E-MRS Fall Meeting 2006

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Presenting person

Exhibition Gerhard Althoff Caburn Europe Ltd
Exhibition Piotr Swiatek COST European Cooperation in Scientific and Technical Research
Exhibition Andrzej Wiśniewski COMEF Aparatura Naukowo Badawcza
Exhibition Thomas Wyrobek Hysitron Inc.
Exhibition Peter Szanto Kurt J. Lesker Company
Exhibition Nick Long Millbrook Scientific Instruments plc
Exhibition Ignacy Mościcki Nano Technology Instruments Europe B.V. / NT-MDT Co.
Exhibition Mikiko Tanifuji National Institute for Materials Science
Exhibition Józef Nitka Syl & Ant Instruments
Exhibition Mirosław Fordon Uni-Export Instruments Polska
Exhibition Axel Rohrmann Veeco Instruments
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