E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006

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Presenting person
A/PII.01 Mario Barozzi Analytical methodology development for SRO chemical physical characterization.
A/PI.01 Juan Carlos Sánchez-López Synthesis and tribological properties of nanostructured WC/a-C coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering
A/PI.02 Rafał M. Nowak Amorphous carbon layers on polymeric substrates.
A/PII.02 Aleksandra Turković GISAXS study of temperature evolution in nanostructured CeVO4 films
A/PI.03 Rosendo Sanjines Fiber texture dependence of the anisotropic residual stress state induced by lattice distortion in arc-evaporated Ti60Al40N thin films
A/PII.03 Xupin Zhuang Preparation and Characteristics of the Fe3O4 Nanoparticle/Chitosan Composite Microspheres
A/PI.04 Raphaël Foschia Dynamic Nanoindentation Spectroscopy and Microscopy on thin polymer films
A/PII.04 Łukasz Zięba Surface investigations of TiN layers on different substrates
A/PI.05 Anna Gajewska - Midziałek The influence of the structure of the nanocomposite Ni-PTFE coatings on the corrosion properties
A/PII.05 Agnieszka Radziszewska Preparation and microstructure of Al-Mg thin films deposited by PLD
A/PI.06 Jean Paul Riviere Residual stresses in TiN-Ni nanocomposite coatings deposited by reactive ion beam assisted deposition
A/PII.06 Juan Rubio-Zuazo Structural, electronic and chemical properties by simultaneous combination of X-Ray diffraction (XRD) and Hard X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES, up to 15KeV)
A/PI.07 Marian Kubisztal Young modulus and adhesion coefficient of Ni+Mo composite layers on metallic substrate
A/PII.07 Karol Kyzioł Stability of a-CNx:H layers deposited by plasma enhanced CVD
A/PII.08 Joanna Panek Electrochemical production and characterization of Ni-based composite coatings containing Mo powder
A/PI.08 Xupin Zhuang Preparation and Properties of Chitosan and Silicon Dioxide Nano-composite Film
A/PI.09 Tetyana A. Savchuk Magneto-optical Faraday effect in composite films containing semiconductor nanoparticles
A/PII.09 Elias Stathatos Study of Organic-Inorganic nanocomposite materials and nanostructured metal oxides as efficient adsorbants for water treatment.
A/PII.10 Angeliki Lekatou Aqueous Corrosion Behaviour of Fe-Ni-B Nanostructured Alloys
A/PI.10 Aude Pélisson Optically Transparent Coatings of Al-Si-N for Wear Protection
A/PI.11 David Babonneau Self-organization and optical response of silver nanoparticles dispersed in a dielectric matrix
A/PII.11 Maria Jurzecka Amorphous a-SixNy:H layers on silicon substrate for application in solar cells.
A/PI.12 Ilze Aulika Characterization of structural and optical properties of nanopatterned polar thin films
A/PII.12 Marius Volmer Electrical characterisation of magnetoresistive sensors based on AMR and GMR effects used for lab-on-a-chip applications
A/PII.13 Wang Chen-Chan A low-voltage-operative nanocrystal memory made with high-k control oxide
A/PI.13 Oleg Yeshchenko Structure and Optical Spectra of Cu Nanoparticles in Silica Matrix
A/PII.14 Salzitsa Anastasova Influence on the precursors nature on the morphology and optical properties of Ru(II) containing thin film used as oxygen sensor
A/PII.15 Yan-Kai Chiou A comparative studies of atomic-layer-deposited Hf-based thin films for high-k gate dielectric applications
A/PI.15 Nikolaos P. Kalfagiannis Color dependency on optical and electronic properties of TiN thin films
A/PII.16 KyongTae Kang Mg-doped Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 gate dielectrics for low voltage operating ZnO transparent transistor on polymer substrate
A/PI.16 Wojciech R. Starosta Template Synthesis of Nanomaterials Inside the Pores of Track-Etched Membranes
A/PII.17 Anatolii Bakhtinov The formation of homogenous ultradence arrays of PbTe quantum dots on strained BaF2 surface
A/PI.18 Sławomir Kąc Al-Fe-Cu surface layers obtained by PLD technique
A/PII.18 Mi-Hwa Lim Room temperature fabricated ZnO thin film transistors with MgO coated Bi1.5Zn1.0Nb1.5O7 gate insulator
A/PI.19 Agustin R. González-Elipe Composite nanofibers formed at low temperature by plasma deposition
A/PII.19 Jerzy Morgiel Microstructure and micro mechanical properties of multilayer Cr/CrN, PLD coatings
A/PI.20 Olena Chukhrai Annealing ambient effect of the phase formation in the Ni(10nm)/C(2nm)/Si(001) thin film system
A/PII.20 Hayo Zutz Self-organized nanoscale multilayer growth during the deposition of hyperthermal species
A/PI.21 Arvaidas Galdikas Non-monotonous surface morphology of YSZ thin films deposited by e-beam technique: experiment and modeling
A/PII.21 Adam Tokarz Structure, Hardness and Thermal Stability of Electrodeposited Cu/Ni Nanostructured Multilayers
A/PI.22 Sing Yang Chiam Coverage dependent reaction of yttrium on silicon
A/PII.23 Michał Ćwil SIMS depth profiling of thin nitride- and carbide-based films for hard coating
A/PI.23 Mehdi Ranjbar Pulsed laser deposition of nanostructured tungsten oxide thin films for optical gas sensor applications
A/PII.24 Jerzy Ciosek Metastable Phase and Structural Transitions of Superthin Ti/Si and TiN/SiN Multilayers
A/PI.24 Gennaro Conte AC transport properties of Nanocrystalline CsPbBr3
A/PII.25 Mariana T. Braic Multilayer coatings of TiNiNb shape memory alloys
A/PI.25 Anne-Katrin Nix Electronic properties of graphite-like ion tracks in insulating tetrahedral amorphous carbon
A/PII.26 Mariana T. Braic Stress and related mechanical properties of multilayer coatings deposited by vacuum arc method
A/PI.26 Fritz C. Huguenin Electrochemical and Electrochromic Properties of Layer-by-Layer Films from TiO2 and Poly(vinyl Sulfonic Acid)
A/PII.27 Mariana T. Braic Characterisation of nanostructured NbN/TiAlN multilayers deposited by cathodic arc method
A/PI.27 Agustin R. González-Elipe wetting behaviour under light irradiation of Ta2O5 thin films
A/PII.28 Piotr Mietniowski Application of position-sensitive silicon strip detector for X-ray diffraction of thin films and multilayers
A/PI.28 Nicolae D. SULITANU Synthesis and magnetic properties of Nickel-Iron oxide nanostructures in zeolites
A/PI.29 Luu V. Tho Effect of O2 partial pressure on magnetic properties of Co-Fe-Hf-O nanocrystalline thin films
A/PI.30 Alexander K. Fedotov Influence of reactive gases on the properties of CoFeZr-Alumina nanocomposites
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