E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006

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Presenting person
I-1 Mariusz Andrzejczuk Structural stability of zirconia ceramic in water and acid solutions
I-2 Afir Arezki Radio-crystallographic study of titanium sesquioxide at high temperature and in vacuum
I-3 Yves C. Bienvenu Diffusion brazing fundamentals and applications contemporary and ancient
I- 4 Pavel Broz Potential possibilities of DSC/QMS coupling for investigation of thermodynamic properties
I-5 Janusz J. Bucki Controlled precipitation of CaCO3 sub-micro crystals of well-defined structure in a multiphase system
I-6 Eunsoo Choi Bendging test of an SMA bar and its seismic applications
I-7 Artur Chrobak Phase stability and structural relaxation in Fe86-xNbxB14 amorphous alloys
I-8 Vyacheslav A. Elyukhin Two-dimensional phase diagram of In(0.5)Ga(0.5)P
I-9 Alain Fave Sn-Cu-Al-Si phase diagrams study for the growth of silicon thin film by liquid phase epitaxy
I-10 Halina Garbacz Effect of surface treatment on the microstructure of TA6V
I-11 Anna Góral Effect of Directional Crystallization Rate on Microtexture of Al-CuAl2 Eutectic Alloy
I-12 Cezary Guminski Phase Diagrams of Water-rich Parts of the Rare Earth Chloride - Water Systems
I-13 Yura Kharchenko The features of birefringence of the linearly polarized light in the magnetoelectric single crystals LiNiPO4
I-14 Olga L. Khifets Phase transition in five-component chalkogenides (PbSe)x(AgAsSe2)1-x
I-15 Olga L. Khifets Electrical properties the AgGeAsS3xSe3(1-x) (x=0.7-0.9) at pressure 15-45GPa
I-16 Ali-Reza Kiani-Rashid Phase Transformation Study of Aluminium Containing Ductile irons by Dilatometry
I-17 Ali-Reza Kiani-Rashid The Influence of Al Content on the Partial Fe-C-Si Equilibrium Phase Diagram
I-18 Alexander Korznikov The influence of the structure of metastable τ - phase on magnetic hysteretic properties of Мn55.5Аl44С0.5 alloy
I-19 Jan Kusnierz Nanocrystalline materials manufactured by torsion under pressure of 2 GPa
I-20 Piotr Kwapuliński Influence of metalloids content on magnetic properties and thermal stability of amorphous alloys based on iron
I-21 Adam Łaszcz TEM study of iridium silicide contact layers for Low Schottky Barrier MOSFETs
I-22 Lidia Lityńska-Dobrzyńska Sequence of phases formations in Al-Mg-Si alloy with Sc and Zr addition during heat treatment
I-24 Marzena M. Mitoraj Reactivity of a Ti-46Al-8Nb Alloy in Air at 700 - 900 oC
I-25 Andrzej S. Nowotnik Intermetallic phase identification on the cast and heat treated 6082 aluminium alloy
I-26 Dorota Podorska Calculations of oxide inclusions composition in the steel deoxidized with Mn, Si and Ti.
I-27 Jolanta B. Romanowska Study on phase relations in high-temperature region of Ti-As, Zr-As and Ti-Cu-As systems.
I-28 Jolanta B. Romanowska Study on the Cu-Sn-Bi
I-30 Alexander M. Samoylov The charge states of In impurity atoms in PbTe<In>/Si films prepared by modified HWE technique
I-31 Olga V. Savina Pressure influence on thermoelectric properties of lead
I-33 Jiri Sopousek Activities of interstitial elements inside heat-resistant steels, filler alloys, and weld electrode materials
I-34 Elżbieta Szostak Phase polymorphism of [Ni(DMSO)6](ClO4)2 and [Ni(DMSO)6](BF4)2 compounds studied by differential scanning calorimetry
I-35 Elżbieta Szostak Phase polymorphism of [Cd(DMSO)6](ClO4)2 studied by differential scanning calorimetry and transmitted light intensity methods and observed using thermal microscope
I-36 Zbigniew Sztuba Phase Regularities in the Quasi-Binary Thallium(I) Telluride - Zinc Group Metal Telluride Systems
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