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Effect of Gly-Gly-His, Gly-His-Lys and their copper complexes on the TNF-α – dependent IL-6 secretion in normal human dermal fibroblasts

Arkadiusz R. Gruchlik 1Ewa Chodurek 1Magdalena E. Jurzak 2Zofia Dzierżewicz 1

1. Department of Biopharmacy, Medical University of Silesia, Narcyzów 1, Sosnowiec 41-200, Poland
2. Department of Cosmetology, Medical University of Silesia., Kasztanowa 3, Sosnowiec 41-200, Poland


Cosmeceuticals represent a marriage between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals [1] There are numerous cosmeceutically active products which can be broadly classified into the following categories: antioxidants, oligopeptides, growth factors and pigment lightning agents [2]. Much attention has been focused on the tripeptides such as Gly-His-Lys (GHK) and Gly-Gly-His (GGH) and their copper complexes, which have a high activity and good skin tolerance. Recent data suggested their physiological role in process of wound healing, tissue repair and skin inflammation [3]. The mechanism of anti-inflammatory properties of these peptides is not clear. The aim of the study was evaluation of influence of two peptides GGH, GHK and their copper complexes and saccharomyces/copper ferment (Oligolides ® Copper) on secretion of pro-inflammatory IL-6 in normal human dermal fibroblasts NHDF cell line. IL-6 was evaluated using the ELISA kit. GGH, GHK, CuCl2 and their copper complexes decreased TNF-α - dependent IL-6 secretion in fibroblasts. IL-6 is crucial for normal wound healing, skin inflammation and UVB-induced erythema [4]. Because of the anti-inflammatory properties the copper-peptides could be used on the skin surface instead of corticosteroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which have more side effects. Our observations provide some new information about the role of these tripeptides in skin inflammation.

[1] Namjoshi S, Caccetta R, Benson HA. Skin peptides: biological activity and therapeutic opportunities. J Pharm Sci 2008; 97 (7):2524-2542.
[2] Choi CM, Berson DS. Cosmeceuticals. Semin Cutan Med Surg 2006; 25 (3):163-168.
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[4] Reeve VE, Tyrrell RM, Allanson M, Domanski D, Blyth L. The role of interleukin-6 in UVA protection against UVB-induced immunosuppression. J Invest Dermatol 2009; 129(6):1539-46.


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Submitted: 2012-03-06 11:18
Revised:   2012-03-12 12:57