E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006

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Presenting person
PJ-1 Sabina Beranic Klopcic Apatite-forming ability of alumina and zirconia ceramics in a supersaturated Ca/P solution
PJ-2 Michał Bystrzejewski Carbon magnetic encapsulated nanoparticles for biomedical applications: thermal stability studies
PJ-3 Anna Nowakowska Sensoric effect of Langmuir - Blodgett films based on fluorene derivatives - TCNQ CT - complex
PJ-4 Dorothée Callens Quantification of the longitudinal force necessary to detach osteoblastic cells from a glass substrate using ultrasounds.
PJ-5 Roberta Cortivo Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite Coating of Nanostructured Ti an Al Alloy
PJ-6 Sergey V. Dorozhkin A simplified preparation technique of silicon-substituted calcium phosphates
PJ-7 Timothy Douglas Artificial Extra-Cellular Matrices Based on Fibrils of Different Collagen Types Containing Immobilised Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) for Titanium Implants
PJ-8 Ming Fang Antibacterial functionalization of an experimental self-etching primer by inorganic agents: microbiological and biocompatibility evaluations
PJ-9 Guillaume Forget RGD nanodomains grafting onto titanium surface
PJ-10 Halina Garbacz Corrosion resistance of nanostructured titanium
PJ-11 Marian ION Simulation of microcantilevers sensor arrays for DNA detection
PJ-12 Alexander V. Kostuchenko Synthesis of hydroxyapatite films
PJ-13 Barbara J. Nebe Mathematical correlation between biomaterial and cellular parameters - critical reflection of statistics
PJ-14 Angel Lopez Surface atomic structure of copper-alanine complex in solution
PJ-15 Frank Lüthen Influence of manganese ions on the cellular behavior of human osteoblasts in vitro
PJ-16 Manuela Stir Spark plasma sintering synthesis of porous nanocrystalline titanium alloys for biomedical applications
PJ-17 Przemysław Raczyński The dynamics of cholesterol molecules near the surface of transmembrane protein - MD simulation.
PJ-18 Przemysław Raczyński The influence of the carbon nanotube on the structural and dynamical properies of cholesterol cluster.
PJ-19 Przemysław Raczyński Molecular dynamics simulation of the properties of the homocysteine nanosystem.
PJ-20 Agata Roguska Morphology and chemical characterization of Ti surfaces modified for biomedical applications
PJ-21 Clement L. Roux Polysaccharide microarrays for polysaccharide/growth factor interaction studies
PJ-22 Kaoru Shimamura Preparation of Photoelectric Dye-Immobilized Polyethylene Film for Artificial Retina
PJ-23 Nikos Spanos Acid-Base Properties of Hydroxyapatite: Potentiometric Titrations Coupled with Solubility Measurements
PJ-24 Leszek Stobinski Ferrimagnetic DP-Bioglass Particles Modified with Polyethylene Glycol and Folic Acid Used for Drug Delivery Process
PJ-26 Rolf Zehbe Inverse Inkjet Printed Gold Micro Electrodes for the Structured Deposition of Epithelial Cells and Fibrin
PJ-27 Rolf Zehbe Emulsion-based Synthesis of PLGA-Microspheres for the in vitro Expansion of Porcine Chondrocytes
PJ-28 Bin Zhang Effect of phase transformation on the junction between zirconia/alumina ceramics and commercial coating-glass
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