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Distinguishing between polymorphic forms of linezolid by solid-phase electronic and vibrational circular dichroism

Wojciech J. Szczepek 1Jadwiga Frelek 2Marcin Górecki 2Marta Łaszcz 1Agata Suszczyńska 2Elemer Vass 3

1. Pharmaceutical Research Institute (IF), Rydygiera 8, Warszawa 01-793, Poland
2. Institute of Organic chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (ICHOPAS), Kasprzaka 44/52, Warsaw 01-224, Poland
3. Eötvös University, Institute of Chemistry, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/A, Budapest H-1117, Hungary


abstract.JPGFor the first time two crystalline forms of the same compound (linezolid polymorphs) were investigated by means of the solid-phase ECD and VCD spectra [1]. The ECD spectra show distinct differences and the band at 221 nm serves as a diagnostic one because it is present in form II but absent in form III. The VCD spectra strongly differ in the diagnostic carbonyl absorption range exhibiting two relatively strong bands of opposite signs. The results obtained for linezolid clearly demonstrate the usefulness of solid-phase circular dichroism spectroscopy as a new and valuable tool for distinguishing polymorphic forms of chiral compounds.

[1] J. Frelek, M. Górecki, M. Łaszcz, A. Suszczyńska, E. Vass, W.J. Szczepek, Chem. Commun., DOI: 10.1039/C2CC31207G 


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Submitted: 2012-03-07 08:17
Revised:   2012-03-13 12:01