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COST European Cooperation in Scientific and Technical Research

Piotr Swiatek 

European Science Foundation, COST Office (COST), 149 avenue Louise, Brussels 1050, Belgium


COST European Cooperation in Scientific and Technical Research

Avenue Louise 149
1050 Brussels
Phone: +32 2 533 3800
Fax: +32 2 533 3890

Founded in 1971, COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research, allowing the co-ordination of nationally funded research on a European level. COST Actions cover basic and pre-competitive research as well as activities of public utility.
The goal of COST is to ensure that Europe holds a strong position in the field of scientific and technical research for peaceful purposes, by increasing European co-operation and interaction in this field.

The member countries participate on an "à la carte" principle and activities are launched on a "bottom-up" approach. One of its main features is its built-in flexibility. This concept clearly meets a growing demand and in addition, it complements the Community programmes. COST has developed into one of the largest frameworks for research co-operation in Europe and is a valuable mechanism co-ordinating national research activities in Europe. Today it has almost 200 Actions and involves nearly 30,000 scientists from 34 European member countries and more than 80 participating institutions from 11 non-member countries and Non Governmental Organisations.


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