E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006

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September 4th, Monday

14:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Karl A. Gschneidner Jr The Theory of Phase Formation in Rare Earth Metal Systems
14:30 00:20:00 Oral Olga B. Fabrichnaya Thermodynamic modelling in the ZrO2-La2O3-Al2O3 and ZrO2-La2O3-Y2O3 systems
14:50 00:20:00 Oral Zbigniew Moser Calorimetric studies of the enthalpies of formation of NiTi2, NiTi and Ni3 Ti
15:10 00:20:00 Oral Zbigniew Sztuba Phase Diagram for the Tl2Te - In2Te3 System Determined by Thermal Analysis and Concentration Cell EMF Measurements
16:10 00:20:00 Oral Krzysztof P. Solek The application of thermodynamic calculations for the semi-solid processing design
16:50 00:20:00 Oral Alexander M. Samoylov The determination of solubility limit of indium impurity in PbTe<In> thin films on Si substrates

September 5th, Tuesday

09:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Lazar L. Rokhlin The Regularities in the Mg-rich Parts of the Phase Diagrams, Phase Transformations and Mechanical Properties of Magnesium Alloys with Separate Rare Earth Metals
09:30 00:20:00 Oral Yves C. Bienvenu Continuous casting and processing of copper alloys containing tin : an illustration of the applicability of phase stability rules and data
09:50 00:20:00 Oral A. Dobromyslov Phase and structural transformations in Ti-Ta alloys in wide region of compositions
10:10 00:20:00 Oral Waldemar Wołczyński Transition Phenomena in the Diffusion Soldering / Brazing
11:00 00:30:00 Invited oral David E. Laughlin Nano in the Materials Curriculum: Past, Present and Future
11:30 00:20:00 Keynote lecture Michel Wautelet Phase transitions in binary alloys nanoparticles and nanowires
11:50 00:20:00 Oral Jan M. Dutkiewicz Search for New Metallic Glass Compositions in NiZrTi Base Alloys Near Multicomponent Eutectic Positions
12:10 00:20:00 Oral Malgorzata Lewandowska Stability of second phase particles during processing by hydrostatic extrusion
14:00 00:30:00 Invited oral Subhash Mahajan Non-Random Distribution of Atomic Species on Mixed III-V and Group III Nitride Layers
14:30 00:20:00 Oral Sinn-wen Chen Interfacial reactions in the Sn/Te couples
14:50 00:20:00 Oral Eugene N. Khatsko Magnetisation dynamic in quasi-one dimensional Ising magnet [(CH3)3NH]CoCl3x2H2O
15:10 00:20:00 Oral Kin Sun Wong Study of domain evolution in (Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3)1-x(PbTiO3)x single crystal by temperature-dependent piezoresponse force microscopy
15:50 00:20:00 Oral Chao-hong Wang Cu diffusion in Sn/Cu couples by electromigration
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