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Fabrication and micro-structure characterization of Al2O3/Ni-P composites with interpenetrating phases

Jakub Michalski 1Tomasz Wejrzanowski 1Stanisław Gierlotka 3Jerzy Bieliński 2Katarzyna Konopka Tomaz Kosmac 4Krzysztof J. Kurzydlowski 1

1. Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering (InMat), Wołoska 141, Warszawa 02-507, Poland
2. Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Noakowskiego 3, Warszawa 00-664, Poland
3. Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of High Pressure Physics (UNIPRESS), Sokolowska 29/37, Warszawa 01-142, Poland
4. Josef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Slovenia


Fabrication of 3D interpenetrating ceramic-metal composites through the use of high pressure sintering of ceramic powder coated with Ni-P nanoparticles using electroless chemical plating is be reported. Electroless nickel plating method was used to produce nanometric layer of Ni-P spherical nanoparticles (size range approximately 20-50 nm) on the entire grain surface of the ceramic powder. The coated powders were consolidated via hot pressing (HP) process and pressureless sintering after cold isostatic pressing (CIP) process. SEM, TEM and XRD techniques were used to investigate the influence of the consolidation conditions (temperature and pressure) on the microstructure of composites and in particular the morphology of metallic Ni-P phase. The homogeneity of the interpenetrating network structure was measured via computer image analysis and compared with the results of resistance measurements. The results indicate that the use of electroless nickel plating and high pressure during the consolidation process allows for fabrication of uniform 3D interpenetrating continuous metal ceramic composites. The metal phase fully fills the space between alumina grains (open and closed pores). Depending on the consolidation conditions it is possible to obtain dense or porous materials where the metal phase could have nano or micro structure.


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Presentation: oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2005, Symposium I, by Jakub Michalski
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2005

Submitted: 2005-05-20 21:05
Revised:   2009-06-07 00:44