B.Furman, M. Lamparska-Przybysz
14:30 00:45:00 Invited oral Piotr Pawluć Application of the Silylative Coupling Reaction in Organic Synthesis
15:15 00:20:00 Oral Elżbieta Hejchman Synthesis and anticancer properties of coumarin gallates
15:35 00:20:00 Oral Katarzyna Wiktorska Sulforaphane - a modulator of detoxifying enzymes can alter medicines effectiveness.
15:55 00:20:00 Oral Anna Mrozek-Wilczkiewicz Studies on anticancer iron chelators
16:15 00:20:00 Oral Piotr J. Rudzki Validation of bioanalytical methods according to new European Medicines Agency guideline
16:35 00:20:00 Oral Andrzej Kutner A novel convergent synthesis of the prostaglandin F analogues
16:55 Czas wolny
19:00 Kolacja

June 2nd, Saturday

07:00 Śniadanie
09:00 Odjazd autokarów do Warszawy
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