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Jan M. Dutkiewicz 1Jerzy Morgiel Lidia Lityńska-Dobrzyńska Wojciech Maziarz 1Tomasz Czeppe 1Magdalena Parra Carillo 

1. Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Sciences (IMIM PAN), Reymonta 25, Kraków 30-059, Poland


In a new metallic glasses near muticomponent eutectic compositions even a small composition changes have a significant effect on the Tg and Tx temperatures and therefore on the glass forming ability. In the present study the alloy of composition Ni25Cu25Zr25Ti25 (1 in at%) was melt spun amorphous. The position of the eutectic was identified as Ni29.2Cu29.9Zr17Ti24.9 (2) and the melt spun ribbon shows a better glass forming ability than the alloy (1) as manifested by DT and Tg/Tl increase. The alloy (2) was modified by manganese addition as Ti25Zr20Ni22,5Cu22,5Mn10 (3). In this alloy the eutectic was identified at Ti21Zr14Ni27Cu27Mn7 (4) and as melt spun has shown slightly better Tg/Tl.=0.63 as compared to 0.62 in the alloy (3). A second copper rich eutectic was also identified in this alloy near Ti16Zr14Ni24Cu39Mn7 (5). Nickel rich alloy of the composition Ni60Nb15Zr15Ti10 shows the eutectic composition at Ni48,5Nb21,5-Ti16.5Zr13,5 (6). The alloy (6) has been modified by silicon addition with the eutectic composition containing Ni50.3Nb14.4-Ti17.3Zr15.1Si2.8 (7). Glass forming ability was studied in NiCuZrTiAlSi alloys. The composition of the eutectic was found near Ni45.5Cu10.5Zr20Ti15-Al3.5Si5.5 (8). Present studies indicate that eutectic 4-6 component alloys lead to the increase of the Tg/Tl and DT coefficients in the melt spun amorphous ribbons.


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Presentation: Oral at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006, Symposium I, by Jan M. Dutkiewicz
See On-line Journal of E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006

Submitted: 2006-05-16 14:12
Revised:   2009-06-07 00:44