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The effects of 300 mT static magnetic field on IL-6 secretion in normal human colon myofibroblasts

Arkadiusz R. Gruchlik ,  Adam Wilczok ,  Ewa Chodurek ,  Daniel Wolny ,  Zofia Dzierżewicz 

Department of Biopharmacy, Medical University of Silesia, Narcyzów 1, Sosnowiec 41-200, Poland


Intestinal subepithelial myofibroblasts play crucial role in the growth and development of the intestine. Colitis, small bowel injury, gastric ulcer disease and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) accompany the increase of number of activated myofibroblasts [1]. EMF therapy because of its anti-inflammatory properties may be used in medicine in IBD treatment [2]. This mechanism has not been elucidated yet.

In the present work normal human colon myofibroblasts CCD-18Co were exposed to SMF with a flux density of 300 mT. After 24 h incubation TNF-α – dependent IL-6 secretion was determined with ELISA kit (R&D Systems).The influence of magnetic field and its effect on cell proliferation were determined with TOX-2 (In Vitro Toxicology Assay Kit XTT Based, TOX-2, Sigma) and CyQUANT® NF cell proliferation assay kit (Molecular Probes).

It was shown that SMF inhibited TNF-α – dependent IL-6 secretion. The observed effects were statistically significant and depended on the time of incubation. Moreover, SMF triggered cell proliferation whereas it did not alter cell viability.

IL-6 belongs to pro-inflammatory cytokines family and plays a crucial role in IBD [3].

Inhibition of IL-6 secretion by SMF and lack of its cytotoxic effect seems to be advantageous whilst SMF is implicated in the treatment of inflammatory diseases associated by increase in number of activated myofibroblasts.


[1] Andoh A, Bamba S, Fujiyama Y, Brittan M, Wright NA. Colonic subepithelial myofibroblasts in mucosal inflammation and repair: contribution of bone marrow-derived stem cells to the gut regenerative response. J Gastroenterol 2005; 40:1089‑1099.

[2] Lushnikov KV, Shumilina YV, Yakushina VS, Gapeev AB, Sadovnikov VB, Chemeris NK. Effects of low-intensity ultrahigh frequency electromagnetic radiation on inflammatory processes. Bull Exp Biol Med 2004; 137:364-366.

[3] Raddatz D, Bockemühl M, Ramadori G. Quantitative measurement of cytokine mRNA in infl ammatory bowel disease: relation to clinical and endoscopic activity and outcome. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol 2005; 17:547-557.   


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